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14 Ways of Attaining A Positive Mindset


Are you too facing problems in enjoying your worldly life with a positive mindset? Have you encountered any difficulties or hurdles in life which has made you perceive the world negatively?

We often come across challenging situations in life which leaves a negative impact on our mindsets. It tries us to hold back in every situation of life. But, we as humans need to make use of coping strategies and defensive mechanisms so that we could attain a healthy and positive mindset.

It can affect the mental well-being of yours, as well as benefit us physically and emotionally. A positive mindset can be used as a powerful weapon in a world full of negativity comprising of hate, envy and jealousy.

Your optimistic thinking may help you boost your confidence, regulate your mood and decrease the occurrence of any type of psychological disorders. Knowing the benefits of having a positive mindset, one should have the knowledge and the key ideas of the ways through which you can attain a positive mindset.


Begin Your Day Well

Most of the people have this belief that if their day starts in a good way, the rest of their day is going to be good enough as well. This is likely to happen in most of the cases.

You beginning your day well with a hope that you are going to give your best today to any place you’re heading towards, whether it is your college or a workplace you are about to leave for. You can also aim to make someone smile today by complimenting them in a way that could cheer them up.

Other than this, you may also feel better by playing your favourite playlist in the car which may help you regulate your mood. You should make sure that you should eliminate negativity and attain optimism from the start of the day only. This will help you develop a positive mindset.


Learn from Your Weaknesses and Failures

We usually include our strengths and successes while mentioning the positive outcomes of our life. While boasting about the successes in our life, we hardly talk about our failures. Failures are equally important to teach us doing things the right way for the next time.

One who accepts his failures rather than getting upset about it or feeling low has become near to success even more. Success not only in terms of what the person achieves in life such as rewards, but success here also means the ability to cope up with failures and making our thinking positive.

Humans are full of imperfections and flaws, and there is no harm in making mistakes and failing at times. What makes a difference is how you deal with such situations in life.

The ones who live their life with negative perceptions and thinking might not be able to cope up with failures in life that result in getting stressed and being depressed throughout their lives.


Forgive People

Sometimes people fail to attain a positive mindset because they are engulfed in what other people have to say about them or what other people did to them. When you are angry at someone then the only person you damage is yourself.

Your mood and angry behaviour will only affect you. It will make you think of the situation over and over again which is going to create problems in the long run. This is why it is important to forgive people.

Many people would tell you to forgive people as you move forward but in reality you need to forgive people to start moving forward.


Focus on Reading

It is often stated that books can be your best friends. This statement is, however, negotiable, but many people still agree to it. Books are a source of enlightenment for the majority of the people.

There are many books which serve to inspire a whole lot of people. They motivate you to achieve your milestones in life and there is a lot you can learn from them. Certain books have stories which you can relate to your own life, so you may find solutions to your problems within those books.

Books serve as a treasure of knowledge and you may come across many real-life situations which you can apply and take help from them. This leaves a positive impact on your life and helps you achieve a positive mindset.


Forget The Past

Theories presented by different psychologists such as Carl Rogers majorly emphasize living in the present rather than focusing on the past. Past is what remains unchanged, and there is nothing we can do about.

Talking about memories and experiences which were not good enough will keep you intact by grievances and sorrow. Considering present as the only time where you can make changes in your life or do something productive about your life will create positive changes in your life.

Forgetting memories which were more like a nightmare for you and accepting what you can do about your present is one of the best ways to achieve a positive mindset. Also, one should not overthink about future moments but enjoy what you have in hand now.

Being in your current state keep you out of worries and sadness, all you think about is your future and how to make it better. This is a good way of developing a positive mindset.


Be Around Optimistic People

We often hear that we adopt the traits and characteristics of the people with whom we spend most of our time. In schools and colleges, we stay with our peers and interact with them mostly.

During our office work, we often engage and converse with our colleagues. One of the most effective and applied tactics of attaining a positive mindset is accompanying optimistic people. What you hear mostly might manipulate your cognitions and perceptions about life and people.

If you keep on hearing negative stuff from people around you, your thinking would become pessimistic as well. Choosing the right people to spend time with is important to maintain a healthy mindset for you as their words and actions can play an integral role in shaping up your personality and thinking.


Be Grateful for The Little Things

You should be thankful enough for even the little things you are getting in life. Massive achievements or great rewards are not the only things which one should strive for. You should embrace whatever you attain in life and feel grateful for having it.

Even if you come across difficult situations in life, focus on the positive outcomes such as what you learn from it. When you give an interview for a job for which you had been applying for years and finally face rejection, you feel gloomy or sad about it.

