Love Making Tips for Couples: Your Ultimate Guide

The right loving making tips for couples can help you improve your relationship with your partner. Women everywhere are wondering what they can do to spice up their love life with their husbands or boyfriends.

Fortunately, the answer is easier than you may think. In this guide, I’ll reveal ten of the most-effective strategies you can use to get your love life back on track. If you’ve found that you and your partner have fallen into a rut, try out some of these proven-effective tips to start making better love.

Ready? Let’s dive in!


Do It Regularly

Studies show that couples who do it more stay more intimate long term. If you feel distance between your husband, ask yourself this question, “How regular is my love life?”

If you’re not doing it at least once a week, studies suggest that you’re not doing it enough. And that could hurt your intimacy. Want to fix your love life? Then the answer is pretty simple: try to make love with your husband or partner at least once a week.

This means clearing time out of your busy schedule and perhaps even planning ahead so that you and the hubby can have some alone time. Though this may require you to rearrange your schedule, it’s a worthy sacrifice if you wish to regain that early relationship passion with your partner.

So clear some time, kick the kids out of the house, and let some magic happen under the covers.


Share Your Fantasies

It’s more common than you may think: couples grow apart all the time, even if they don’t love each other any less. Different work schedules and responsibilities can cause you and your husband to grow apart—and cause different fantasies to emerge.

Studies suggest that one of the best love making tips for couples is to share your deepest fantasies with your husband—and have him share his, as well. What better way to reconnect with the man you love than to show him a side of you you’ve never shown before?

By revealing your fantasies, you and your husband or partner will be able to feel a greater sense of intimacy, increase your bond, and have something new to try in the bedroom. Remember: you’re never too old to have a little fun. If you are your partner share similar fantasies, try and turn them into a reality in the bedroom.

In doing so, you can rekindle your old passions and get your love making back where it should be. By following this important tip, you can turn your love life into a fantasy you never want to leave.


Try New Positions

Looking for firework love making? Then it’s time to try out new positions. Research shows that couples that try out a new position at least once a month have greater intimacy and are overall happier in the bedroom.

What does this mean for you? Simply put, it means that trying out new positions is one of the best love making tips for couples looking to regain that much needed intimacy. The best part about this tip is that it allows for great versatility. You can keep your switch-ups simple, or you can get really creative in the bedroom.

Whatever you choose, you’re sure to experience greater intimacy and bond with your husband or partner. For this reason, make sure to try out this tip if you are experiencing a rut in your love life.


Make Out

Not all love making tips for couples should be confined to the bedroom. In fact, one of the simplest is just to make out with your partner as often as you can.

Though many of us think of making out as juvenile or as something that belongs in high school parking lots or drive in movies, the truth of the matter is that constantly making out with your husband or partner can increase your sparks and grow your bond.

If you and your partner don’t get along the way you used to, try this simple love making tip to help bring back some of your former passion. You’ll be surprised at just how effective a simple make out session can be at not only bringing back old memories and feelings but also getting you in the mood.

So don’t be ashamed. Make out in the bedroom, the living, the kitchen, and outside. Showing your husband how much you love him is a great way to boost your energy and make your love life healthier and more sustainable.


End Arguments the Right Way

In a perfect world, you and the hubby would never argue. Instead, the two of you would agree on everything. Unfortunately, this utopia doesn’t exist. As a result, a bit of bickering—and even outright arguing—is inevitable in any relationship, especially as you age.

For this reason, it’s important that you and your husband know how to end an argument. While flowers, cards, and small gifts are nice, research shows that couples who resolve their issues in the bedroom stay closer and feel a more intimate bond. This means that you and your husband or partner could benefit from a little makeup love.

This is especially important after those larger arguments. You want your husband to know that you still love him and are committed to him—despite your heavy disagreement. If you are ready for a dispute with your husband to end, the best way to tell him is to show him.

If you can make this a habit, chances are your relationship will grow stronger than ever. Taking advantage of this strategy, which I believe is one of the best love making tips for couples, can help you take your love making to the next level.


