How To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

The old adage proves true: love knows no boundaries. If you are in a long distance relationship (LDR), you already know this. No matter if you met your special someone online or the two of you are going through a temporary separation, there’s no denying that the love you two share is real and strong.

Still, you might find it difficult to maintain your long distance relationship. Long distance relationships require a specific approach and massive amounts of trust on the part of you and your partner.

If you are having trouble with your long distance relationship or know you will be in a long distance relationship in the near future, consider the following tips to help build a lasting relationship.


Call Every Day

The first tip is also the simplest. When you are in a long distance relationship, communication is key. It’s important that you speak to your partner every day in order to maintain a stable relationship.

Yes, this means more than just texting. Because you and your partner are already far apart and cannot enjoy many of the comforts of being in a relationship (such as touching, kissing, etc.), you will want to make sure that you are at least hearing your partner’s voice every day. This will provide a powerful connection between the two of you and help build a long-lasting relationship.
Understandably, there will be times when calling is difficult.

That’s why it’s important that you and your partner pick a pre-planned time to call. Furthermore, you should always let your partner know immediately if you are expecting to miss a call. This will cut down on worry and help the two of you stay close.


Video Call Often

Who says you have to use only voice call?

Make sure you are video calling with your partner as often as possible. Sure, maybe this isn’t possible every day, but make sure you are at least calling your partner three or four times a week. While it’s nice to hear the voice of that special someone, it’s something else entirely to see them in real time.

So call! Show off that new haircut or your new boots. Make sure your partner knows what’s going on with you and in your life around you. This will build trust and a sense of togetherness, despite the fact that the two of you could be thousands of miles apart.

There are several apps that support video call features. If you and your partner are iPhone users, Facetime is a good option. If not, you can always use Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or even apps like Skype that have desktop applications.

Maintaining a healthy video calling schedule is crucial to the success of your long-distance relationship, so make sure you find the time. Don’t be camera shy or the partner who is always “too busy” to call.


Send Packages

Sometimes, it’s nice to get a hand-sent gift.

While text messages and video calls are nice, there’s a charm to getting something straight from that special someone. If you are looking to build a long-lasting relationship, consider sending packages. Your partner will love holding your letter in his hands and enjoy the nice gifts you pick out for him.

Of course, sending packages can often be expensive, depending on how far away from your partner you live. If you are sending packages internationally, you can expect to spend a pretty penny. As such, you may not be able to send “snail mail” packages often.

But that only makes them more special. Sending packages around special dates (such as holidays or birthdays) is always a good idea if you can’t make it see your partner during those times. If you and your partner are from different countries, you may also consider adding in local touches to your package so your partner can get a taste of where you’re from.


Get Your Family Involved

If all goes well, they’ll have to meet someday—your partner and your parents, I mean.

That being said, you shouldn’t be shy. If you and your partner met online, there could be a stigma about showing him to your parents. After all, most people are suspicious of individuals they’ve never met before.

Still, you shouldn’t let this deter you. No matter where you met your partner, you should get your parents in from time to time. This shows your partner that you take him seriously and that you consider him a part of your family.

If you can, get your family in on the video call. Let them talk to your partner and see what he’s all about. This will also build trust between your family and your lover, which could be crucial down the road.

In short, it’s tough to build a lasting relationship if you don’t make your partner feel included as part of your family, so take the extra step and let him build relationships with your family, as well.


Meet as Often as You Can

While long distance relationships can be bearable and even rewarding, no LDR can last forever. That’s why it’s important to meet up with your partner as often as you can. Even if this is just once or twice a year, you should do everything in your power to show your partner that you care about him and want to see him.

This can be more difficult if you and your partner live in different countries. For example, flight tickets to Australia from the United States certainly aren’t cheap. And then there’s the factor of time. Whether you work or are a student, you may find it hard to get time off to go meet that special someone hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Still, this is your responsibility in a long distance relationship. Make sure to add enough time into your busy schedule to make seeing your partner in person a reality.

And expect the same from him, as well. You should be suspicious of a partner who is too busy to meet. More often than not, however, you and your partner will be aching to meet each other.
Just think of how special it will be when the two of you meet at the airport. Keep that feeling and work hard to make it possible.