Rather than having this mindset, think in a way that you have not been selected for this job but there might be something better than this which you may be appointed for.


Spare Some Time for Yourself

We often get too busy dealing with people and engaging in life chores that we hardly get time to pay attention to ourselves. Many workers employed in offices hardly time to sleep and relax.

Putting too much burden on yourself might make you feel stressed and can harm your brain functioning. Humans need to spare time for relaxation and taking a mental break from all the life activities with which they are occupied.

You may go out with your family for a picnic on weekends to spend some time with them to and stay calm and relaxed. Moreover, you can take out some time from your busy schedule is a part of different healthy activities which you prefer such as playing games and doing sports, going to a park for a walk, asking your friends to go out with you for a movie and so on.

This will affect your mental well-being and build a positive mindset.


Keep Smiling

A smile is often considered a sign of respect and to welcome people across many cultures. Though its meaning might vary from culture to culture, the impact of smiling always remains positive in any region of the world you are belonging to.

Smiling allows the people to receive positive vibes from you and they can have a better view of you as well. Also, it is a sign of showing positive response to someone and eradicating the chances of hate and negativity within individuals.

Smiling is beneficial for your physical health as well as it subsequently leaves a good impact on your mental well-being too. It is a good way of releasing stress and can allow you to attain a positive mindset.


Become Happier While Adoring Things About You

When you keep blaming yourself about a time when you have failed or things which you lack, it automatically creates a sense of negativity and low self-esteem in you.

You need to stay happy and start loving things which are good in you so that it would help you improve your confidence and help you develop a positive mindset.


Look For Positive Aspects in Negative Situations

One of the best ways to attain positivity in life is to turn negative situations into positive ones. You need to understand that there is always a silver lining and that you can change the negative situations into positive ones by focusing on the positive aspects of the situation.

One common example of this can be failure. If you fail at something then don’t lose hope instead think of it as a learning experience and move forward with it.


Workout Regularly

Regularly working out can be great for your mind and body. In order to attain a positive mindset, it is very important that you work out on a daily basis. This workout does not include just pushing yourself to the limit.

You should perform certain exercises that will help you feel better and help you attain a positive mindset. It is a known fact that workout can have a positive effect on both your physical and mental health. So when you are working out make sure to stimulate different parts of your body so that you can attain a positive mindset.


Eat Smart

In addition to a smart workout session every day another thing that you should incorporate in your daily routine should be smart eating. Don’t eat too much and don’t eat vegetables just because you think they are healthy.

Eat specific food items that will fulfil the energy needs of your body. Many nutritionists would tell you that eating less is not the solution, eating smart is the solution. The better quality of food you eat the more positive your mindset gets.


Help Others

Another great way to attain positivity in life is by helping others. The feeling you get when you help others cannot be matched with anything in the world. Try and help more and more people in life.

Make a goal that you will help at least one person every day. Helping others will not only make you feel good it will also help you attain positivity in life. It will also create a positive vibe around you.



A positive mindset can be achieved without much difficulty if you are willing to attain it with all your dedication and efforts. We cannot deny the usefulness of having a positive mindset as it stimulates hormones in your body that regulates your mood and boost your confidence levels.

Your positive mindset and cognitions would subsequently make your perceptions of the world better. This could leave a positive impact on your attitude and behaviour towards the people and the world around you.

This highlights the fact that your mental health is as important as your physical health, and you are not supposed to compromise on any of them.


15 Ways of Attaining A Positive Mindset


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  1. Love this! I really resonated with the importance of a healthy morning routine, forgiving people and being around optisinistic people! I am a firm believe that what you put out into the universe is what you get back!

  2. Very insightful read! I especially agree with leaving the past in the past and focusing more on the present moment. Revisiting things you can’t change does nothing to benefit your mindset in the present and future. Enjoyed this. 🙂

  3. Great read!! I totally agree you need to start the day on a positive and set yourself up for the mindset that you will have. A good day. Thanks for all the great tips I’ll def be putting these into practice!

  4. Great post, well done Jeremy! Excellent tips to maintain a positive mindset. A positive mindset along with maximum effort equals success. I have a saying – “Realize your Worth and Trust your Ability. So you no longer confuse Failure with Defeat!”

  5. Agreed. I start 5 out of 7 days of my week with exercise. That always set the tone for a good day. I also think a great thing we can all focus on is to embrace contrast. Negative and Positive are often two views on a similar coin. Sometimes, we try so hard to reject the negative energy that we invite more of it to us. I think acknowledging negative thoughts or circumstances helps us define what exactly we do want. And once we have a more defining aspect of what we actually want, we can then focus our energy towards that.


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