Keto Dieters Should Avoid These Foods

Just because the food is delicious doesn’t make it Keto-friendly.

Ask someone who’s had a successful weight – loss experience, and he/she will tell you that there are some foods you’ve got to avoid to be in this successful category.

Apparently, there are low carb foods out there that keto dieters need to avoid if they hope to be successful throughout their weight – loss process.

But what foods are we talking about?

In this article, we will be sharing with you the foods you need to avoid.


Fast Food

There are lots of fast foods hacks out there on the social media aimed at those who love to cook and those who don’t.

In fact, you’ve probably heard about the fast food keto options such as bungles burgers.

Instead, you should opt for roasted deli turkey, some veggies, prosciutto, and quality goat cheese in case you don’t have time to go to grocery stores to get what you need.

The verdict is, fast food should never be in your Keto eating plans.

You should create time for yourself when it comes to cooking.


Refined Oils

For daily fat consumption, some keto dieters rely on some oils that are not so healthy.

Such oils include safflower oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, soybean oil, corn oil, grapeseed oil, peanut oil. Sounds familiar?

Exactly! That’s because an average keto dieter depends on these cooking oils to get their daily fat.

To get at least three – quarters of their macronutrient which keto dieters usually aim to get, dairy, avocado, nuts and seeds are your best bet.

But one shouldn’t shy away from the fact that we need oil, so what oil should one get for?

There are few healthy oils you can go for.

They include Avocado oil, olive oil, Nut Butter, etc.


Processed Meat

One misconception people have with keto diet is that it provides you with an avenue to eat lots of meat.

If you hope to be a successful keto dieter, then you need to change that misconception.

Hot dogs, canned meat, and bacon as some of the processed meats to avoid. Processed meats contain carcinogens.

Just because they contain little or no carb doesn’t make them healthy options, because they aren’t.

These processed meats contain what is known as nitrosamines, which is a type of carcinogens.

What would be a healthy alternative is the organic “grass” fed meat.


Sugar-Free Candy

Yes, they are sugar-free. But are they “healthy” candies for keto dieters?

Absolutely not!

Some Keto dieters see the sugar free candy as a medium to help them purge their thirst for sweet things. but fortunately, and unfortunately, this is not the case.

Just because they are sugar-free doesn’t make them a good and healthy option.

So, always take quality ahead of any other thing.


Protein Products

Even though one of the most important parts of keto diet is your carb intake.

A ketogenic dieter should not eat protein filled product to help to make up for your daily goal.

It’s an unhealthy trend that is currently going on right now.

A real keto plan should be about 60 to 90 percent fat depending on what you want as a dieter.

The other part of the plan which should be about 10 to 30 percent of protein.

While the rest are carbohydrates, which should not be over five percent.


Fat Bombs

Ever heard of fat bombs?

Well, they are snacks filled with peanut butter, cocoa, butter and some other ingredients that are in sweet and savory forms.

Even though some people see it is a good option to help reach their daily fat goal, not doubting that but they are aren’t necessary.

But hold on, who really want to chew on just fat? Come on! Who does that?

As a ketogenic dieter, you should avoid something that would give you pure fat.

You want to make sure you burn fat from your system, not consume it.

So, invest more on consuming good food rather than Fat Bombs.


Red Wine

One of the things you’d have to sacrifice as a dieter is consuming red wine.

The carb counts in cocktails and beers are very high. It is off limits.

Yes, there seem to be clear wines and liquors out there that might feel safe.

But the truth is, avoiding these liquors and wines all together is your best bet.

The fact that alcohols are known to obstruct your body’s ability to burn fat effectively just like fuel.


Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is one food you’d like to call a great excuse for people who love sweet things.

It is not about ignoring dark chocolate entirely.

Your best bet is to be moderate with the consumption. Yes!

They are keto-friendly, but should they be consumed all the time?

No! know this, it is not that Dark Chocolate doesn’t contain sugar at all, it does.

But it’s in a low quantity.

The low sugar volume means you will be consuming the sugar too.


Packaged foods and Keto Snacks

Most of these trendy snacks and foods are just to make sure that keto dieters aren’t left out on eating snacks, sweets and other sugar-filled food. without trying to sound like a broken record, but just because it is keto-friendly doesn’t mean it is friendly.


Heavy Cream

The name says all you need to know about it.

From your milk products such as yogurt should be avoided. Stay away from such foods.

The milk products aren’t high carb foods to start with.

It should be avoided especially those who are dairy sensitive.


Foods with no carbohydrate

People on the Ketogenic diet usually aim to consume about 20 net of carbohydrate on a daily basis – low right?

Well, truth is, every bite a keto dieter takes count.

But does that mean every food that is low or has no carb is a good option for Keto Dieters?

There are some health coaches out there that would tell you how untrue that is.

Just because it contains no carbohydrate doesn’t mean it is safe for dieters.

Consuming artificial sweeteners can definitely affect you in a negative way, especially the healthy bacteria in your guts.

That could result in you having a digestive related problem and excess storage of fat in your system.



If you’d love to be a successful keto dieter, you have to stick strictly to these rules. These are some of the foods Keto dieters should never eat. Follow, and you are good to go.


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