Be a Master Teaser

You can’t make good love if you don’t have a personality. Unfortunately, too many couples can forget this fact, especially as their relationships age. After a while, it can become difficult to see past your partner’s routine. If you feel as if your love making is losing personality, it’s time to introduce a bit of teasing into your relationship.

This means being a bit wittier in your text messages and injecting a bit more personality into your conversations. Your husband will pick up on your social cues and begin to play along. This will facilitate a better atmosphere, especially if continued over time. Simply put, this strategy is one of the most underrated love making tips for couples.

The point here is that you don’t want your relationship to fall too much into a routine. While structure is nice, having too rigid expectations can damage the newness and fun of your relationship. For this reason, you want to do your best to keep your husband on his toes with a bit of teasing.


Do It in the Morning

Here’s one of the more interesting love making tips for couples I’ve come across. Studies suggest that doing it at least once a week in the morning can help you and your partner build intimacy and keep from falling into a rut.

There are multiple ways you can go about this. For starters, you can plan a day of the week where you make morning love. This could be a day when you are both off from work (or, conversely, both have business work days), or it could be a day you and the spouse plan the night before.

If this sounds too formulaic, you could make sure to have spontaneous morning love one day of the week. By keeping the day a secret even from yourself, you can help your relationship stay fresh and new for both you and your husband or partner.


Leave the Bedroom

Want to put that spark back into your relationship? Evidence suggests that one of the best ways to do that is simply to leave the bedroom. The problem many couples experience with their love lives is that they make them too predictable. If you know that you are going to make love in the same place every week, you may be less inclined to do so.

For this reason, you and your husband should take your love somewhere else. Have the house to yourselves? Make the living room your playroom. Looking for a bit of flavor? There’s nothing wrong with a bit of kitchen fun.

The point here is this: confining your love to one physical location can make you feel mentally trapped. For this reason, it’s important that you follow one of the most important love making tips for couples: leave the bedroom.

Not only will this help you and your partner break away from the moors of tradition, but it will also expose the two of you to new and exciting opportunities. If you’re looking to make your love life as good as it once was, practice this helpful tip frequently for best results.


Practice What You Learn

Here’s a bit of advice: it’s not enough to read about love making tips. You need to put them into practice.

Simply put, it doesn’t matter how much you know about love making if you don’t implement your knowledge in the bedroom. For this reason, it’s crucial that you and your partner try out what you read in books or hear on TV. By doing so, you can build your bonds and grow together as a couple.

What’s more, by continuously trying out new things, you will be able to keep your love life fresh and inviting. Remember: the goal is to actually be excited about your love making—not to feel as if you are compelled to do it.

This means that you shouldn’t just keep thoughts in your head. If you read something interesting or hear something you want to try out from a friend, then make sure to put those ideas and concepts into practice in the bedroom. Doing so can help you stay on top of your love making game and maintain that ever-important intimacy with your husband.

Of course, this is a two-way street. You want your husband to be comfortable trying out his knowledge as well. For this reason, you should encourage him to share with you new tricks he’s learned so that both of you can benefit from a little extra knowledge in the bedroom.


Practice Good Fitness

One of the top love making tips for couples I’ve come across is practicing good fitness. While the tip may not seem related to your relationship at first, studies reveal that it could have strong consequences for your love life.

Think about it this way: exercising releases feel good chemicals (such as dopamine) into your body. When this happens, your mood rises and you feel better about yourself and life. When done over time, exercising can help boost you and your partner’s moods and keep you in a love making mindset.

Just as importantly, however, practicing good fitness can keep you and your partner attractive—even as you age. This is one of the best was to ensure a good love life, so make sure you keep it in mind if you feel your relationship has taken a turn for the worse.



Finding the right love making tips for couples can be the key to strengthening your relationship.

Here’s the reality: all relationships can get a bit stale over time—no matter how much you love your husband. When this happens, it’s important that you know what to do to make your love life more exciting for both you and your husband.

By following the information in this guide, you will be able to turn the clock back on your relationship and rekindle those old flames you’ve been longing for. What’s more, you will be able to find a more sustainable way to keep your relationship happy and fulfilling—both in and out of the bedroom.

If you are looking for the best love making tips for couples, use this guide as your ultimate resource. Try out some of these tricks today and see how they benefit your relationship.

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!


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