Spice Up Your Relationship: 17 Unique Things

You’ll find that at times you are in dire need of things to spice up your relationship. The more time you spend in a relationship, the more monotonous everything tends to get.

At times, you feel like you have lost the spark in your relationship or the two of you are distant. You need to come up with ways that can help improve your relationship. It is not uncommon to go through this phase.

All you have to do is make sure that you get things right back on track. You can opt for a variety of things to spice up your relationship and make it as exciting as ever. While physical touch is one of the most important things in spicing up the relation, it’s not the only way.

You’ll find that there are many ways that you can make your special feel much more wanted. This way, they are bound to feel more linked to you and maintain the spark in your relationship.


Get all touchy-feely

Physical touch plays an important role when it comes to your relationship. This is one of the main things to spice up your relationship.

Make sure you are incorporating some touches here and there to make your partner feel good about themselves. A brush against the leg or just a touch on the arm is enough. Not only will this convert all the attention towards you, but you will also be in a pleasant mood.

You should use up this method as much as you can during the time you spend with your partner. Cuddling and holding hands are going to make the two of you feel more connected. You’ll also be more loving towards each other.


Send flirty messages

One of the things to spice up your relationship is if you keep a habit of sending flirty messages. Whether your partner is at work or home, it is sure to put a smile on their face. These little things matter a lot of you wish to make your relationship last longer. A flirty message in a day can make them feel like a teenager, with their stomach filled with butterflies.

Who doesn’t like that feeling?

Maybe you will get some sweet and equally flirty messages back from them. Put in the thought of sending them flirty messages so they can be in a great mood all day.


Leave post-its around the house

Do you want to do something different for your partner? Grab a sticky notepad or post-its and get creative. These little things to spice up your relationship make all the difference.

Leave sweet messages all around the house where your partner usually goes. Every time they open something, they will see a loving message from you. This is sure to make their heart skip a beat and make them want to run up and hug you.

You will surely grab their attention, no matter what they are doing. This will get things going for you and your relationship for sure!


Plan date nights

Sometimes people get dull and boring if they have been in long relationships. This doesn’t mean you stop putting in the effort. Put in the time and effort in things to spice up your relationship.

Plan a special date night and take your partner to their favourite restaurant. Plan the entire thing all by yourself. Try to go for everything that you know that they will love.

If you wish to make things a little more exciting, plan something entirely new! This way you can test out new things together rather than the same old boring routine dates.


Get into role-playing

Something that is sure to spice up your relationship is role-playing. This isn’t necessarily only for intimate time together but role-playing can also be fun. You’ll find this one of the greatest things to spice up your relationship.

You can pretend to not have known each other and that have never met before. This is definitely going to make you want to learn more things about each other.
Try it out from time to time, keeping yourself in different situations. It is going to make you feel a lot of things.

This also helps to get to know your partner better. You’ll see a completely different side of them and you’re sure to love it!


Play different games together

If you feel like things are getting too dull in your relationship, try playing games with your partner. More so, try playing competitive games. Board games are an excellent way to keep things interesting and keep you from getting bored.

You get to experience a lot of feelings while playing games together. There is a competition between the two of you and it is altogether a lot of fun. Make it a habit to play games a couple of times a week. This way you two will not get bored of them so easily and will have a great time together.


Relive your first moments

If you feel like you have forgotten how it all started, then get back to the roots of your relationship. Head back to the places where you went to once you started dating. This will help bring the memories back. You will realize why the two of you are together and how it all happened.

Many times people lose their feelings because they think they want different things. But that is not always true. Sometimes they just get so busy in their individual lives that they forget about their relationship.

Reliving your first moment with your partner is sure to jog down your memories. It will make you two feel content and much happier towards each other.


Surprise each other

You should be able to keep your relationship exciting at all times. One way you can do this is by surprising one another from time to time. Whether it is a small gift or a grand party for their birthdays, it all counts. This is an important one on the list of things to spice up your relationship.

Make sure that you are following their schedules so you can easily drop by and surprise them at work. You can also plan some trips for the two of you or buy them tickets for their favourite concert.


