10 Ways On How To Build A Healthy Relationship

Everyone thinks about how to build a healthy relationship with their partner. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship but you can make it better by making some efforts.

It is one of the most amazing experiences and connection with another human. A healthy relationship will help you feel more satisfied with your life. Every relationship is unique and people come together for many different reasons. Trust, communication, honesty and respect are basic pillars for building a healthy relationship.

A connection like this with someone who makes you feel special is incredible so how to build a healthy relationship? There are various factor, actions and behavior that can lead towards a healthy relationship.

The initial step of every relationship, positive or toxic, is understanding each other. Giving and taking independence is essential in every relationship and a huge step towards a successful one.

A relationship that relaxes you out without giving any stress is healthy relationship. In order to distinguish healthy relationships with toxic ones, we need to take a look at the reasons for a toxic one. Here are some signs that can tell you if a relationship is not worth your time and effort:


Understanding Relationships And Reasons For Failed Ones:

There are many factors that can tell you if a relationship is not going to work out. If you are thinking about how to build a healthy relationship with your special someone then you should keep these factors in mind.

You need to avoid these factors at all costs if you want a healthy relationship. Some of the common signs are mentioned below:

  • Physical abuse- An act to cause intentional physical harm or trauma is completely unacceptable. This causes victims a trauma and should be reported to the authorities.
  • Possessiveness- A desire to hold on to a person as a possession. It can cause distrust and jealousy, eventually leading to a failing relationship.
    Disrespect- Disrespectful partners can cause havoc on the healthy dynamics of a successful relationship. Constant criticism and putting each other down are signs of discouragement that can create a lot of problems.
  • Conflicts- Conflicts exist in every relationship. However, arguments on daily basis are a sign that you are not getting along all too well.
  • Lack of trust- As mentioned before, trust is vital for any relationship to succeed. It can be extremely difficult to feel safe or secure if there is no trust.
  • Feels uncomfortable- Relationships are meant to provide you with comfort and help you relax with someone you love. In a scenario where you don’t feel comfortable, a relationship is pointless.
  • Disregarding your goals- If your partner doesn’t consider things that are important to you then it may not.
  • Humiliation- This is obvious as no one would want to be in a relationship where they are constantly humiliated and insulted.


Why Is Healthy Relationship Important?

Okay. Now that we’re aware of factors causing the downfall and understand relationships better, how to build a healthy relationship and why is it important?

Healthy relationships are essential in our lives as they remove negativity, build a bridge of support, and keep you physically and emotionally fit. Being in a committed, healthier and supportive relationship reduces stress and results in a longer loving life. Here are some tips to build a healthy relationship:


How To Build A Healthy Relationship?

Develop trust

Trust is the foundation needed on how to build a healthy relationship. It is the faith in every relationship that keeps people loyal and faithful so they will always love you.

Open your heart and have the courage to trust your partner. Trust goes a long way to build a healthy relationship. Trusting your partner that they will not do anything to hurt you or ruin the relationship is the initial step to make your connection everlasting.

Checking the behavior of your partner towards you and the instincts about them allows you to build trust. You feel safe emotionally and physically with the presence of trust. In a healthy relationship both the partners have the right to trust and to be trusted.

Without trust each day will become like a nightmare. You should be able to count on your partner as no relationship will last without equal amount of respect and trust.


Communication Skills Must Be Good

Communication is the most vital ingredient in any relationship. If you want your relationship to last a lifetime, you need to communicate with your partner on every matter and problems.

In order to know how to build a healthy relationship you need to voice your feelings or concerns towards your partner for making them understand it completely. Poor communication can become the biggest hurdle in the way of a healthy relation as it leads towards distrust, misunderstanding and back stabbing.

This leads to frustration which can be the reason for your daily stress and why your relationship may dissolve. By communicating you can explain your thought, views, need and what are you going through or experiencing in your life. You can easily open up to your partner discuss about your problems.

Tackling the issues become much easier while talking with your partner. It helps you take your connection with your partner to a whole new level.


Respect Is The Key

It’s not only love that helps to build a healthy relationship but also respecting each other is an important part. You should respect each other and their privacy. Learn to treat them with respect if they say no to things which are not comfortable to them.

Do not make fun of their fears. As a result of giving and receiving respect you know how to value each other’s opinion and confident while sharing something because you feel confident that your will respect your thoughts.

Respect in relationship helps you build trust, love and well being. How to build a healthy relationship? The answer of this is really important for having a good relationship. Respect teaches you how to adjust, be patient and how to accept realities. With respect it will be much easier for you to face life challenges.


