Foods for Better Sex: How to Have More Fun in the Bedroom

Do you want to find foods for better sex?

Let’s face it: everyone’s looking for a better time in the bedroom. If your sex life has taken a downward turn with middle age, it’s time to take action. With the natural sex-driving foods on this list, you will be able to kickstart your sex life and start living out your fantasies.

If you’re ready to take it up a notch in the bedroom, it’s time to see what the following foods can do for you. Ready? Let’s begin!


Oily Fish

Looking for better sex? Oily fish are the way to go. Science shows that oily fish such as mackerels, salmon, and sardines help boost dopamine levels in the brain.

How does this affect you? Simply put, with a boost in dopamine, your brain will better regulate pleasure, meaning you could see a substantial boost to your libido. If you or the hubby are having a hard time maintaining a sex drive, you may benefit from consuming more oily fish.

What’s more, while oily fish is one of the top foods for better sex, they also boost health in other ways. Research proves that oily fish are high in omega-3 acids—meaning they can improve heart health and keep you having happy and safe sex well beyond middle age.

These omega-3 acids have another benefit—improved circulation. Proper blood flow plays a massive role in sexual maintenance. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to keep oily fish on the menu—for you and for your husband, that is.



For women whose husbands are failing to perform, spinach could be the go-to option for having better sex. Why is that, you may ask?

Simply put, like other green vegetables, spinach contains high levels of magnesium, which is scientifically proven to increase blood flow. Magnesium accomplishes this by reducing blood vessel inflammation and clearing up room for proper circulation.

By putting more spinach on the dinner table, you will notice a dramatic increase in your husband’s sexual performance. Spinach serves as a natural Viagra, allowing for more blood to flow to sexual organs and putting more spice into your bedroom.

Keep in mind that other green vegetables are substitutes for spinach. If your husband isn’t into spinach, you can serve vegetables such as kale for similar results. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that this healthy and all-natural option will make your sex life more vigorous and exciting. Turn your husband into an energetic Popeye with one of the best foods for better sex.


Green Tea

Sometimes a glass of tea is all it takes to have better sex.

Like spinach, green tea boosts heart health and promotes better blood flow around the body. This means that green tea makes the perfect before-sex drink for your husband.

But it’s not just men who benefit from this natural sexual enhancer. Studies show that increased blood flow helps women get in and stay in the mood for sex. Green tea flavonoids help release valuable nitric oxide molecules in your body that help optimize blood flow and keep you aroused.

If you’ve been having issues in the bedroom, it’s time to try this option to boost your libido and keep your sex life active and healthy. Green tea contains powerful sex-enhancing ingredients that make it one of the top foods for better sex life.

Tired of boring sex or lonely nights in the bedroom? Try green tea and see what it can do for you!



You may be surprised to know that watermelon is one of the best foods for better sex.

Research shows that watermelon contains a powerful chemical known as citrulline that, like spinach and green tea, boosts blood flow around the body. For this reason, watermelon and watermelon juice are recommended for men who have a hard time “keeping it up” in the bedroom.

If your husband refuses Viagra or other medications, it may be time to make watermelon a bigger part of your daily diets. With this powerful, all-natural food, your husband’s sexual performance will only improve. For women looking for a healthier, more vibrant sex life, watermelon could play a vital role in restoring fun in the bedroom.

Many women make the mistake of thinking that a wild sex life is only for the young. Fortunately, you can have a rocking sex life even past middle age! By making watermelon a key part of your husband’s diet, you can get him performing like he did fifteen years ago.

Watermelon proves to be a cheap, healthy alternative to expensive drugs, so make sure you consider this option if you are looking to restore your sex life!



Want to start having better sex immediately?

Avocados may be for you! When considering foods for better sex, avocados consistently prove to be one of the top options. Women everywhere are turning to avocados for their many sex-enhancing benefits.

What can avocados do for you and your husband? For starters, the many monosaturated fats contained in avocados help boost your husband’s testosterone and sexual performance. This is perfect for women who miss the energetic and passionate sex they experienced early in their marriages.

But it’s not just men that avocados benefit. Studies show that avocados contain high levels of vitamin B6. This libido-boosting vitamin can help put a spring back in your sex life and make you feel like you are in your twenties again.

What’s more, with a high concentration of vitamin E, avocados promote healthier blood flow and allow you to maintain your sex drive for longer. This means that avocados are a great sex superfood for both you and your husband.

If your sex has been dry recently, consider turning to avocados to boost your sexual energy and bring back some of that early-marriage passion. Cheap and tasty, this sex-enhancing food will surely work wonders in your bedroom.



Some of the best foods for better sex prove to be some of the healthiest ones.

That’s right—you can start enjoying a better sex life with some great-tasting healthy options. For example, loading up on strawberries serves as a powerful way to increase your sexual stamina.
Even better, this tasty option works well for both men and women. So, ladies, be sure to sit down for a very special strawberry dessert before you move to the bedroom. This will make it better for you—and for him.

