19 Signs of a Healthy Relationship

Human beings have a natural urge to feel connected to someone in life. It is natural for us to work towards fulfilling our social and physical needs. People talk about the importance of family and friends. In reality, all relationship in our life is important in one way or the other.

Whether it’s the relation of husband and wife, friends, family members, neighbors or any other relationship for that matter, having a healthy relationship can be crucial to how you conduct yourself in life. Unhealthy relationships cannot only spread negativity in your life but they can also make you feel down and demotivated. Healthy relationships can do wonders for you. You can achieve a lot with such positivity in life.

Not only that, but a healthy relationship has a really good effect on other people as well. So if you enjoy a healthy relationship with your wife or partner then your kids will also be brought up in a better way. Children’s upbringing is heavily affected by the nature of the relationship the parents share.

Let’s take a look at a few signs that show that you are in a healthy relationship.


There Is Trust

Trust is an important part of all relationships. Without trust, a relationship cannot service. There should be trust on all levels. If your spouse wants to visit other cities with friends then you shouldn’t have any doubts about the trip. You should believe your spouse that he/she would never cheat you. Checking each other’s mobile phones is a major sign of mistrust and an unhealthy relationship between couples.

Try to give each other space and trust each other. Always believe that your partner loves you and will never cheat on you.


The Comfort Level Is High

When both people in the relationship share a high comfort level then that is a sign of a very healthy relationship. When you don’t feel annoyed or ashamed by each other’s shenanigans then that shows that you guys share a very high level of comfort in the relationship. It is very good for a relationship and shows that the relationship is healthy and the parties involved are very happy.


Listen To Each Other

No one in this world is perfect. Whether it’s an individual or a relationship. There are flaws in everyone but when people look past those flaws and only care about the positive characteristics of a person then that is when a relationship becomes healthy. There will always be difference of opinion or even arguments but healthy relationships only come out strong from these arguments.

They listen to each other and try to solve the issues at hand. One of the biggest signs of unhealthy relationships is that the parties involved don’t listen to each other which eventually turns a small argument into a full-blown war.


Be Independent and Give Each Other Space

You might have come across such people in life who don’t let their partners have an independent life. They don’t give them any space whatsoever. If their partner or spouse is going on a business trip, they want the partner to take them as well.

Asking each other suspicious questions like where were you or what were you doing at someone’s house are all signs of unhealthy relationships. It is good to be conscious and careful however continuous interrogation is bound to bring a lot of negativity to your relationship.


Be Honest Always

Honesty is very important in a relationship. Some people lie to their partners because they think that telling the truth would damage the relationship. However, that is not the case. In a healthy relationship, people listen to each other and try to find a solution together. So no matter how bad a thing gets, it is important to always be honest with your partner.

If you really love your partner then telling the truth and hurting them would be a way better option than hiding things from them. Once the partner finds out about the things you were hiding, your partner would be devastated. They will not only think of you as dishonest but it will also cause trust issues between the two.


Spend Quality Time Together

Life has become undoubtedly very fast. The world is a ruthless place. If you don’t match the pace of the world then you would be left out of the race. However, this does not mean that you should completely ignore your family and other relations to just focus on work. Work with full determination but never let your work make you avoid your family.

Spend quality time with your loved ones. When people don’t spend time with their loved ones then it can be a cause of a very unhealthy relationship. People in healthy relationships always take out time for their loved one. They know importance of family. They know the importance of having a healthy relationship.


Communication Is Key

When one of you is on a trip to another city or a country then it is very important for you to stay in touch over the phone. It shows how much of a healthy relationship you enjoy when one partner remembers to contact the other during an important business trip. It is important to keep the communication alive however you should text or regular so much that it feels like you are taking their space.


Non-Verbal Communication

Have you ever talked with someone without saying a single word? We all have someone in life who can understand our non-verbal cues. When you are in a healthy relationship, both partners have such a high level of understanding that they can communicate in non-verbal cues.


Healthy Relationships Are More Intimate

You might have heard a lot of people say that sex isn’t everything in a relationship. This is quite true, it is not everything but it is still very important. It’s literally called ‘making love’. When people are in a healthy relationship they tend to get more intimate with each other. They like spending time together and satisfy each other’s physical needs.