Spending Quality Time Together

One of the simplest things you can do to improve your connection in order to build a healthy relationship is spending quality time with your partners. It helps make your relationship long lasting and develops trust and love.

Although, we do need space in our lives sometimes, it is no excuse for not making any effort and dedicating time to our loved ones. Sometimes your daily routine can be hectic and you may not be able to spend enough time with your partner.

Unfortunately, this can affect your relationship in a negative way, resulting in distancing and getting disconnected. Giving surprises, making calls, meeting each other daily, if possible or even playing board games can be effective.

Spending time with these activities together keeps you happy and is really beneficial for the growth of a relationship you want.


Healthy Conflicts

Every relation has ups and downs. Everyone has disagreements and it’s completely fine not to agree with everything your partner says. It’s your right to show your thinking perspective and making the other person realize their mistakes with reason.

These types of healthy conflicts are good from time to time Conflicts provide you with a chance to solve your relationship problems and deal with it maturely.

However, it is really important not to target each other with physical abuse and sort out your problems by staying calm, listening to each other. When the situation seems to be out of control, you should take a rest from it and solve it later.

It is sign of maturity and trust and how much you understand your partner. Learn each other’s habits as this can be helpful in resolving conflicts and prevents your relationship from ending on bad terms.


Listen Carefully

Listening to your partner is really important to build a healthy relationship. Be a good listener since if you learn to listen to your partner carefully with love, it can be extremely beneficial for your relationship.

It will become easier for you to make further decisions or to suggest solutions. Listening to your partner doesn’t always mean that you agree with their point, even if they are in the wrong.

It just suggests that you prefer to have a reasonable conversation and are making an effort to understand their perspective as well.

Most importantly, this can also help solve the conflicts as well since it results in successful interactions with your loved ones. Pay full attention and avoid using mobile phones or other electronic devices as this would create a negative impact.

A decent and supporting conversation like this is needed by your partner while talking with you. This is the development of empathy. Once you start understanding them and feel their pain and joy, it results in a stronger connection between you two. Moreover, this feeling and bond can become stronger with time.



Every individual has the right to be in a relationship where both the partners are treated equally. It is crucial to build a healthy relationship where both partners are treated equally with mutual respect.

Both the partners should put in the same amount of efforts in a relation. Equality in relationship means that each partner has the right in decision making, with their opinions being valued.

It keeps relation safe on both sides without one person getting the power hand. Not having equality in your relationship means that one partner is controlling over the other that can create the feeling of domination and controlling. Equality creates balance in your relationship and keeps it healthier and respectful.


Understanding And Sacrifice

Compromise builds your relationship stronger. Moreover, it simply means you both value each other’s feeling and can give up anything to make the other person happy.

You should respect and support each other’s ideas. If you don’t understand the value of compromise and make your partner do things your way, it can become really difficult to maintain a healthy relationship.

It is evident that compromising has become the basic factor of every healthy relationship and should be maintained according to need. Compromise can also lead to mutual understanding.



Honesty requires courage. It has the power to build, grow and empower healthy relationships. Being honest is not easy but you should try your best to be truthful to your partner.

By telling the truth you feel relaxed and free from any burden. Honesty is the way of life you should implement in all the fields. In a healthy relationship you can tell every aspect of your life without thinking that your partner will judge.

Honesty in relationship tells us how sincere you are with your partner and how much you trust them. It will affect your relationship in a negative way if your partner finds out about the truth from any other person and realize that they’ve been lied to.

This, sometimes, ruin many relationships. Without honesty there is no guarantee of a long lasting relation.


Personal Space And Independence

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you should give up on the fun things which used to make you happy before. Spending quality time is essential for your loved ones however it is important to focus on yourself and dedicate some time to yourself and your well being.

Being Independent means having the freedom to do everything that satisfies you. Spending time with your other friends, family, co-workers or even some alone time is a part of giving space.

You should also consider this to give time and space to your partner as well. Too much closeness can sometimes feel like a trap. Healthy relationship means not to grow together but also independently. Lastly, giving personal spaces to each other can be beneficial for long term relationships.



Moreover, it is essential and their right to be in a relationship which gives them freedom and a desire to do whatever they wish to do.

In Conclusion, considering all these factors to create a healthy and joyous environment for each other is essential to build a healthy relationship. Mutual Respect, trust, honesty and respecting each other’s boundaries can take your relationship to new heights.

Therefore, communication to get over your problems and conflicts leads to better understanding. However If you and your partner keep these elements in mind then you can build a connection so unique with each other that there will be no hurdle you two won’t be able to cross.


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