Isolate yourself from others

Focusing on social media and other people can cause a strain on your relationship. The best thing to spice up your relationship is disconnecting from everything else. Take the weekend to celebrate your relationship. This way you will be away from everything that generally keeps you occupied all the time.

You will be able to focus on what is important; the two of you. Take this time to cherish each other and be grateful. There is plenty of time to socialize and work later, during the weekdays.


Plan a trip

Figure out your schedules and plan a trip! This time is going to be only for the two of you. Choose a place that you both want to go to. This way both of you will have a pleasant time together.

Plan different activities that you can do together once you arrive at your destination. This trip is surely going to make you feel more content in your relationship. It will be only about the two of you so things are bound to get exciting!


Learn more about each other’s interests

Make it a habit of trying to be as involved in each other as possible. Learn about what things your partner likes and what they don’t. This way you will be able to understand them better.

The more you know a person, the better you are able to deal with them. If you feel like your relationship needs something exciting, then get involved with your partner. Learn about the hobbies they like and take part in them together. This way you will have a lot more things to discuss and talk about.


Watch your favourite movie

Something that is sure to make your relationship better is cuddling together and watching your favourite movie. Make sure that you both like this movie and not just one person. Keep it a habit of watching your favourite movies at least once a week.

It is sure to make your relationship more exciting as both of you will look forward to spending time together. Once you start doing this, it will eventually become a tradition. You will want to spend this quality time together.

Watching movies with other people will not feel the same way as it does with your partner. You will feel a lot more affection towards each other once you realize this.


Give space to each other

While everything else revolves around being with your partner, sometimes you need to give them space. This doesn’t mean that you get out of their lives and go on your separate ways. What it means is that you should give adequate personal space to one another.

This will help the two of you recollect your thoughts and do things individually. You can not be always involved in their lives at all times. Give each other space lets you two breathe. It is important if you want to make sure that your relationship remains exciting.

At times, you could also physically distant yourself so that you two learn how important the other is for you. It will make them want you more and will yearn for you.


Dress up more

If you’re in a long-term relationship, then chances are that you are too used to seeing each other. This means you don’t really put in that much effort into getting ready anymore. You should know that you can’t do that.

Dressing up for your partner will make them feel that you are putting in the effort. Seeing you in your sweats is equally good but sometimes they do need change. Try to make an effort to look good every once in a while to keep things exciting.


Express your feelings often

Never forget that your partner needs to hear you say how you feel about them. Not only does this spice up your relationship, but it also makes them feel great. Knowing that you are by their side is going to make them put in the effort for you as well.

Keep a habit of telling your special one of how grateful you are to have them in your life. This is sure to make them feel extremely special. At times, make sure that you are listening to them and focusing on everything they’re saying. This will make them feel that you are interested in all the things that they do.


Pay extra compliments to them

Everyone likes to be complimented every now and then. If you’re looking for things to spice up your relationship, then this is it. Make sure that you are doing your part when it comes to showering your partner with compliments.

You can make them feel extremely important by doing this. They will love all these little things that you do and make them fall in love with you more.

Make it a habit of paying your partner compliments to spice things up in your relationship. You’re sure to receive many compliments back! Make them heart-felt and genuine so that your partner can feel great about themselves.


Prepare a bath for them

Something that is sure to make things exciting for your relationship is preparing a bath for your partner. It is one of the most romantic things you can possibly do for them. Add some warm water to the tub, some bath bombs and flower petals. This is sure to make them feel great.

They will think that you care about them while they dip into the tub. The whole time they will be thinking about you. Make sure to prepare a nice bath with all of their favourite things. Lay down their favourite chocolates and drinks to create a passionate moment. Also, make sure to add their favourite scented candles.



If you are looking for things to spice up your relationship, then these are your best bet. You will feel more connected to your special one and will reignite the fire in your hearts.

Try to include these things in your life with your partner so that you never get enough of each other! The two of you are sure to be the happiest couple there is. If you wish to spice up your relationship, and then make sure you use these tips!


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