Do Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

What does it mean when someone claims that guys fall in love when they miss you? Is this statement something that one can even prove to be true? Science has come incredibly far yet there is still grey area when it comes to matters of the heart. So, do guys fall in love when they miss you? Let’s see if we can answer this age-old question, shall we?


Do Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You?

To answer the question, that is, do guys fall in love when they miss you, we must start from the beginning and observe the way men love. Society has never encouraged men to express their feelings, which is why we tend to see men hide their emotions and never fully express how they are feeling towards their significant other. (1)

These unexpressive tendencies can lead to their partner feeling confused. However, when men see someone they like, they also tend to come right up to them and ask them out. Once this happens and you start going on dates, it is important to make him feel a pull towards you while developing an emotional connection.

So, how do you make him feel that pull? Well, by making him miss you, of course. So, to answer the question, that is, do guys fall in love when they miss you? Yes, guys fall in love when they miss you. It is now a matter of how.


Keep Him On His Toes

Relationships can be quite complicated. It would be much easier if we could just see exactly what the other person is thinking but we can’t. After a while, a relationship can begin to lose its spark where your man might start to take you for granted knowing that you won’t be going anywhere.

He just might not be as emotionally invested anymore as he previously was. However, we can still adopt strategies that can help keep that fire burning. According to Robert Greene, a New York Times best-selling author, you can not only preserve but also enhance the love your partner feels towards you by withdrawing yourself at the right moment, that is, just before he begins to get tired of the relationship. Essentially keep him on his toes.


The Psychology Behind This Ideology

Do guys fall in love when they miss you because of how their brain functions and processes a challenge? That could very well be true because of how since pre-historic times, the primal instinct of men was to hunt. Of course, this by no means is saying that women are their prey or should be seen as that.

This simply means that men love a good chase and by withdrawing your presence you are feeding that internal need. There is no doubt that men love a challenge and the more you make yourself feel like a conquest to them, the more they will be drawn towards you.

So, to make guys fall in love when they miss you, you must remember to not confess an undying and unconditional love from them in the initial stages. While it might feel good at that moment to both you and your man, it will allow your man to feel that instant gratification of having gotten you already.

This ends the chase and could lead to the man taking you for granted. Do guys fall in love when they miss you? Yes, but only if you play your cards right from the beginning.


The Principle Of Scarcity

Do guys fall in love when they miss you? The world is full of examples that we can take and apply to the ideology of love to prove that guys fall in love when they miss you. Take for example the principle of scarcity. Within the world of economics, when an object becomes scarce, that is, when supply is decreased, the demand for that object automatically begins to rise and so does the value.

This is how the human mind works in the real world when it comes to consumer behavior. So, we can just as easily apply this principle of scarcity to love. In order to reignite that flame within the relationship, your presence must never be over-supplied. In fact, keep your presence scarce once you’ve got the building blocks of the relationship down.

So, when you are in the company of your man, he will begin to cherish you much more than before. In fact, he will be looking forward to spending that time with you again and that is how guys fall in love when they miss you.


Keep It Balanced

When pondering the question, that is, do guys fall in love when they miss you, it is vital that you keep your withdrawal balanced. The goal is not to withdraw your love rather your presence. By withdrawing your presence in different doses, you will essentially be making his heart yearn for you.

These feelings will eventually transform into love. However, within the same time, if you begin to withdraw your love, you will be damaging the building blocks that the two of you laid together at the beginning of the relationship.

Them yearning for your love and not receiving it can lead to things turning sour very quickly. So, it is important to always remain mindful of this key difference to make guys fall in love when they miss you.


Guys Fall In Love When They Miss You

Do guys fall in love when they miss you is a question that we have very well answered above by talking about the logic behind it. However, it is also equally important to understand how it is that you can make him miss you. Here are some ways that you can adopt to make your man miss you.


