How to care for succulents indoors in the winter?

Want to learn how to care for succulents indoors in the winter?  I’ll tell you about the wintering of succulent plants. Succulent plants have a lot of moisture because they are cacti.

Succulent plants mainly grow well in warm and dry areas, so it can be difficult to grow outdoors in winter when the temperature decreases. What is a safe way to grow succulent plants in winter? (1)


How to care for succulents indoors in the winter?

How to care for succulents indoors in the winter? Since winter is very cold, it can be difficult to grow succulent plants outdoors or on the veranda. Succulent plants can die of cold weather if they fall below an average of 5 degrees Celsius.

Succulent plants are not active in the cold winter, so you should be careful because if you give them water in the summer, they may die of excessive humidity. What are some ways to winter succulent plants?


Raising it on a warm veranda

How to care for succulents indoors in the winter? Raising it in a warm veranda is a way to win the winter of succulent plants. Don’t put it near the window where you can feel the cold air, but place succulent plants inside the veranda and cover it with newspaper or plastic to keep it warm.

Succulent plants do not grow in winter, so you don’t have to water them separately.


Give it less water

Succulent plants almost stop growing after early December. Don’t water succulent plants often because they go to sleep.

It is recommended to water it once a month, and if the minimum temperature is less than 5 degrees Celsius, you should not water it. Giving as little water as possible is a way for succulent plants not to die of overeating in winter.


Don’t change it

How to care for succulents indoors in the winter? Do not separate succulent plants as much as possible for winter. It’s good to split in the summer when succulent plants grow.

Succulent plants spend a dormant period in winter, so when they are divided, new roots cannot adapt and are prone to body aches.

Weakened succulent plants can get sick and die even in warm spring. In winter, succulent plants are not separated.


A congratulatory message

How to care for succulents indoors in the winter? Please move the celebration to a warm veranda or indoors for the winter of succulent plants. The festival is a succulent plant that grows in size by breaking away from the warm spring but rests in winter.

The festival blooms pretty yellow flowers in autumn and begins to break away from the flowering area, increasing the population to several. It is succulent plants that sprout small new heart leaves after the flowers fall.

The leaves may appear dry during the period of the celebration, but should not be watered as much as possible because the leaves are not dead and are in the process of breaking away. Peeling off the dried skin with your hands at the end of the celebration can cause wounds.

Do not force yourself to peel with your hands while the celebration is breaking away.



Place the Lithops inside the warm veranda as a way to winter succulent plants. Lithops, a succulent plant, is a succulent plant with a cute and popular stone shape.

Lithops undergoes evacuation once or twice a year, but unlike ordinary succulent plants, it is characterized by having a human period in summer. Lithops increase their population as new sprouts begin to grow in September.

Lithops blooms once a year and the colors of the leaves vary slightly depending on the surrounding environment. As Retops blooms, you can see cute white, yellow, and red flowers.


Hoya Kerrii

How to care for succulents indoors in the winter? Keeping Hoya Kerrii inside the veranda or indoors with good sunlight is a way to win the winter of succulent plants. Hoya Kerrii is a pretty and lovely succulent plant shaped like a heart.

Lovely Hoya Kerrii is a native species that grows in Southeast Asia and Australia and is also called Heart Cactus.

Hoya Kerrii has unique and attractive large heart-shaped leaves and even has the effect of changing the atmosphere of the house. Raising Hoya Kerrii on a desk is known to help block electromagnetic waves and purify the air on the monitor.

Hoya Kerrii is human in winter, so please water it only once a month. It’s good to water heart hoya leaves when they look dry.

Hoya Kerrii hates direct sunlight, so it’s good to raise it in a slightly shaded place and you have to keep it warm in winter.


E. Agavoides Shallot

In order to grow E. Agavoides Shallot, whose red leaves are lovely in winter, you should not leave her outdoors. During the winter season of succulent plants, E. Agavoides Shallot should be kept indoors or veranda before frosting

E. Agavoides Shallot is a lovely succulent plant because the leaves are pointed and the red leaf border is pink.

E. Agavoides Shallot is an agaboid succulent plant, so the surface of the leaves is shiny and glossy. However, E. Agavoides Shallot is vulnerable to cold and pests, so even in winter, you need to ventilate for about 30 minutes to prevent pests.

If E. Agavoides Shallot leaves fall, it is recommended to shove and plant them right away. E. Agavoides Shallot has good adaptability to the surrounding environment, so if you shovel the fallen leaves right away, they can grow roots and revive beautifully.


E. rainbow

How to care for succulents indoors in the winter? Grow E. rainbow, which has attractive pink leaves, indoors. It is a succulent plant of a mutant species of lilac, whose leaves turn pink.

In the cold winter, you have to grow E. rainbow in an indoor semi-shaded area, and if you have enough indirect light, it’s good to grow pink leaves. E. rainbow hates the winter cold, so you have to keep the temperature between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius.

E. rainbow is vulnerable to pests, so it should be placed in a well-ventilated place. It’s a good idea to leave it on the veranda, a well-ventilated window in the house.

When watering in winter, please give it only once a month. E. rainbow is a human in winter, so if you water it often, you can die of overeating.


Still, you have questions about how to care for succulents indoors in the winter? Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help.


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