How To Lose 20 Pounds In Two Weeks Without Exercise

To understand how to lose 20 pounds in two weeks without exercise, you need to do proper research. Exercise is the first line of advice you get from people when you say you want to lose weight.

It’s either this or the fact that you should control your diet. Either way, not everyone can find the motivation to exercise. If you have a target set in mind and have decided that you will lose 20 pounds in two weeks, we can help you achieve that goal.

Though exercise is a great way to lose weight, it is also at times expensive. If you are like most people, finding the motivation to get up and exercise is difficult, and thus you will need to go to a gym. Going to a gym can fall heavy on your pocket because it is costly. When you go to the gym, you are paying for the gym and the trainer helping you.

So, what can you do that will help you lose 20 pounds in two weeks, and you won’t even need to exercise? Here are a few simple and easy steps that will help your target seem achievable.


Count Your Calorie Intake

Most people don’t focus on how much they are eating and instead decrease their portions when losing weight. That technique is not practical because it doesn’t help you lose weight. The only way you can manage to do that is to see the number of calories you put inside your body.

Calorie intake is something that helps you lose weight fast and quick. When asking the question, how to lose 20 pounds in two weeks without exercise, this is the way to go. It’s quick, and it’s painless. The best thing to do is keep track of the calories you are eating, and you will significantly affect your weight.


Take Your Time to Eat and Chew Slowly

Taking your time to eat food may go against everything you have been taught, but this technique seems to help. When you need to lose 20 pounds in two weeks, it is better to eat slowly and enjoy your food.

Why may you ask? Simply because when you take time to eat and chew the food, you do two things. One, you manage to savour the food. Second, you manage to decrease the hunger time-span, which lasts for 20 min.

Doctors claim that when you get hungry and start eating, you feel hungry for about 20 min, and then your stomach gets full. That is the period that you need to contain. The amount of food that goes inside you is up to you so delay in eating a lot of food and savour each bite.


Drink Lot of Water

One of the first diet advice you will get when asking how to lose 20 pounds in two weeks without exercise is drinking lots of water. Water is healthy overall, but it helps keep you hydrated and keeps your skin feeling fresh. Water is also something that doesn’t get digested. Thus, your body uses what it needs, and the rest is flushed out.

When you feel hungry, drinking water and then having a calory-controlled diet will help you maintain a healthy eating style. That will also keep you hydrated and looking fresh. Water can temporarily give you the feeling of having your stomach feeling full, and that is a great way to lose 20 pounds in two weeks.


Maintain a Healthy Sleep Schedule

Many things come into play when you need to lose 20 pounds in two weeks, and keeping a healthy sleep schedule is one of them. The sleep cycle is one of the most significant ways your weight loss journey can either go positively or negatively. To lose 20 pounds in two weeks is no easy feat and that is why you must have a full 8-hour sleep at night.

When talking about an 8-hour sleep schedule, it is also essential to talk about when it needs to happen. Sleeping 8 hours at night is what is recommended and not during the day.

The kind of hormones and changes that your body goes through at night is what is essential. It would be best if you let your body go through them and sleep/wake up on time. So, the next time somebody asks you how to lose 20 pounds in two weeks without exercise, you can let them know.


Hide Away All the Unhealthy Foods

It may not be the best way to lose 20 pounds in two weeks, but it will most probably help you keep yourself in check. The one reason why many people start gaining weight in the first place is because of all the junk food and unhealthy foods they are consuming. Unhealthy foods are bad for your health; they are also addictive and tend to taste good.

That is why when asked the question on how to lose 20 pounds in two weeks without exercise; you are told to get rid of unhealthy foods. Getting rid of unhealthy foods does not mean that you can never have them, it just means that if you keep them out of sight, there is less possibility you will want to eat it.

If it is right there in front of you, the urge to have it would be higher. Store all these unhealthy snacks out of sight and hope they go out of mind too. Keep healthy snacks and food in front of you so that you can snack on something healthy when the urge and the cravings come.


Start a No-Electronics-When-Eating-Food Rule

A lot of us are guilty of using our phones or watching TV when eating food. Though it is highly entertaining, and the concept of eating food while watching entertainment is the epitome of relaxation, it is also not healthy. If you wish to lose 20 pounds in two weeks, then you will need to drop this habit.

