About Jeremy Life

I’m sure you are wondering who’s behind this website. Well, I’m Jeremy Park. I was once a computer programmer. Apparently, that was not my calling. I have always a soft spot for talking about Weight Loss, Keto Recipes, Yoga, Self-development, and Relationship Tips. These are some of the things I love talking about.

I want to say a big “THANK YOU” to you for finding your way here and reading my blog. It means a lot to me. hey! this is my own spot on the internet. And I welcome you to my world. Have fun!!!

BIO Jeremy Park is the founder of the Jeremy Life website. A wellness and Lifestyle website. I founded the website in 2019. Yep, still new. But definitely not new in the Industry. I’ve been talking about health for over a decade now.

I was born in Seoul, Republic of Korea in 1976. I’m currently living in Seoul.

You might see me as someone who is here, not to shake or question the status quo but to add a bit of spice to it. But overall, you should see me as a versatile writer.

My approach to health is a holistic one. This is why I’ve taken on the challenge to spread the word about fitness, healthy living, and healthy eating. All without having to break a sweat for it all. I realized that there was only one way to reach out to the world and that was through the internet.


Why Jeremy life?

Like I said earlier, apart from being a computer programmer, which might make you think that I have no experience in this field. why is that? because I don’t have a “Dr.” title behind my name or the fact that I’m neither a doctor or a nutritionist.

Well, in as much as that’s right, one thing you shouldn’t ignore is my passion. See me as a regular guy with a burning passion for writing about clean eating diet, healthy living of not just me but everyone around me, relationship tips and everything that matters in health generally.

Living healthy is a choice even though it might seem like a necessity. I took the step, living healthy was a choice and still a choice that I’d make for a very long time. And No! I’m not trying to shove it down your throat. You decide what you attract!

It wasn’t always like this, on the one hand, I loved fast foods and what we all know today as ‘junk’, but, on the other hand, I noticed how it was starting to change my mental and physical wellbeing. Then I realized that I have to change that habit. Eating from a box or take out shouldn’t be a norm. I started out by cutting down on sugary food drink.

Later on, I realized I wasn’t the only one facing this problem. There are other guys (and ladies) out there who are battling with health-related issues or finding it hard balancing healthy living and healthy habits.

Consequently, The Jeremy life website was designed to be a medium where the gospel of health is preached to everyone.


My goal

I don’t just want to inspire people to eat healthily, embrace nature, love their own souls and feel conscious about their own mental being.

But if you understand and read stats just like I do, then you will understand what all of these was for, to begin with. Did you know that only 1% of people who place themselves on diet are at the end successful with the entire process?

With trillions of dollars generated by this “one” industry, it still unfortunate to find people ignoring reality. Most importantly, At the end of my journey, I hope to:

  • Educate thousands and millions of people on the scams and myths that revolve around nutrition. Make them see the truth about nutrition and why it is important to keep themselves fit always.
  • Talk about healthy recipes to make people have a broad idea of what healthy recipes should be.
  • Clear the confusion people to have about weight loss. Thanks to research, there are no easy ways to lose weight.
  • Let people understand that eating is not about quantity but the quality.


A word for you!

Looking back at your own diet and health, you feel there is a void, that space that needs to be filled with a quality diet. We all have a reason to take a look at our diet, it could be for mental, physical and health reasons.

It is not really about having a perfect diet or eating the ‘perfect’ food. but we all need to understand that health and wellness is a habit.

Once again, I want to say a big thank you to you for supporting me. this journey is not over, both the beginning and where I hope to end this won’t mean anything if you don’t support me. Thanks for reading my articles, sharing my blog posts and commenting on my write-ups. It means a lot to me. Gracias!

One thing we all can’t deny is the ever-changing and evolving world of health and wellness. We require regular workouts, right recipes, tips to stay healthy amongst other things to survive the race.

Stay connected with me: I hope to take the gospel out from the spheres of my website. There are other ways to get connected with me. from Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

For questions, partnership inquiries, or general comments, please fill out the form or email me at hello@jeremylife.com. When writing, be as specific as possible and you can expect a response within two business days.

I am accepting guest posts or any other offers at this time but I am not responding to promotional emails.