Controlled Availability

Many different posts and the people behind them will choose to compare women to that of coal and diamonds. They will then go on to telling you that the man will always choose the diamonds because they are rare. This, while might sound harmless, isn’t going to ingrain the right concept in your mind.

Just because you make yourself available to your man does not mean that you are now a piece of coal instead of a diamond. Ask yourself the question that is, how can one truly value a diamond if they’ve never seen it.

Get our point. So, the goal isn’t to make yourself not available at all, rather the goal is to control how available you are. Make yourself available but in only doses, which will make your man feel like he has to work for it and you men love a good chase.


Have Your Own Life

When it comes to relationships, no one likes a partner whose entire life revolves around their significant other. Sure, your partner should be a priority but the focal point of your life should be you and your growth. This is why it is important for you to have your own life and your own set of goals that you strive to accomplish in your time away from your partner.

This will make your man see you in a completely different light and crave your presence. Do guys fall in love when they miss you? No, if you make it a bit too obvious. Men are smart and can see through mind games after a certain point. So, if you make your only goal in life to make your man miss you and have nothing else going on, it can become quite off-putting.

When withdrawing your presence, invest that time into another goal to show that you have a good footing in the world. Make him want to be a part of your journey towards growth.


Make Him Feel Needed

Do guys fall in love when they miss you? Yes, they do and this works when you are away from them. However, the time you spend with them is equally important. This is a vital component of this ideology as you need to make him reminisce about the time you spend together when you are away from him.

So, while you are with him, it is important to make your man feel needed. Give your man the privilege to act and feel like a strong powerful man when around you. This will feed into his innate need to protect the woman he has feelings for. So, when you are away from him, he will begin to yearn for that feeling of being the protector.

He will begin to wonder about what you are up to and eventually how he would want to be there for you if you were ever in trouble. So, let him experience what it is like to be a strong man around you, which will make him miss this feeling when you are not with him.


Leave Behind Memorabilia

Do guys fall in love when they miss you after spotting an item you left behind? Of course, they do. For the entire concept to work, he has to miss you and the easiest way for you to make him miss you is by leaving behind an item of yours, such as a hair tie.

So, if you spent a great weekend together and won’t be meeting for at least a few days, leave something of yours behind so that he may spot it and then be instantly reminded of you. This will also bring back all of the memories you two made over the time you spent together. In fact, every time he spots the item you left behind, he will be reminded of you, which is the best way to make him miss your presence.


Make Use Of Olfactory Senses

Olfactory senses, that is, our sense of smell play a great role when it comes to remembering something or even finding someone attractive. Research has found that people tend to find those who smell good to be more attractive. So, use this to your advantage. Of course, make sure you smell good but we would suggest taking it a step further.

First, it is important to find a signature scent that you use every time you see your man. Although, how does it work to make your man miss you? Do guys fall in love when they miss you and are reminded of your scent? Yes, precisely. Our sense of smell is also connected to our memories, this is why there will always be certain scents that remind you of certain points in your life.

So, when your man becomes accustomed to your signature scent, if he smells something remotely similar in his day-to-day life, then he will immediately be struck by the memory of you. So, it wouldn’t matter how far apart you two might be, that scent will always remind him of you.

Of course, the more he is reminded of you, the more he will look into why, and eventually come to the conclusion that he loves you, which is why he is reminded of you so often.


Be Patient

Do guys fall in love when they miss you and show it? Well as mentioned before, society has discouraged men from truly expressing how they feel, which is why this might not always be the case. This is why it is vital for you to be patient. Remember, not texting him for a few hours or a day isn’t something that will make him miss you in the long run.

It is important to remember that you cannot build a mature relationship full of love in a day. Your man might not even realize the fact that what he feels is yearning for your presence. So, it is important for you to give him time to miss you.

At this point, we are sure that you have a very vivid understanding of the answer to the question, that is, do guys fall in love when they miss you. Yes, guys fall in love when they miss you but it is how you make them miss you that dictates the success of this ideology.


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