Signs Of A Man Cheating In A Long Distance Relationship

Cheating in a long distance relationship is more common than you can imagine. Long distance relationships have become a norm these days. Gone are the days when you had to go to pubs and bars to meet someone new.

These days you can just set up your online dating profile and start talking to new people from all over the world. The best part about online dating platforms is that they have widened the pool of people you can get to know. This is why long distance relationships have become more common than ever before.

With the advancement in technology, it has become very easy for people to carry and maintain a relationship even if they are in two different parts of the world. A long distance relationship can be a great experience however it doesn’t come without some downsides. (1)

For example cheating in a long distance relationship is more likely than in a relationship where you live near each other and can meet each other whenever you like. It is not that the couple isn’t in love, it’s just that when one person lacks that physical and emotional touch that lacks in a long distance relationship then they are compelled to find an alternative near them.

Identifying a cheater in a long distance relationship is a tricky task as well. So if you are in a long distance relationship, then you need to be aware of the following signs. Let’s take a look at signs of a man cheating in a long distance relationship.


Your Significant Other Is Always Busy

Have you ever felt that your partner is always busy? You message them and they tell you they are busy and that they’ll talk to you later but they never send you a text back.

At first, your undying trust in your partner may compel you to believe that they are busy however with time you start realizing that no matter what time you text them you always find them busy. This is one of the first and the most basic signs of a man cheating in a long distance relationship.


Communication Has Dried Out

You start realizing that the communication between both of you has dried out. It is also one of the signs of a man cheating in a long distance relationship. You think that maybe it is just you who is being paranoid however with time you start realizing what is actually happening.

You start remembering that you guys used to talk all day long and that is just not happening anymore. This is why the conversations aren’t as fun and loving as they used to be. You feel that no matter how much effort you make, you just don’t see them reciprocate your love of staying in touch.


Change in Behavior

One of the signs of a man cheating in a long distance relationship is that you feel that there is a change in their behavior. As a loving partner, you try to ask them what’s wrong but they just brush it off. You try to ask them if they are going through some trouble in life that you can help them resolve but they just tell you that there is nothing wrong and that you are being paranoid.

They try to assure you that they haven’t changed and everything is normal in their life. For once you start feeling if it is actually true that you are being paranoid. However, as the behavior keeps changing you tell them the good memories you made together. You tell them how it used to be and compare it with how it is now.

If this keeps on going and your partner keeps making excuses about the change in behavior in different aspects of your relationship then you can be sure that they are cheating on you. However, in some cases, it can be too late when you finally understand what is happening and that can be a very painful experience.


They Become Angry and Defensive

Another one of the signs of a man cheating in a long distance relationship is that they become angry and defensive on everything. Even if you talk to them about how you feel their behavior is changing or how things can improve between the two, they just make you feel like you are invading their space by talking to them about these things.

If you question their actions, they start becoming defensive and they tell you how you don’t trust them. This angry and defensive behavior is one of the most common signs of a man cheating in a long distance relationship.


They Don’t Care About Meeting You

Another one of the signs of a man cheating in a long distance relationship is that they don’t show enough excitement or effort to meet you in person. Whenever you ask them if you guys could meet, they just come up with an excuse to either delay the meeting or cancel it altogether.

See if you can identify a pattern in their refusals. Maybe they accept to meet and then cancel at the last moment. All of these things need to be taken into account. If you love someone, then naturally you would feel an attraction towards them.

You would always have a powerful urge to meet them. If your long distance partner does not have that urge then unfortunately there are high chances that they are cheating on you.


They Prefer To Not Talk When They Are At Home

Ever felt like your partner does not want to talk to you when they are at home. They make excuses or don’t pick your call up in the first place. They reply or call back when they are either going to work or at any other place instead of their home.

Well, this can be because they have someone else there with them. Most probably another girl. So you should try and talk to them when they are at their house and if it makes them angry and defensive then you know that they are hiding something. If this is the case then the scenario changes drastically.

