These tips will speak up your relationship again

Love is a beautiful thing. But being in love and waking up next to the same person will reach the level of boredom.

This is normal. I mean, it’s a forever “thing”.

What is not normal is when both of you decide to ignore the obvious signs and let it linger.

As adults, the first step to bringing life back to a boring relationship is communicating.

Yes! But what can you do to spark things up again?

If this has been your question all along, then you are just the right place as we will be sharing with you some of the most effective tips that will surely bring back the spark you craved for.


Get your Binge Mode on

Thank God for TV series.

There are tons of them you can watch together.

Remember those days when we had one TV in the entire house? the family subconsciously sat together to watch limited programs.

The family bond was present. Unfortunately, TV is now a “get away” medium.

That shouldn’t be the case with you. Activate the Binge mode with your partner.

Watch movies together.

Many people don’t actually know that one can use the TVs as a tool to connect with our partner.

Select a show you’d love to watch with them. Just make sure whatever it is you are watching is connecting the both of you (which I’m sure will).


It’s a normal phenomenon

Getting bored of one’s relationship is not new.

If you have been with your partner for a very long time, you’d probably thought about it at some point.

It’s not because you don’t love him or her.

Its purely because you guys are starting to be predictable and “careful”.

Not saying you should be reckless, but you’ve got to understand that putting in more effort is what you need and that you are starting to relent.

So, bring the spark back by exploring together and doing things you both haven’t done before.


Communicate! Communicate!!

Communication is a strong foundation that every relationship should be based on.

This is quite important. Most of the times, these better halves don’t even know what’s going on.

They might not be on the same page as you but you have to be open and tell them everything.

Remember, when the moment when both of you have to talk comes, avoid blame games and unhealthy words.

After all, the heart is not made of stones.


Go on a Trip

Wonder why most couples love going on trips?

It’s for this reason. As couples, you can have two different vacations.

One has to be with the kids while the other should be “strictly” for the both of you.

Going on these vacations are a great way to break away from the “norm” and predictability we talked about earlier.

Being in the moment while on these trips is very important.

Another advice, take away anything that can distract your attention while on these trips.

You’ve got to be in the “Now”.

If there is a place you’d love to visit, explore together.

Don’t be scared to try out some sex while exploring. It makes it more memorable.

Spend your nights in hotels or you can just go for the staycation.

At the end of it all, leaving the four walls of your home might just be all you need.


Appreciate your partner’s uniqueness

Not valuing your partner’s ability to see the world differently than you.

Not doing this can be energy sapping. If your partner’s difference is not appreciated, it’s just a matter of time, that relationship is heading for the sea.

How do you celebrate your other half’s uniqueness?

Insulting them for being different or not do the things the way you’ve seen other people do is a total NO! NO!!

You’ve got to let them be what they want to be.

For some funny reasons, you may not like someone who is into banking, that doesn’t mean he/she (your partner) can be a banker.

Instead of finding these differences annoying, let it thrill and interest you.

That way, your relationship will be more interesting without a doubt.


Try out something new!

It could be in your sex life, a new hobby, skill or any type of activity.

Doing this will bring in a new form of energy into your lives.

If there is something you haven’t tried out before, it could be skiing, photography, cooking, running (marathon), dancing, taking a pottery class, kayaking, or subscribing to an art class.

What’s my point exactly?

It has to be an activity that both of you can partake in.

Doing new things, in a different way can be exciting.

The excitement is all you need to spark it up, again!


Bring it back

If (and when) you notice that boredom is creeping into your relationship, one of the major reasons why that is happening is because you’ve deviated from the basics.

There is something you use to do in the past that you are no longer doing.

For a woman, it could be that you (as the man) usually bye her gifts on your way back from work, something you no longer do.

Or it could be something that you guys did together in the past, something you no longer do again.

Figure out what those things are and reignite them.

Trust me, if it worked then, it will work now.


Don’t forget the date nights

Remember when you used to come to pick her up for late night movie?


Did it use to be romantic right?

So, why did you stop! Listen, creating time for date night is not a choice anymore, it is something you both have to do on a regular basis.

But hold on, if this becomes a regular routine for you, chances are you might get bored, which would be counterproductive.

That’s why your best bet is to go on these dates with the intention of bonding.

Just like you are meeting yourself for the first time. pick a new restaurant every now and then, have fun and make sure both of you are putting in an equal amount of effort.



Love is a choice.

To make it work, you both have to put in efforts.

It is not loved if it’s felt and worked on by one person.

If it’s only one of you that is putting in the effort, then there is trouble.

These are an effective fix for a boring relationship.

You can always thank me later.


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