11 Long Distance Relationship Date Ideas

Relationships, whether they are long distance relations or not, require a lot of work. So, one can easily say that long distance relationships are even harder. This is why it is important to keep that spark lit, for it to work.

Spending not just time, but quality time together is incredibly important and will help keep that spark lit. However, spending that quality time can prove to be incredibly difficult because of all that distance between the two of you.

To help you tackle the obstacle of distance, here are 11 long distance relationship date ideas that will allow you and your partner to get as close as you can to that up close and personal experience. The type of experience that you both really need to keep that spark lit.


Watch A Movie Together

One of the most popular activities for couples to do together is to watch a movie together. Now, this is something that a lot of long distance couples may have already tried out together.

However, you can still feel the distance between the two of you through streaming services like Netflix Party or Rave. Well, we are here to bring that up close and personal element to this long distance date experience. Set up a zoom session and have someone share their screen with the movie playing. This way, you will be able to stay in sync in the movie and see each other.

You can even use multiple devices to make this work, such as using your phone for the video call and your laptop for the movie. Grab some snacks, a pillow to hug, your devices, and have as close to an in-person movie night experience as you can. You can even turn this into a weekly thing and have a scheduled date night where you can alternate movie choices.


Cook Together

Dinner and a movie? Isn’t that the quintessential date night? Well, we are here to make that quintessential date become a reality. You can schedule one day in a week or month, where you take time out to prepare the same meal.

This is one of those long distance relationship date ideas for which you must choose a recipe beforehand. Also, make sure that you both have all the ingredients that you will need prior to the date. Facetime each other and get to cooking, together.

You can even chat while waiting for the food to be completely cooked. Then, sit down and have dinner together. Since the meal is the same, it adds an element of an in-person experience and you can even compete over who presents its the best.

You can even come up with rewards that the winner of the best presentation receives to spice things up. This will help you have the dinner date that all long distance couples crave, will help in strengthening your bond, and have some fun while spending that quality time together.


Go For A Walk Or Cycling

This is one of those long distance relationship date ideas that is unique but also incredibly fun. This date is the perfect way to spend quality time while getting from one place to the other. You can also just go out for a spontaneous walk or cycling session if the weather is great.

Grab a pair of headphones, your partner on call, and head on out. This way you can both be out and about while spending time together. You can even stop to capture a few pictures of yourself and the scenery and send them to your partner.

It is the perfect way to get rid of any lulls in the conversation. This is one those perfect long distance relationship date ideas that you can fit in multiple times a week and don’t have to plan days ahead on.


Go On A Virtual Tour

For all those couples who looking for a cultured long distance relationship date ideas, this is the ideal one for you. There are several museums that are spread all over the globe, which are now offering virtual tours.

It is the perfect way to break the rut of indulging in the same date ideas over and over again. The best part is that, since this is a virtual tour, it does not depend upon you and your partner being located in the same place. So, where are these virtual tours? Well, you can choose between several virtual tours or even indulge in all of them, once a week or month.

You can take a virtual tour through some of the exhibits displayed within a Paris museum, that is, The Louvre Museum. You can also take a virtual tour of the Los Angeles museum, that is, the J. Paul Getty Museum. Another great option is the Museum of Modern Art, which is located in New York.


Live Performances

If you and your partner share the same artist then, this is one of the best long distance relationship date ideas that we have for you. This is a great idea as, nowadays, there are several artists who are putting on live performances.

So, you and your partner can tune in to them by streaming together. Set up a video date, grab some snacks, and watch your favorite artist together. It is the perfect way to have a whole lot of fun despite all that distance. You can sing along and even dance together. Apart from that, you can also tune into the live streams that are organized by places, such as the Metropolitan Opera.


Take A Class Together

Learning a new skill isn’t just something that you can do as an individual anymore. You can now learn a skill with your partner and turn classes into a fun activity. While you can do the classic video call while studying, taking a class together will help take it to the next level.

Not to mention that, through these shared classes, you will also be allocating a guaranteed time slot to your partner. You can even turn this into a competition in terms of grading and performance. You can help each other out throughout the process.

