5 Homemade Cleaners for Non-Toxic & Chemical-Free: All you need to know

Trust me, if mopping or scrubbing down the angle of your kitchen amongst many other things are not in your top 10 favorite activities on your to-do list for the day

You are not alone. For those of you who look forward to this on a daily basis, we duff my hat for you.

By the time you are done reading this article, you will not only learn that most of the product you use in your home are loaded with a chemical ingredient which the last time I checked is very toxic, but you will also learn some DIY chemical – free homemade cleaners. So, read on.

Most of the products we buy today are very toxic, the scariest part is that these chemicals are some of the known toxic chemicals out there.


It is a known fact that these cleaning products are responsible for over 10% of the poisonings in the United States.

Rather than clean, it seems they have other specialties.

Ignoring this fact won’t change anything, especially the one that states that they exist and can be harmful to humans.

The interesting thing here is that going green on your home cleaning soap will not only save you money, another important advantage that is clear here is that it will also save lives.

You need not to be told about how important Healthy living is.

The DIY all-natural cleaner I will be sharing with you are great for Detoxification, great air quality and have your house filled with green (if you know what I mean).


What can I do?

If you’ve used chemical cleaners all your life, well, today is your lucky day.

There is no bad time to start doing the right thing.

The Natural homemade cleaners we talked about have ingredients that can be easily accessed and doing yours is not as difficult as people think.

Most of the ingredients used in these DIY natural homemade cleaners include:


Toilet Bowl Cleaner

To achieve this cleaner, we simply need two ingredients. They are:


How it’s done.

I’m sure you can get these ingredients at home, if not they are available at shops near you. what you need to do is pour the baking soda in the toilet.

Next, add the vinegar. Just as you were taught in sixth grade, the mixture of vinegar (which is an acid) and baking soda (a base) will result in a chemical reaction.

Once the bubbling and fizzing as stopped, you can then scrub with your toilet brush.


All Purpose Cleaner

Just as the name says, this DIY cleaner can be used for all sorts of cleaning in the home.

A spray that can clean any surface. Not known to leave residues that you so much hate, a streak-free shine and it also cuts through grease without any trouble.

Floors aren’t left out too.


How it’s done.

Unlike the first one that requires pouring one ingredient into the other, this doesn’t work like that.

All you have to do is mix all the ingredients in spray bottles and you are good to go.

To use, just spray and wipe…easy-peasy! It’s just like some of the homemade cleaners you buy in the store, the difference is, this is not toxic.


Non – Toxic Liquid Laundry Detergent

Detergents are great for laundry. Non – Toxic Liquid is even better.


  • A half cup of Borax.
  • A half cup of Dawn dish soap – don’t know what this is? Every baseball player’s mother knows this.
  • A half cup of washing soda.
  • Four cups of hot water.
  • Finally, you will need empty gallon plastic jug.

How it’s done.

Mix the first three ingredients we listed above in an empty container.

Next, pour in the hot water to help dissolve all the three ingredients.

Now, fill the container to the top (this time, it has to be cold water). shake before each use.


Bathtub and Sink Scrub

The bathtub and sink scrub cleaner will help with cleaning off the built-up junks including soap scum that are on your sinks and bathtubs.


  • Half cup castile soap.
  • 1 cup baking soda.
  • 3-4 drops peppermint essential oil or tea tree.

How it’s done.

First, place the baking soda in a container, gently add the soap until the becomes thick.

Now, add few drops of the essential oil (antibacterial) such as peppermint essential oil or the tea tree.

The final step here includes scooping the mixture onto a damp cloth or sponge and give your bathtub and sink the sparkling effect they deserve.


Homemade Dryer Sheets.

Making a homemade dryer sheet is not as difficult as people think. All you need are a few ‘everyday’ ingredients and we are good to go.


  • A t-shirt that is not used anymore – This cloth should be cut into washcloth sized squares.
  • 30 drops of essential oils.
  • A glass container that has a lid.
  • 1 cup white vinegar.

How it’s done.

This is quite different from the regular homemade cleaners that we’ve talked about.

Take the washcloth, fill about half of an airtight, lidded storage container will be needed.

Now, place the t-shirts in the storage container and press down the fabric to soak up the fabric softener.

You should squeeze out the excess before you toss the square into the dryer with your clothes.

We all know these things are recyclable.


Remember there are lots of DIY alternatives out there which aren’t toxic.

You found some of them today, keep up with the research, there are lots more to be discovered.

Healthy living has no price…Know that!


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