7 Relationship Bucket List Ideas That You Should Try Out

Every couple has relationship bucket list ideas that they cling onto, so they can tick things off with their partner. When you have numerous ideas to explore and try out, your relationship can never go stale.

You will have more options than simply going out to have dinner or go watch a movie. This way, when you will start trying out new things together, your bond will grow stronger.

You won’t hesitate from being yourself and doing crazy things together. You will form new memories with your partner from these experiences, which you will cherish forever.

So if you are completely blanked out and have no ideas of your own, you can try these out. These ideas will add a little quirk to your mundane routine and give you a chance to explore new things.

You are bound to find something from these relationship bucket list ideas that works just for you.


1. Plan a Trip

There is nothing like planning a trip when you love going on adventures with your partner. You can easily tick this off your relationship bucket list ideas.

It doesn’t have to be grand, you can simply opt to explore a new town or city together. This will allow you both to explore different cultures, sights, and the trip will bound your relationship even closer.

Exploring a new place that you both haven’t seen will add on to your memories and experiences shared. As a result, you will get to learn about your partner a little bit more, and perceive things differently.


2. Have a Day Off From Technology

Having a day off from shutting out all tech can be very therapeutic for you and your partner. The daily grind of school or work can be very stressing.

It might seem like you are unable to take out time for each other. The added benefit of this is, not only you can unwind but also enjoy each other’s company.

If you feel like you haven’t been spending ample time together, then you can plan a day-off once a week. This will allow you to bond better and relax with your partner.

And you can easily tick this off your relationship bucket list ideas. You can do anything in your time cook, read, bake, etc.


3. Play Board Games

You and your partner can include playing board games in your daily routine. Whether you play it alone or have a fun game night planned with your friends, board games are the best!

Board games can be playing monopoly, building a puzzle together or play card games. It is a great way of staying off your phoneand having fun at the same time. There is no age limit required for you to enjoy playing board games, they are for everyone.

You can even play it after a long day and have a cosy night in.


4. Plan a Picnic

Being in a relationship does not mean you stop trying to make efforts for your partner. Instead, it can be a perfect idea to plan a picnic together.

It can be a perfect getaway from your mundane routine, and you can spend time with your partner alone. You can plan your picnic in a spot where you can also watch the sunset together quietly.

Watching a sunset, after spending a day together is one of the best memories you can have with your partner. As you end up appreciating happiness in small moments together.


5. Go Trekking

If you and your partner love going on adventures, then you should plan a day of trekking together. If the area where you live has mountains, you can go mountain climbing.

Not only is it a healthy habit, but the view from the top of the mountain is definitely worth it. This will allow you to grow out of your comfort zone and take new risks together.


6. Cook Together

Cooking together can be a great thing for your relationship. It doesn’t mean you have to do it for only one day. You can form new traditions by surprising each other with a new dish you have learned.

Cooking can help you bond together, and it doesn’t mean it has to be a one person’s job. But both of you can end up enjoying cooking delicious meals that you can eat later.

Cooking together has many added benefits to your relationship; it releases stress, you communicate more with your partner.


7. Go Camping

Camping can also be a very enjoyable thing for couples, so why not try it out?It will not only help you unwind but will also help you stay in tune with nature.

As a result, you will feel at peace with your partner and your surrounding environment. It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary, just something where you can both spend a tech-free day close to nature.

Camping alone isn’t much fun, like camping with your partner. But setting up a tent can be quite strenuous, that’s why you would need your partner’s support as a backup.



Relationship bucket list ideas do not have to be grand, or out of the box. They can be simple like recreating your first date together, watching each other’s favourite movie.

Even when you don’t have the money to spend on a vacation, you can still make spontaneous trips. So what matters is what you feel comfortable doing, instead of what everyone else is up to.

Ticking things off your relationship bucket list ideas with your partner can feel very satisfying. It helps you reconnect with your partner, without putting in too much effort apart from being there.

Being present means, you will pick up on each other’s habits. All their quirks, which will, in turn, make you fall more in love with them.


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