Not only they might be cheating on you but they might have lied to you since the beginning. Maybe they were already with another person when they got together with you.


They Try To Lower the Level of Romance and Intimacy between You Two

Talking dirty over the phone and sexting is a very common thing in long distance relationships. Intimacy is an important part of any relationship even long distance relationships. When you are not physically together then you have to work with what you have.

Technology has made it easier for couples to fulfill each other’s intimacy needs. If they don’t like to be intimate or romantic with you anymore then that is a big giveaway that they are not interested in you anymore and that they are involved with someone else.

Even when you send them an intimate text, they either ignore it or tell you that they are busy. In some cases, they may even get angry at you for sending such a text. They might say that they are work and that the text distracted them from their work and when you start to think about it you realize that in the past, they loved your intimate texts no matter the time or place.

When a person does this then the best thing to do is to send a similar text when they are not at work. If you get a similar response then you know what is going on behind your back.


History of Cheating

A person’s past behavior is a big giveaway of their present and future actions. If your man has a history of cheating then you should have a keen eye on their actions. They say “once a cheater always a cheater”.

However, this may not be the case. A person who has cheated before may cheat again. This does not mean that if they cheated on you or someone else in the past then they would do it again. No one can be 100% sure about it.

People change especially with time and experience. So if a person cheated in the past, it is not compulsory for them to cheat again but it is highly likely that they would. So you need to be very careful about dating such a person especially if it is a long distance relationship.

As mentioned before, if they cheated in the past then this does not mean that they would surely cheat again but the chances of them cheating again are very high. The reason that I am focusing too much on this is that once you find out that they cheated in their past relationship then you might become more defensive and it may create a bad vibe between both of you.

You might start being insecure and possessive which may affect your relationship. This can also result in them cheating on you. So the best thing to do is acknowledge that they did it in the past. Be aware of their actions when they are with you. Don’t be insecure, and give them the space they need. Trust them but don’t go completely blind in love.


There Are Inconsistencies in Their stories

Cheaters are always liars and the worst part about lying is that you have to remember the things you say to the other person. If your man is cheating on you then he would lie to you almost every day. There is always a silver lining even in the worst of situations.

When he lies to you he thinks he is successfully fooling you however in reality he is giving helping you get one step closer to catching him. He has to remember all the lies he has told you. If he fails then that gives you a chance to catch them.

You will always find inconsistencies in their stories. When you lie so much you tend to forget some of the lies. So if your man tells you he was at the game last week and the next week they tell you they were staying late at the office on that exact day then you can easily understand what’s happening.

If you call them out then and there, they would become defensive and lie even more to protect their already spoken lies. This is one of the most common signs of a man cheating in a long distance relationship. Your man knows that you are far away and that you cannot confirm their false stories.

This is a very easy way to catch a cheater however when you are madly in love, you sometimes tend to ignore these inconsistencies. Once you start realizing what is happening you then think about all the times he lied to you in their past. It can make you question if what you had was even real or not.


Bottom Line

These were some of the signs of a man cheating in a long distance relationship. To have someone special in your life is a beautiful thing and you shouldn’t ruin it by cheating on your other half. If you don’t love someone don’t get into a relationship with them in the first place, don’t play with their feelings.

When you cheat on someone who is so attached to you, it can leave a scar on their soul that may never heal for the rest of their lives. However that being said, you should let anyone abuse you for being too good to them.

Never let anyone take you for granted. If you have observed any of the above signs that you should try to realize what your man is up to. You should tell them straight that you understand what is happening. Ask them to meet in person to discuss the future of the relationship.

If they like you, they will want to meet you and give your relationship a chance. If they get angry and defensive and start calling you paranoid then it is better than you take a decision for your good. Whatever you do, do not ignore these signs otherwise you will end up in an abusive and toxic relationship that isn’t going to lead anywhere.


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