8 Weight Loss Teas will give you the perfect waistline

You’ve heard a lot of people advertise some “God-knows-what” drugs to you and other people all in the name of weight loss and having the “right” waistline.

The real question is, how deep are you willing to go to have the right fit.

I am about to share with you some of the 10 weight loss teas that are not only capable of shrinking your waistline, more importantly, but these weight loss teas also are not expensive, let’s just say they are relatively cheap.


Green Tea

Made from un-oxidized tea leaves, green tea is one of the popular types of tea.

In a 2008 study, about 60 obese people followed a standardized diet for 3 months (which is 12 weeks) while taking either placebo or green tea.

For that entire period (of the study), those who drank green tea lost more than 7 pounds in weight compared to those who drank placebo.

If you don’t like the taste, you should try the green supplements to get the same effect.

There are other health benefits that are linked.


Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh tea or pu’er tea is a type of black tea made in China.

This tea is always fermented. You can take after each meal. What I love about this tea is the earthy aroma that tends to develop the longer you store it.

After some animal studies, it was discovered that Pu-erh tea lowers blood triglycerides.

In fact, after other studies in humans and animals, results showed that Pu-erh tea may be able to help enhance loss of weight.

Undoubtedly, Puerh tea is the most expensive and oxidized real tea.

Did you also know that men with metabolic syndrome will lose a reasonable amount of weight in a few months?


Fennel Tea

A journal was released in 2015 by the Journal of Food Biochemistry Study, the Fennel Tea has major properties that helped fight inflammation.

People who took the sweet tea have used it to treat gas and other gastrointestinal issues for a very long time.

Unlike the United States National Institutes of Health, the German’s Commission E, which is an Official government agency (an agency that focuses on herbs) says that the tea is a very effective flatulence fighter.


Ashwagandha Tea

Ever heard of this tea? Yea, I know it sounds “Wakandaish” but that’s the only lightness to the tea.

If you’ve always looked for a tea that would help you lose weight in no time, this is one of your best options.

One of the things that cause obesity in human is anxiety, your body’s reaction to anxiety leads to keeping in the weight.

That’s where the effect of the tea kicks in.


Oolong Tea

A traditional tea that has gained the trust and respect of the Chinese due to its efficiency.

Think of it more as a tea with a unique color that falls between the black tea and the green tea.

One other thing about its relation to green tea and black tea is the oxidation. With its fruity and unique taste and fragrant aroma.


White Tea

This is no distant cousin to the black tea.

A unique tea that stands out amongst other weight loss teas of its kind.

But some of its benefits include helping to kill the cancer cell and improve your oral health.

One other benefit I’m sure you are waiting to read is how it benefits those who want to lose weight.

Not to worry, a study shows that the white tea and the green tea both have almost the same level of catechins which helps to improve weight loss – I guess we found its distant cousin after all.


Herbal Tea

This tea is what it is.

What comes to your mind when you hear “Herbal Tea” of course we all know what it does.

It is an infusion of spices, fruits, and herbs in hot water.

Some popular herbal tea includes ginger tea, rosehip tea, rooibos tea, and hibiscus tea.

Even though the formulations and the ingredients generally speaking can differ significantly, the herbal weight loss teas are one tea which helps to reduce weight and help you lose weight.


Matcha Tea

For those of you who don’t know what Matcha Tea is, I’d like you to see the Matcha Tea as a “green tea on drugs”.

This is a powdered type of green tea. It helps to cancer-killing and fat burning tea.

A give away fact on the Matcha Tea is the fact that the high levels of EGCCGs per cup can help fight fatigue and calm your nerves after a long day on the street/at work.


Goji Tea

Thanks to its antioxidants and nutrients, the Goji Tea is a superfood.

A perfect tea for weight loss.

The tea is known to have tons of health benefits, some of which includes helping to fight radicals that are responsible for inflammation in the body, more, it is also a liver detoxifier and gives you energy.


Black Tea

The list would be incomplete without adding the black tea.

Black tea is known to have undergone lots of oxidation compared to other types of its kind. Talk about oolong, green and white tea.

One study that proofs the fact that black tea is a good tea for weight loss is the study that was conducted on 111 people, it was discovered that drinking three cups of black tea every day for 12 weeks increased weight loss and yep…wait for it, reduce one’s waistline.


At the end of it all, drinking tea isn’t just about the soothing relief it gives and delicious taste we get from it.

Knowing the right one to take is great.

Especially for those who are looking to lose some weight and a shrink in the waistline.


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