14 Long Distance Relationship Questions

If you are in a long distance relationship then there might be many long distance relationship questions on your mind. Are you in a long distance relationship?

Wondering about ways to communicate effectively with your special someone, but you do not know what to talk about? If so then you must be looking to ask appropriate long distance relationship questions without making the conversation dull and boring? Fret not we have got you covered.

Every relationship requires a considerable amount of effort from both ends. The mark of a healthy relationship is the willingness that both the individuals show for sustaining the best they have. This is reflected in every big and little effort they do for their other half.

What balances the ideal relationship is the willingness to mutually work things out. If the two people understand the value of such little efforts they will ultimately set forth a more positive relationship. This will not only offer them a great shared time shared between them but individual growth as well.


How Can A Long Distance Relationship Be Different?

A long distance relationship is defiantly different from the usual one where you get to meet your partner; you can be with them, share a good time together, do fun activities and just have an amazing bonding time between the two. Such things bring more value to the relationship; you both have more shared memories together. But when we talk about a long distance relationship often people worry about finding the right things to keep the spark alive.

They communicate solely through face time, videos, pictures and video call. During such time it is highly important to build an intellectual bond with the other half based on getting to know each other well. One can invest a considerable amount of time in building and then nurturing the bond they may share.

Long distance relationship might look boring from afar but if you inspect closely enough one can actually see that these relationships are the best kind. You want to be with the person because of who they truly are as human not what they could be for you or not what they show themselves as.

Long distance relationships bring so much more to the table then one can see. These bonds are solely built on effective communication with no gaps whatsoever. These relationships are strong, bold, and they have the tendency to withstand anything that may come in between the two.


The Dilemma of What to Do?

When in a long distance relationship one often faces the dilemma of what should they talk about, how they should communicate effectively without becoming a burden or coming off as a boring person, or as someone who is not interested.

There are so many people who are not aware of what are the various things which are so easy to talk about, what long distance relationship questions can they ask their other half which will lead to further more topics and generally a fun, light hearted willing and full of love conversation while also focusing on the main aim of getting to know the other person well enough.

There are so many ways, so many topics, tips and tricks which can aid a person in keeping the conversation fun and going good. If one is willing to invest in a long term relationship with this long distant lover, there is nothing to worry about, there is so much one can offer by just communication.

The best relationship is the one which is built on effective and efficient communication is proved multiple researches and analysis. So how can you have this perfect relationship for your own self? Well let’s just dive and see how.


The Topics One Can Talk About When In A Long Distance Relationship?

There are countless topics on which one can build effective communication. Such topics are diversified which will lead you form one topic to another just as casually and will picture you as a bright an intrigued person who is willing to keep the conversation going.

The potential topics that one can easily begin with is by knowing what the excites the other person, even if that is yet not figured out you can start of by multiple topics and see for yourself where the other person holds the utmost interest and take that as a key and go ahead with more.

The initial topics one can form elaborative questions to ask in a long distance relationship from talking about traveling, this defiantly sparks interest, and a lot of people are extremely interested in traveling. One can also talk about their childhood memories; this can go a lot funnier than you think.

Talking about some interesting experiences that one encounter can further lead to many more topics to discuss, the everyday life routine, interests, likes and dislikes is just another never ending debate for good communicators who have an immensely amazing time talking and sharing about such things.

Talking about families is another great topic for a healthy conversation where you get to know more about the other person. Personality traits thought process and similar topics can lead you to have a great insight on what kind of a person the other individual is.

Education and related experiences can lead you into knowing more about what kind of a campus life the person had, such topics are well enjoyed by both the individuals as they bring up all the good memories from the past and reminiscing and reliving them while being able to share it with your other half brigs the utmost joy and a whole different feeling, it leaves you wanting to talk more and more to that person.


The Questions One Can Ask

Personality Traits

This can help you get a better insight on what the other individual is actually like. Talking about the personality can lead you to know the other person well enough asking such question can also give off the deal that you are genuinely interested in knowing the person in a lot more depth than from the surface. This can further lead them to think that you are willing to invest in a long term thing.

Does the person make decisions based on logic or emotions?

The question can give you an insight on whether the person you are dating is more rational or emotional. This question can lead you to multiple other topics like talking about something they did based on emotions which they regret or how the rational side once saved them from a dangerous situation.

What is the other person most passionate about?

Talking about things one is passionate about is always a good idea. The question will actually make you connect with the other person you will get them to talk about what they love and the conversation will never seem to end.

What stresses the other person most?

This could be another perfect topic to start a conversation with. Talking about such thing will not only make you have a god time but you will get to know the other person better.

What kind of surprises do they prefer?

This question can help you a lot in the future you will also get to know about the other person’s likes or dislikes making it possible for you to know the person better.

How would they describe themselves?

This is a very good question, which can tell you more about what the person thinks of himself. The traits and habits they mention will help you understand the other person in a better way.


Family and Friends

This is yet another topic with countless long distance relationship questions to ask, one after another which will build another effective conversation which will be everything but boring. Talking about families and friends can also give you a better understanding of the other person. You get to know what shaped them the way they are.

What there family values are how much of a family person they are, and more. Some of the most basic long distance relationship questions one can ask about their family and friends could be the following.

Who is in their family?

This will lead you to know general information about their family members. The other person will take you through a brief and nice family introduction. Make sure you remember all the tiny details they mention. It could further lead to another conversation, or maybe it can come in handy sometimes later it comes in handy later.

Who are the most attached to?

Such long distance relationship questions will make the other person open up in front of you. You will not only get to know who are they attached to but you can also learn why they are attached to that person.

Who is the hardest person to deal with in the family?

These kinds of long distance relationship questions lead to multiple stories and long conversation which will never seem to end. You will get to know more about the other person’s family. This could help you in the future if you ever get to meet their family.

Who do they confide in at times of trouble?

Talking about friends is important. The kind of gathering one resides in tends to define the individual to a great extent. Making the other person talk about their friendships can lead

What is the longest friendship they have had?

This will make you understand the type of the person the other one is in terms of commitment. Usually people are unable to hold long friendships. However this does not mean they will not be sincere and true to you. Such long distance relationship questions can make you know more about the person.

Who do they have the strongest bond with?

This question can make you have a great conversation where the other person will tell you about the friend they are closest to. This will also help you understand various needs of the person you are dating.

Who is that friend who has been with them through thick and thin?

Long distance relationship questions like this one are always fun to ask. They can make you have deep conversations where you both may end up sharing so much with each other without knowing where the time went.

What’s the craziest thing they have ever done with their friends?

This question will make you both talk about all the crazy things you both have done. It will be a great topic for any day when you have had a dull and boring time throughout. You can always ask such light and fun long distance relationship questions which will distract you from your worries.

Who are the people who truly know them?

This question can make you have a deep conversation with the other person. They will talk about themselves, the people they are close to and other strong bonds they share. It can help you understand the other person better by knowing what makes themselves.



The questions provided aim to help you kick starts a fun conversation. By asking these questions, you cannot only know the other person better. But you can also start a great conversation from one question to another. This will lead you to have a great bond from the start. Asking such questions and trying to invest time in the relationship could lead to an extremely positive image of you.

Conclusively, we can say that this list of questions will ideally help you to initiate a good conversation. You can also talk about more things which you think may excite the other person. The aim should be to know each other better and develop a strong bond along with having a great time. Relationships take time to become strong. The one thing which strengthens them the best is being able to actively communicate with each other.


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