How to Bring Spark in a Boring Long Distance Relationship?

Relationships are difficult to deal with overall, but the boring long distance relationship is possibly the worst.

Why are they the worst you ask? Well, quite simply because the two concerned people are far away from each other. They cannot see each other or touch one another and worst of all, miscommunication can lead to big problems.

From the internet connection not being the best to signals not co-operating with them, long-distance relationships can be a lot to work on and not everyone gets through this unscathed.

With miscommunication to frustration being caused by a delay in talking or seeing, life can be very difficult for a couple in a boring long distance relationship. So, what is necessary to acknowledge is that sometimes a long-distance relationship can work and sometimes it just is not the one for you.

What this particular type of relationship needs is a lot of patience and communication.


What Makes Long-Distance Relationship Bad?

Long-Distance relationships can start of magical, with this being the stuff of movies and highly romantic, couples always go in believing they can do it.

The belief that this will be easy is not exactly the right approach as it will not only set you up for disaster but won’t help you in the future when you run into problems.

If you don’t pay enough attention then this magical long-distance relationship will turn into a boring long distance relationship and you will be disappointed in yourself and the relationship. Jealousy, paranoia and frustration are just the first steps, this is where you need to realise that the relationship is turning bad.

So, if the relationship is worth your time, if the other person is someone you love or care about, then you need to do something. If this long-distance relationship is something you want to continue but don’t know how to.

Don’t worry, you have come to the right article. Here you will be given multiple tips on how you can keep a boring and long distance relationship fun and happy.

So, let’s dive in to figure out what you can do to keep that spark alive in a long-distance relationship.


Netflix and Chill Separately

In this modern age of television and movie all being combined onto one network, why not use this in your favour. Start watching a Netflix show, movie or special together. This way you can talk about the plot twists and what your theories are.

It is best to start a TV show together on Netflix as it will give you a long time to finish it and that can become your thing. You will know for sure that you and your partner, wherever they may be, have to watch this show together. You will look forward to it and anticipate it.

Although if you continue this for a long time it may become tiresome and repetitive, maybe then move onto something else. You can also watch different shows and give your partner recommendations. This will keep your relationship healthy.


Share Small Things

Sharing is underrated, from people thinking that if you share you might be a burden on people. While this may not be the case, there is a specific way to go on about it without making it a burden on the other person. The best way to go about it is to decide with your partner what to discuss.

Share things that have happened in your life, no matter how small and ask your partner to do the same. The more you do that the more you feel you are a part of their lives. This way you will know stuff that that happened in their life without actually being there.

This exercise will not only build healthy communication but also will help build trust between you and your partner. This could potentially be the reason you will no longer have a Boring Long Distance Relationship.

Just remember to respect your partners turn and actively listen when they tell you about their lives. This is simply because you would wish that they listen to you and respond so you will have to do the same.


Cooking, The Way toa Relationships Heart

Cooking is the way to anyone’s heart but it can certainly save you from having a Boring Long Distance Relationship. By cooking together in your own kitchen’s, you will be starting something that could transcend your relation to another level.

By thinking of recipes together to having a little friendly competition, there is much you can do in the kitchen. Look up recipes that can be similar and then you can have a competition on who makes it best.

Of course, the judge will be you so it will be a fun and flirtatious way to connect. You can cook different things and help each other by giving advice when they get stuck.

You can even try each other’s recipe and see how the other person cooks and taste their food that you made. This way you will connect on a level spicy level that might just be the boost you need in your relationship.



Nothing better than a good old fashion game-off. The only difference being you are in your room and they are in theirs’s, somewhere far away.

So here are a few tips to play games when in a long-distance relationship. Play verbal games, like 20 questions, where you can question each other and get to know one another.
Play games that will help you gain each other’s trust along with, will help you get to know your partner better and easily. Talk to each other about scenarios and ask them how they would react.

You can find out a lot about a person if you just communicate and listen to them patiently.