Be Compromising

A simple compromise can save a relationship. When you understand and realize that both you and your partner aren’t perfect then both of you would start compromising on certain things. Healthy relationships are built on compromises. However, this does not mean that you have to compromise on things like disrespect, cheating, and other similar things.



You can never have a healthy relationship without having loyalty in the relationship. Loyalty is very important. If you aren’t loyal to your partner then that relationship can never be healthy. People who are loyal to each other get to experience and enjoy a healthy relationship. They give each other more space and trust each other.

They know that just because they are away from their partner does not mean that they have the license to go on dates with other people.


There Is No Competition

You and your partner are a team and you should always act as one. Healthy relationships are all about giving each other space however the relationship itself isn’t based on individuality. It is all about respect, love, trust, and teamwork. In unhealthy relationship people usually tend to bring their kids up in their own individual ways.

This has a grave effect on the mental development of the kids. The dad tries to act like he is better and the mom tries to show her kids that she is better than their dad. This is one of the major signs of unhealthy relationship. In healthy relationships, you will always see teamwork and collaboration.



One of the pillars on which healthy relationships stand is respect. Respect is very important in a relationship. When there is no respect between the partners, then that relationship is nothing more than two people trying to live together forcefully. As a couple, you can say a lot of things to each other but you should never let the respect factor leave the relationship.


Never Leave Each Other in Tough Time

Never leaving each other in tough time is another sign that relates to teamwork and collaboration. In healthy relationships, both partners always stand beside each other in tough times. When one is going through something tragic or tough in life the other consoles his/her partner. Even if one partner suffers from a lifelong disease then it is other partner’s duty to take care of the sick partner.


Never Take Out Your Frustrations on Your Partner

People can feel frustration because of many different reasons. Maybe one of you had a bad day at work or the traffic was really intense on your way to home. No matter the reason, you should never take your frustrations out on your partner. Even if you are feeling frustrated, you should still try to avoid taking it all out on your partner.

If you are feeling frustrated because of your partner then you should both sit together and find a solution. If you are frustrated because of external reasons then instead of taking your frustration out on your partner you should politely share the everything with them. Your partner can show support and make you feel good. This is what couples in a healthy relationship do.


Relationship Therapy

It is a very common misconception that if you are having troubles in your relationship then you should get relationship therapy. Well, healthy couples can also look for relationship therapy. It can help in getting their relationship to an even higher level. However, if you want to start relationship therapy then it is important that you discuss it with your partner first. Tell them that it would help in making your relationship even stronger than before.



The world has transformed remarkably. We are moving from a highly male dominant society to a society where there is equality between the two. This, however, has to start at the individual level. When individuals start treating each other with equality, this is when the nation or the world as a whole will stand up.

Both partners should have the same level of say in every aspect of the relationship. No one member should have the power to veto anything they don’t like. This is also highly based on respect. You will always see equality in healthy relationships.


Both Partners Take Responsibility

When you live in the same house, there are certain things you have to be responsible for. All responsibilities shouldn’t be poured onto one partner’s head. One sign of healthy relationships is that the responsibility is always shared. This helps both the partner to do their work effectively without getting overburden with chores.

However, the responsibility does not stop at doing home chores. It is also the responsibility of both partners to take care of their children. If one is being irresponsible then the other should be able to call out the first partner without any negative arguments.



You would always see a sense of playfulness in a healthy relationship. Both partners love to spend time together and do fun things together. Doing fun activities together can help you bond with each other and make your relationship stronger. Whether it’s doing a pillow fight or playing a multiplayer game on Xbox, you can both enjoy great and entertaining bonding time together by being playful.



These are some of the signs you can see in a healthy relationship. No relationship is perfect. The people involved in the relationship make it perfect with their love and respect for each other. When people show love, respect and compassion to one and other then that is when the relationship becomes healthier. Everyone deserves to be in a healthy relationship.

If you feel that your relationship isn’t healthy, then you should try to implement some of the above-mentioned things in your life. You should definitely get couples therapy after discussing with your partner. If the partner agrees then it is a great sign as it shows that both of you want the relationship to work and be healthy.


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