The Complete Keto Diet Foods: The major foods to go for

If you are having a problem choosing the right keto diet, we’ve helped you come up with a perfect way to get started.

These are some of the foods you should eat for Keto Diet.

As a Keto dieter, you need the right diet to achieve your aim.

These keto diet foods will guide you in making the right food choices.

The ketogenic diet, you will be depriving your body of glucose, it also shifts your body into Ketosis.

Now you know why you don’t want to play a guessing game with your Keto Diet.

Ketosis, by the way, is a state of burning fat in one’s body rather than using sugar for energy.

Now you see why you’ve got to follow this keto diet foods and in no time, you will start to drop weight.



Regularly – Here is meat you should take regularly: Pork, whey protein concentrate, gelatin, colostrum, Collagen Peptides, dark meats, fish, eggs, shellfish, and organ/offal meats.

Those you should take once in a while.

Taking factory – farmed eggs, heated whey/whey protein isolate, pastured turkey and chicken are some of the protein food you should take once in a while. Rather than taking it on a regular basis, it should be taken occasionally.

Dirty Ketogenic diet

Farmed Seafood, protein powders which are gotten from grain fed animals, factory – farmed meat, and soy protein are examples of the dirty keto diet foods.

Note: Looking for the ultimate keys to ketosis?

Bacon and Steak aren’t the only options you’ve got.

When you get over 20 – 30 % of your entire calories from the protein source, that would make your body starts to convert the gotten protein into sugar.

The process of converting protein to sugar is known as gluconeogenesis. It kicks you out of ketosis. Meanwhile, sticking to fatty cuts of wild proteins and or grass fed doesn’t come with many rules.

Animals sources provide protein, but if you can’t get your daily protein from these animal sources, you should instead go for proteins that aren’t isolated (protein concentrate).

The Protein concentrate helps to enhance glutathione production.

You should also avoid packaged, processed meats.

You should take be careful of curing agents, additives coupled with the fact that packaged and processed meat can contain heavy metals and a trace of antibiotics.



Fats and Oils

Regularly – when it comes to Oils and Fats, there are some food that should be taking regularly, some of which includes

Brain Octane, Avocado oil, cacao butter, grass-fed butter and ghee, MCT oil, Krill oil, Pastured bacon fat, Pastured marrow, sunflower lecithin, pastured lard, pastured egg and virgin coconut oil.

Those you should take once in a while.

While there are regular foods you should take, there are some that should be taken once in a while.

I’m talking about Chicken fat, olive oil, nut oils, grain-fed butter, ghee, goose fat, and duck fats.

Dirty Ketogenic diet

Oils and Fats cottonseed which includes the low-carb commercial dressings; the margarine. Also, Cottonseed, corn, flaxseed, peanut, soy, and sunflower oils, soy, and peanut.

One thing many people don’t understand about Keto Diet Foods is that more than 70 percent of it is made up of Fat.

That is why taking the perfect amount of fat is a must.

The listed food gives you monounsaturated and saturated fats such as ghee, butter, coconut oil, MCT oil, grass-fed butter, and lard.

You should try as much as you can to stay away from hydrogenated fats, polyunsaturated fats, trans fats.

In short, all processed vegetable oils should be avoided. Your intake of inflammatory omega – 6s should be in low volume (limit the intake).

Omega-6s has the ability to hide in grain-fed meats, farmed seafood, and grain – fed meats. Be cautious of the oxidation in chicken, duck, olive oil and goose fat.



Regular – Some of the Dairy food you should take on a regular basis include grass-fed ghee, colostrum, and butter. All of which have to be Grass-fed.

Those you should take once in a while – The food that you should take once in a while includes the non-organic grass-fed butter or ghee.

Not forgetting the organic grass-fed cream.

Dirty Ketogenic diet

While there are some Dairy foods that should be taken regularly, once in a while, there are some that should be avoided.

Pasteurized low – carb dairy products, butter that is fake and cheese are examples of Dirty keto diet foods.

For a perfect keto diet, you should go for grass – fed, full – fat, organic and raw dairy to help you bring out the anti-inflammatory pros of CLA and omega-3s. overall, Dairy is one of the best sources of fat when talking you talk about keto diet foods.

But you should be careful not to go all in on the protein. Even though raw, goat and full-fat milk are known to be high in lactose sugar, that shouldn’t stop you from staying in ketosis.

What you need to do is opt-in for foods such as ghee, butter, and colostrum.

What you should avoid is low-fat and sweetened dairy, including condensed and evaporated milk. To make your fat intake stay on a high, you should avoid all of these.

For an advanced keto diet foods, rather than going for cheese.


Mold toxins gotten from the animal feed are responsible for inflammation which causes weight gain.

These molds are used in fermentation.

You should always opt for unpasteurized, raw dairy. But this is not the case if you are immunocompromised.

If you have allergy issues, you watch out for processed dairy, they are usually highly allergenic, are quite responsible for some popular diseases and aren’t easy to digest.

These (pasteurized) foods oxidize fats and destroy nutrients – you really don’t want that.

What if I want to opt in for an advanced keto diet foods option? in that case, you should go for organic, grass-fed, raw dairy.


Seeds, Nuts, and Legumes

Regularly – One example of food you should take regularly is the coconut. Meanwhile, there are some that should be taken once in a while.

Those that should be taken once in a while.

Taking hazelnuts, cashews, Raw Almonds, walnuts, pecans, and macadamia. Also, you’ve got coconut flour, tiger flour, and almond flour.