For all you couples out there who love to learn something new, this is one the best long distance relationship date ideas. You can learn different skills that will help both of you progress in life, such as coding, editing, and more. The best part is that there is a vast variety of platforms that you can use for this purpose. Strengthen that bond while learning something new.


Take A Virtual Trip Through A Haunted House

We have talked about a virtual trip through museum exhibits before. However, that isn’t ever a couple’s cup of tea. A virtual experience of a haunted house? That’ll be right up the allies of a plethora of couples.

So, all you couples that are fans of horror, this is the one of the most fun long distance relationship date ideas that we have for you. Indulging in a virtual haunted house experience will make for a fun activity that’ll keep you laughing for hours after a jump scare.

You can even record your partner on video call during the experience to capture all those moments after a jump scare. There are several websites that are providing this service, such as Frightbytes. It is the perfect way to reconnect with your partner.


Watch The Sunset

One of the most sought-after experiences that couples in a long distance relationship crave for is the simple experiences. The ones where you can snuggle in and watch a movie, a dinner date, and most of all, watching the sunset together.

However, this sought-after experience can now become a reality for all of you long distance couples out there. This is also the perfect idea for all of the couples who love the outdoors. What you can do is set out a day, note the sunset timing, travel to a spot from where you can view the sunset, and grab your partner on call.

If your partner is from a different time zone then grab them on a video call to let them in on the experience. It is the perfect way to spend an evening by combining two incredible things, that are, nature and your partner. You can even turn this into a picnic, the possibilities are truly endless.


Play Games

The classic date night video call can get monotonous after some time and when you are in a long distance relationship, it is important to keep trying out new things. This can also include evolving your current video call dinners by finishing it off with a game. These games can be anything from an online game to a party game.

You can even try out some new games on your phone’s applications store. That’s not all, you can even turn this activity into the weekly game night with your partner. If that isn’t enough fun, you can also turn this into a double date.

Have other couples in long distance relationships join in and turn it into a competition amongst the couples. This is one of those long distance relationship date ideas that you and your partner will look forward to each week.


Roleplay Together

One of the most popular ways that couples like to use to spice up their relationship is through roleplaying. So, in this era of technology, you can easily use it to help spice up your long distance relationship.

You and your partner can set up zoom with the virtual background of a bar, dress up, and pretend to pick one another up. This way you will be able to spice up your relationship and strengthen your bond. The possibilities of this idea are endless, you can go as far as your creative mind and technology take you.


Make And Send Gifts

While this idea can be more easily executed by couples who live in the same country, those who do not can also try it out. This is one date idea that you can turn into a surprise, a monthly thing, or something that you indulge in on special occasions.

In fact, if you and your partner aren’t able to meet on special occasions, you can use this idea to fill that void. Get thinking and come up with one or multiple gift ideas. Since your partner doesn’t live in the same place you won’t even have to worry about hiding it.

Get crafting and once you are done making your gifts, you can use the postal service to mail your gifts to your partner. You can ask your partner to open the gifts on the weekly date night dinner so you can capture their reaction to your handmade gifts.

You can even turn this into a monthly or yearly thing, where both of you swap handmade crafts. This is the perfect way to decorate your living space with things that your partner made for you. So, you and your partner can always feel as if there is a part of them in your living space.



When it comes to long distance relationship date ideas, it is vital for you to use technology to your advantage. While you can use technology, you can also experiment with it. Although, why should you experiment with it?

Well, technology is one consistent tool that helps connect you to your partner. So, why shouldn’t you use it to your advantage? It is important to encourage yourself and your partner to put more thought into your virtual dates.

The only distance that should be between you are your partner should only be that of physical distance.

Once you begin to value your partner, you will be able to help your long distance relationship evolve. Out of all the long distance relationship date ideas that we have mentioned above, you and your partner can select those that are right up your ally.

However, we will implore you to step out of the box and experiment with the different ideas in a way that’ll help your relationship become more strong.


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