Watch TV Together

With online programs such as Rabbit and Watch2Gether, it’s easier than ever to watch TV and streams with your partner—even when you are hundreds of miles away!

Research shows that long-distance relationships last longer when couples can better approximate normal relationships. This means that you should try doing as many things together with your partner as possible.

Watching TV is a good start. With programs like the ones above, all you need to do is sign in with your partner and start watching synchronized streams of a program of your choosing. So don’t just watch his favorite movie or that show he recommended.

Watch it with him.

Doing this can bring you and your partner together. It can also let you learn more about your partner’s interests.

In addition to this, consider enjoying other activities with your partner, as well. Listen to music with him on a video call or share with him interesting YouTube videos. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you include your partner as much as possible. This will help your relationship stay fresh and exciting.


Trust Your Partner

Trusting your partner isn’t always easy—even when you’re not in a long distance relationship.

Throw in an extra two thousand miles, and it gets significantly harder. So what can you do?

It’s only natural that doubting your partner becomes easier with distance. That being said, you shouldn’t worry too much.

Think about it this way: are you cheating on your partner? Do you even want to?

Of course not. And, more than likely, your partner feels the same. There’s a reason the two of you are in a relationship, to begin with, so bank on that initial trust and don’t let unnecessary stress overwhelm you. Your anxiety stems simply from the fact that you can’t see him.

And that means the only thing you can do is trust him. Trusting your partner not only helps reduce your stress, but it also keeps your relationship healthy. Distrust can turn into jealousy, which can turn into unnecessary pressure for your partner. You don’t want to weigh your partner down with unfounded jealousy, which can simply cause him to turn away.

That’s why it’s crucial that you trust your partner and move on with your relationship (unless you have solid evidence to do otherwise). Being honest with your partner in everything you do is one good way to earn his trust and honesty in return, helping the two of you build a lasting relationship over time.


Spend the Holidays Together

Who doesn’t want to spend the holidays with the person they love?

If you can, try and clear your schedule for these important days. Whether it’s your birthday or Thanksgiving, you will enjoy your day much more if your partner is with you. And the same goes for him.

If you absolutely cannot afford to meet, make sure your video call. This can be a nice middle ground that still allows you to spend considerable chunks of your special day with the love of your life.

Remember: your holidays can still be memorable, even if your prince charming is across the country.


Plan the Future

What better way to get through the days of your separation than to plan the future with the love of your life? Dreaming with your partner is one of the best ways to stay close and connected with him.

How many kids will you have? Where do you want to live? What jobs will the two of you have?

Consider all this. In doing so, make sure that you build your partner up. Let him know you support him. This is a key step in building a lasting relationship, and it’s a must if you want your long-distance relationship to survive.

By the same token, make sure your partner is doing the same to you. As with any relationship, your partner should be dedicated to the quality of your life and future. Remember that distance is not an excuse for being disconnected.


Find a Hobby

Unfortunately, there will come times when you and your partner can’t be together. This is especially true if the two of you are living in different time zones.

During these times, it may be helpful if you develop a hobby. This will help you pass the time and build you into a better person by the time you meet your partner again.

Consider, for example, developing a regular workout routine. This will help you fill the time when your partner is away and give you something to look forward to the next time you meet him. If exercising isn’t your thing, however, you may also consider something else. For example, you can take up a guitar or piano, or you can simply read.

Whatever you do, it’s helpful if you have a nice distraction from the endless longing that can come with a long-distance relationship.



Long-distance relationships aren’t easy—but they can be done.

By following the ten tips and tricks included in this post, you can ensure that your long distance relationship is healthy and productive.

Remember that the key to building a lasting relationship is to always be honest with your partner and to spend as much time with him as you can. This involves trusting your partner as the two of you live apart.

While long distance relationships can be challenging, they can also be very rewarding. There’s simply no better feeling than meeting up with your partner after an extended separation. In order to keep your long distance relationship positive, try to focus on the good things and keep an optimistic tone with your partner.

Doing so can take your relationship from the computer screen to the living room.


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