Dirty Ketogenic diet

Chia seed, brazil nuts, flaxseed, hemp seeds, pistachios, peanuts, pine nuts, and black soybeans. Nuts are perfect sources of fat. They quickly add up in carbs and protein, and they are usually inflammatory. You should consume more pecans and macadamia nuts.

Though, you should watch out for those nuts that are high in inflammatory omega – 6s, such as sunflowers seeds and peanuts. Make use of nut flowers in a perfectly measured volume.

These nuts are packed with protein. If you wish to stay in ketosis, watch you high – carb nuts intake. Nuts such as pistachios, cashews, and chestnuts. Also, you should avoid beans – trust me, you don’t want that!

When we talk about advanced keto diet foods, there are some nuts and legumes that should be avoided and while some should be limited.

All of which exposes one to a high level of omega-6s, mold toxins, inflammatory oxidized fats and phytates which are plant anti-nutrients.

Mold toxins, for instance, are found it the diet of those who take peanuts.

These toxins are responsible for triggering some allergic responses coupled with polyunsaturated fats, histamines, and lectins which are inflammatory.

Also, the advanced keto diet foods should also exclude soy products (I mean all soy products). This is due to phytoestrogen content.

These phytoestrogen content which has a way of tampering with hormones in our system. It ultimately promotes cancer.



Regularly – Unlike some of the other foods, Beverages have some exciting food that you can take on a regular basis.

They include diluted coconut milk, mold-free bean coffee, Bone broth, mineral water that are bottled in glass, filtered water coupled with lemon or lime, bulletproof coffee, and diluted coconut milk. Those are some of the food you should take all the time.

Those that should be taken once in a while.

Meanwhile, there are few foods that should be taken once in a while.

Such foods include herbal tea, bottled nut, and yerba mate.

Dirty Ketogenic diet

From diet sodas, low-carb drinks that are artificially sweetened, conventional bone broth, diet sodas, liquors that has low-carbs, examples are gins, whiskey, tequila, and vodka.

When you talk about the side effects of keto diets, the first thing that would readily come to your mind is dehydration.

Your body tends to retain less water and sodium when the insulin level in your system drops on a low – carb diet.

That is why it is important to always stay hydrated all the time.

The dehydration relating to keto diets makes them diuretic a little.

Apart from staying hydrated, you should also take bone broth when you are having keto flu to help you reload the electrolytes.

Make sure this is done all the time, especially during your first few weeks.

Do not take alcohol, it is neither Ketogenic or Bulletproof. Not to worry!

If you thirst for some, choose hard liquors but in moderation.

Drinks such as the mixed ones, wine and beer are packed with lots of carbohydrates, which would be counterproductive.

Are you a tea or coffee lover? You’ve got nothing to be worried about.

They are completely ketogenic.

Of course, you also know that taking tea is one of the elements you need for a complete weight loss.

It also helps for mental clarity.

Artificial flavors, fillers, and sweeteners should be watched out for.

Not that you can’t drink plant-based milk and unsweetened alternatives, but it has to be in moderation.

These things are usually packed with toxic molds apart from the full – fat coconut milk which isn’t healthy for you. you should also watch out for BPA – lined containers and carrageenan.


Spices and Seasonings

Regular – There are some spicy foods that can be taken on a regular basis, some of which includes Ceylon cinnamon, Apple cider vinegar, coconut aminos, cocoa powder, cilantro, parsley, oregano, mustard, ginger, thyme, sea salt, vanilla bean, and turmeric.

Those that should be taken once in a while.

The ones you should take ones in a while including garlic, table salt, paprika, onion, nutmeg, and Black pepper.

Dirty Ketogenic diet

Talking about dirty keto diet foods, you’ve got the low-carb dressings which are commercially made, artificial flavors, extracts, and spice mixes.

Extracts which are; MSG; nutritional yeast; all vinegar apart from apple cider vinegar; fermented tamari; soy products.

Watch out for sweeteners that are high in glycemic or added sugars which are present in condiments or spice blends.

Apart from that, it’s a green light for Keto. If you will be going for dishes that have lots of spice, you shouldn’t try to complicate things such as the turmeric teaspoon.

When you get a product, read the label thoroughly for milk solids, sugars, potato starch, MSG, or corn starch.

The reason why Table salt shouldn’t be your best friend when cooking is due to the fact that it contains anti-caking agents and unknown fillers, that is why your best bet should always be the sea salt.

If sea salt is not accessible, you can opt for pink salt. It (Pink salt) works too.


Natural Fruits

Regular – The key word here is “Natural”.

The fruit you take has to be an organic one.

There are lots of organic fruits out there that you can give a try.

Such fruits include cranberries, lime, lemon, Avocados and low – fructose.

Those that should be taken once in a while.

The fruit you should take once in a while are low – carb fruits that obviously aren’t organic.

Dirty Ketogenic diet

When we talk about keto diet foods and organic fruits, one is usually mindful of the fact that the sugar level in fruits could take one out of Ketosis, which I’m sure you don’t want.

Meanwhile, fresh berries that have lots of antioxidants, Avocados, and Coconuts don’t have lots of sugar, this makes them exceptions.



So, there you have it, if you want to have a successful Keto Diet, you should take note of all these dirty keto diet foods.

As a Keto Dieter, you have to be watchful of the kind of food you eat. Even though they don’t look like they have lots of Sugar, it is important you know more about the Keto Diet Foods as a whole.


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