So what is it that makes strawberries so wonderful?

Strawberries have high levels of zinc, and—you guessed it—zinc helps keeps you going longer in the bedroom. You’ll be ready to go all night with these delicious treats.

Be sure to give them to your man, too. Zinc has been shown to boost testosterone levels—meaning that he’ll be more in the mood. Get the most out of your night by making sure that both you and your partner are ready.

Best of all, this great-tasting option can be used as a sexy dessert—especially when dipped in chocolate (which, as we will see, can also help boost your sex life).

Get creative and have fun—and don’t forget to eat your strawberries before the sun goes down.


Nuts and Seeds

Ladies, be honest: how many of you have been with men who have a little trouble keeping things up? Unfortunately, this can be increasingly common as you move into middle age.

And it’s not always your fault.

If you’re looking to make sure this doesn’t happen, it’s time to find the right foods for better sex. And if you’re looking to make sure that your man keeps it up and goes strong, you can’t go wrong with nuts and seeds.

This powerful option helps your man stay engaged—making for better, more fulfilling sex. By having a healthy helping of nuts and seeds before hitting the bedroom, your man will enjoy increased blood flow and a stronger erection.

And you’ll enjoy it, too.

So, what is it that makes nuts and seeds so great for your sex life?

Nuts and seeds possess high levels of both magnesium and arginine—an amino acid that increases blood flow. Therefore, after eating nuts and seeds, your man’s blood will start pumping.

If you’re looking to enjoy a crazy night of passion, consider feeding your partner nuts and seeds throughout the day. Truly, by investing in this great option, you’ll start to enjoy better sex in no time.


Pomegranate Seeds

Seeds of all kinds prove a great option for those in search of foods for better sex.

In fact, pomegranate seeds offer powerful mood-enhancing benefits for those looking to have a little fun in the bedroom.

For instance, pomegranate seeds contain a compound called polyphenol. This compound enhances blood flow to the heart. This offers two-fold benefits: first, it will help your man stay engaged and second, it will keep you in the mood, too.

As you’ve seen, increased blood flow provides for mind-blowing sex by letting your partner stay harder for longer.

But did you know that increased blood flow can help women, too?

That’s right—by increasing your blood flow, you can better get yourself in the mood for a little late-night fun. That’s because as your blood flow increases, your stress levels decrease.

In this way, your body starts to relax—putting you in the mood to have a little more fun.

Additionally, pomegranate seeds make for a perfect heart-healthy choice for those looking to enjoy a better diet. For this reason, adding them to your diet can make you healthy—and allow you to enjoy a better sex life.

Not only that, by keeping you healthy, pomegranate seeds work to make sure you can have fun in the bedroom longer—so start adding them to your diet today.



Though many may think that oysters are only one of the best foods for sex for men, nothing could be further from the truth.

Despite the fact that men receive most of the direct benefits of eating oysters, women also enjoy a number of great benefits. This remains true even if you get these benefits rather indirectly.

For instance, oysters contain high levels of zinc—a mineral that boosts your partner’s testosterone levels. As you’ve seen, this helps make for better, stronger, and longer-lasting erections—something essential for both partners to enjoy the evening.

But it does more than that.

Men can also increase their sperm count by eating oysters daily for a period of time. Ladies, this means that if you’ve put off having your baby until your thirties, you can increase your chances of starting a family.

Even if you’re just looking for a night of fun, however, oysters offer powerful benefits. And, yes, women can directly benefit from these, too.

For instance, the zinc found in oysters also boosts energy levels—meaning that you can get more done when the lights go out.


Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is perhaps one of the most famous foods for better sex. This great option offers many of the same powerful blood flow-enhancing benefits as other foods on this list.

But where do these benefits come from?

Chocolate contains a chemical known as flavonoids. These flavonoids offer a variety of health benefits—and they can be found in all kinds of chocolate—no matter the type you choose.

However, keep in mind that dark chocolate boasts a higher number of flavonoids than milk and white chocolate. For this reason, consider adding dark chocolate to your diet if you look to enjoy better sex at night.

Best of all, combine it with other options (think: chocolate-covered strawberries) to get the most out of your evening.



Are you looking to have the best sex of your life?

Now you can!

By adding these best foods for better sex to your diet, you can enjoy better sex in no time. Keep these great options in mind as you look to have more fun in the bedroom.

From dark chocolate to avocados, you can enjoy a variety of great-tasting food to jumpstart your sex life.

Don’t know where to begin? Try with one of your favorite options on this list to get started.

And remember—there’s nothing wrong with snacking on more than one of these tasty treats. Snack on your favorite nuts and seeds before finishing off with a chocolate-covered strawberry for dessert.

If you’re looking to improve your sex life, be sure to try out the great options on this list.

Trust me: you won’t regret it!


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