Surprise Deliveries

Now, being in a relationship is a hard but when your relationship turns from that to a boring long distance relationship then you need to step it up.

You can do that by surprising each other with special deliveries. This can be anything from your partner’s favourite chocolates to something intimate and possibly saucy. That is all up to you.

You know your partner best and what they would like or what they would be surprised with is something of a test of your relationship. Here you will find out if you actually know your partner or not. Send each other surprise deliveries with things that will make your partner happy and their heart melt.

Also, make sure that these surprise deliveries happen at random times. Not at birthday’s or anniversaries because that is expected. Surprise your partner so that they know that you are thinking of them all the time.


Help in Decision Making

When you are in the real world, there are a lot of problems that you go through. From making decisions about where to live to if the job is right for you, these are just a few that are major. It is always best if you have your partner with you to help you when times get tight.

This may become a problem if you are in a long-term relationship because then the partner is not with you. One way you can still have that spark is if you use each other support and advice when making decisions. Decision making is hard on its own so when you will have a partner who is willing to help, why not use this.

This could be a major step in making your boring long distance relationship into a more interactive one. Whenever a major decision has to be taken, talk to your partner and get their point of view. Include them in your decision and this will increase the trust between you.


Video-Calls and Private Time

Just because you are in a long-distance relationship doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun together. You can plan so many things together and that has to be up to you. Video-calling is a big step up in relationships because you can now see them virtually.

Yes, it’s not the same but it’s the closest thing to being the real thing. So, use this opportunity to create a spark in your relationship and turn it into fireworks. Through video calls, you can have private and intimate conversations’ that may bring you closer as a couple.

When you do this, you can help see each other’s insecurity and help them overcome this. All you need to do is to know when to push and when to hold back. Make sure your partner is comfortable and is willing to go through the hurdles with you. If they are on the same page as you then go ahead and let the sparks fly.


Plan Your Future Date

Yes, you’re in a long-distance relationship but that doesn’t mean that you have to keep being in one. There will come a time where you can physically meet each other. Plan your future date. Plan everything from the place of the date to what you will do there.

You can plan the food, all the fun things you might do, and this will be the perfect way for you two to bond over. This is something both of you will be looking forward to so when you plan together it will be the perfect way to pass the time and keep the spark and excitement alive.

This will be the perfect past time and excitement building exercise where you and your couple can move your status of a boring long distance relationship to an exciting long-distance relationship.


Be Each Other’s Support System

You can be each other’s support system and that would be the most rewarding thing for you. There is nothing more worthy of a spark between couples than to know that you can trust them. That you know that they will be there for you through thick and thin. That they will be your support system in time so need.

This will make your relationship just that extra special because you have each other for support and love. To keep your boring long distance relationship from fizzling out, practise trust exercises with each other. There is nothing better than a healthy and strong relationship.


Plan a Surprise Visit

Now, this is the one where you may have to do this on your own, and not include your partner. You see there is nothing better than getting a surprise visit from your long-distance partner.

Be the surprise factor for your partner and plan a surprise trip. Plan everything from your trip to what you are going to get your partner. You see you can not show up empty-handed. Make sure you have an amazing idea of flowers, gifts and of course, you.



These are just some things that you as a partner can do to help a possible Boring Long Distance Relationship. The fact of the matter is that long-distance relationships can be boring and can get dragged out. What is necessary is to know how to keep the spark alive and not let it fizzle out.

A lot of couples give up on a relationship because they cannot keep it spicy, fresh or even healthy. It is necessary to balance all things in the right amount. Long-distance relationships will be hard, there is no doubt about it. What you need to do is evaluate if you are capable to be in a long-distance relationship or not.

If you think you cannot handle it, then don’t get into one. This is simply because you are playing with another’s emotions and that is not the right thing to do. So, make sure you are 100% in the relationship and are willing to do the work. Because if you are then this may just be an amazing experience that you may have and you may just find your life partner.

Just know how to keep it fresh and don’t let the sparks die down and stop it from becoming just another Boring Long Distance Relationship.


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