Studies have shown that when you are using your phone or watching TV when eating your food, you get so engrossed in the entertainment you can over-eat. Overindulgence in food is already a significant factor in weight gain but adding that with electronic devices won’t help. Absent-mindedly eating food when you are already full does not do you or your weight loss journey any good so take heed.

When parents go to doctors and ask them specifically how to lose 20 pounds in two weeks without exercise, they first need to take specific steps. One of these steps includes switching off your electronic devices when eating food. Hopefully, if you do that, you will lose 20 pounds in two weeks quickly.


Manage and Avoid Stress

You must have heard about stress eating. If you don’t manage your stress and anxieties, then overindulgence in food will happen, and you will gain weight. Your goal is to lose 20 pounds in two weeks, but you are more likely to want comfort food when you are stressed.

Comfort food is always food that is high in fats and high in carbs. Having comfort food will not only damage your plan to lose 20 pounds in two weeks, but it will also do you more damage psychologically. You will psych yourself out and then proceed to feel guilty after the overindulgence. That is why it is recommended that you healthily manage your stress.

Managing your stress can be done quickly. All you need to do is go to a trained therapist who will help you deal with all your issues. Some simple techniques will help you realize that once you handle your stress, you will be in control of your life, your desire to lose 20 pounds in two weeks will feel like an accomplishing goal.


Reduce Carbonated Drinks and Replace Them with Healthy Juices

One of the most significant contributors to weight gain in this modern world is carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks are just fizzy drinks that are filled to the brim with sugar. If you plan to lose 20 pounds in two weeks, then taking fizzy drinks out of your life will be a good start.

Almost all fizzy drinks are filled with excessive sugar that increases your sugar levels and increases your anxiety. To avoid concentrated sugar in this day and age is very difficult as everything has some artificial sugar. Just taking out fizzy drinks would help you lose weight.

To lose 20 pounds in two weeks, you will have to cut carbonated drinks out of your life completely and make sure you are not taking in any food or drink with any form of concentrated sugar. Natural sugar is the best form for your weight loss journey.


The More Protein in Your Diet the Better

To lose 20 pounds in two weeks is no small feat. You have to make sure that the diet that you are eating is healthy. You are aiming to lose this weight without actually causing any damage to your body. That is where high protein diet comes into place.

Protein increases your feeling of fullness and full stomach after you have eaten. Due to this, you will eat less, subsequently losing weight. The hormones in the diet that are high in protein keeps you feeling full throughout the day. Due to this feeling, you get to eat less during the day and decrease your calory count.

Food like meat, eggs and yogurt are protein-rich foods that you can incorporate in your life as a permanent food. Once it is decided that you will have these in your food every day, your aim to lose 20 pounds in two weeks will become a possibility.


Make Yourself Accountable

Once you have decided to stay healthy and take the necessary steps to stay on that journey, you need to keep checking yourself. When talking about checking yourself, you need to hold yourself accountable whenever you make a mistake or your slip.

One such step that is incredibly supportive in helping you to lose 20 pounds in two weeks is to weigh yourself every day. You will keep a log of how much you are losing and how the weight loss journey is going. Other ways to help motivate yourself and keep a check are keeping a food journal or a weight loss journal.

Looking at it every day and logging all the calories you have eaten and what you have done and felt the entire day would help you see what you did wrong and what you did right. There is no wrong way to do it, and you should do what makes you feel like an accomplished.


Eat Only When You Are Hungry

Many people make it a habit of eating when they are doing a specific job or running a particular errand. That is what helps them gain weight. Unnecessary eating is not healthy for the body or the soul. That is why we recommended that you eat when you feel hungry and stop when you feel full.

To know when to start and stop is crucial because you can over-indulge if you are hungry. Even if there is food on the plate, stop eating when you feel full. Try putting less food on the plate so that you eat less too.



When people ask questions such as “How to lose 20 pounds in two weeks without exercise?” the pointers mentioned above are the perfect answer. Wanting to feel fit and healthy is natural, and not wanting to exercise also makes sense.

Life is hectic now with stressors coming from all sides. Knowing how to take care of yourself is crucial. That is why these steps are provided to you to help motivate you to realize that you don’t need exercise to lose weight.

You can do it in other helpful ways where you can incorporate healthy eating in your daily life. Losing 20 pounds in two weeks is doable if you have the right steps. So, use these and make your life a lot healthier.



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