Butt Exercises for an Instant Booty Pump

Do you want to make your booty pop?

Have guys and … girls staring at you twice?

You don’t need to fake it.

You love to see Nicki do her thing, and would love to have that too.

If that’s what you really want, there are certain routines that will help you achieve that quick.

“Hell no, I’m not doing any crazy thing or lifting heavy weights all in the name of booty”.

No way! Is that what you are scared off? If that’s the case, don’t worry.

These butt exercises aren’t “killing”. Though you will be needing both light and heavy dumbbells.


Butt Exercises For An Instant Booty Pump


Before we go into the butt exercises (which I know you can’t wait for), let’s do a 101 on the causal agent of booty pump.

That way you will understand the reason for each routine.

Basically, what makes the booty pop is a result of the working muscles in your butt having enough blood.

There are different ways to achieve that, it could be through nutrition or proper dieting. It could be through:

Make sure your food is rich in magnesium.

You can take swiss chard, almonds, pumpkin seeds, banana, dark chocolate, and dried figs.


The Booty popping Exercises.

Now that we are through lecturing you on the causal agents of butt lifting.

Let us now delve into the butt exercises we have for you.

Some of these butt exercises require a straight up 40 seconds performance (on both sides, if need be).


Alternating lunges with a twist.

This butt exercise requires you standing while your elbows stay bent to your sides at shoulder – height.

Make sure your shoulders are stacked on top of your hips.

Now, take a large step forward with the right foot and bend your knees (it should be at a 90-degree angle), keep the front knee stacked over the front ankle.

Turn around your side while twisting from your waist.

You should Twist back, that way you will face forward, press in on your front heel so you can stand up into the starting point.

You have to repeat the same thing on the opposite side which would be your left.

Remember how you go about bending you right knees? Do the same thing for your left foot.


Dumbbell Deadlifts.

This is where you will be needing the dumbbells.

Take one (dumbbell) on each hand and make sure the dumbbells are held firmly on both hands.

Your palms should be facing your body. Now, stand with your feet spread while your feet are facing down.

Bend your knees slightly, and ensure your back is in the flat back state while bending forward from your waist.

Let the dumbbells guide your chest towards the floor.

You should engage your booty and squeeze your inner thighs together as you lift your chest and return to the starting position.


Alternating Forward Lunges with Uneven Load.

The Alternating Forward Lunges with Uneven Loads is one exercise that involves holding one heavy weight on your left shoulder, doing this will result in an uneven load which is meant to challenge your overall balance.

With both of your feet placed tightly next to each other, and facing forward, bring your left foot forward and sink yourself in a forward lunge with both knees bent at a 90-degree angle.

The knee in front should be placed behind your front toes. Now, press into your front heel (this will bring your front foot back to starting position.

Remember we talked about the number of seconds you will need to spend on both sides while doing each rep.

So, you will have to repeat the same exercise but on the opposite side.

You are now going to step forward with the right foot.

Make sure your shoulders remain in a stacked position over your hips while doing the entire exercise.

The same number of seconds spent on the other side too.


Squat Jumps.

The squat jump is another exercise which requires standing on your feet (it should be shoulder-width apart), your toe should be facing forward.

Now, bend your knees to have your hips facing the floor.

Do this until both thighs become parallel to the floor, bring your palms together in front.

Once you get into the same position, exert pressure into you heals and squeeze your booty as you for the top, while extending your arms behind you to give you that momentum.

You will then land with soft knees and lower into a second squat.


The Side-to-side skater.

To do the side to side skater exercise, you will need to start by standing with your feet (they should be shoulder-width apart.

Your left leg should be stepped out and cross the right foot behind you.

You will be helping yourself with balance just by mildly tapping the toes to the floor and raising your right arm.

The next thing to do is to instantly jump out to the right and landing on your right foot.

You will also need to cross your left foot behind you and tap the toes on the ground while you were raising your left arm to give you that absolute balance.

Do this for 40 seconds or more.


These five butt exercises, if done with utmost diligence and discipline, your butt will pop in no time.

There are other benefits that come with exercising no matter what it is. The blood flow will be enhancing your clothes.

Remember, discipline and diligence are the two keywords. Rather than going to fill it up and end up being fake.


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