Madfit Weekly Workout Plan

Are you looking for MadFit weekly workout plan? The current pandemic has restricted all of us at home. We are forced to do everything from home these days. No matter whether it is work or workout, we try to do it home.

If you workout at home, then you might have heard of Maddie Lymburner aka MadFit. She has taken YouTube by storm with a variety of workouts. This is the reason that she has been getting millions of views on each of her YouTube videos.


Why Workout At Home Is Better?

Even before the pandemic, people had been doing the workout at their homes. Why? It is because workout at home has many benefits over working out in gyms. It is not only convenient, but you can do everything at your own pace.

Apart from this, there are many other advantages to working out at home. Want to know some of them? Stay tuned then.


You can have complete freedom while working out at home. You can work out whenever and wherever you want. Even if you feel like working out at midnight you can do so. Not only this, but you can work at your own speed and pace. You will not have to compete with anyone else. No one will judge you for the choices that you make.

Fewer Distractions

There is no denying the fact that there are a lot of distractions while you work out in the gym. Many times you end up chatting and making friends in the gym instead of working out. This can be the reason that you are not getting any effective results. But, this will not be the case when you work out at home. There will be lesser distractions at home than in the gym.

Less Stress

A lot of people get the feeling that everyone is watching them at the gym. This can be stressful for them. Not only this, but it will also put pressure on them to perform better than other people present at the gym. But, if you work out at home, you will not fear that people are watching you. Thus, you will feel less stressed.


Apart from all the benefits that working out at home provides, it is time-saving as well. You will not have to wake up early to prepare for the gym. Instead, you can work out whenever you want to. This is why a lot of people prefer working out at home instead of going to the gym.

Saves Money

You will not have to pay the gym fees if you work out at home. There are a lot of YouTube channels that post workout tutorials. The biggest example of this is MadFit. You can learn from the videos posted by her without having to spend anything. What more do you want?


Is There A MadFit Workout Plan?

Want to know if there is a MadFit workout plan on YouTube? Sadly no. A lot of fitness YouTubers such as Blogilates offer their own workout schedules. But, upon doing a lot of research we found out that there is no MadFit workout plan. This is why we decided to come up with our own MadFit workout plan.

We have combined different workout videos posted by MadFit on her YouTube channel. This gave us a MadFit workout plan. But before we discuss the MadFit workout plan; you need to know that this MadFit workout plan is in no way sponsored by MadFit.

We have designed it ourselves by combining different videos posted by MadFit on her YouTube channel. If you have trouble doing any of the exercises, you can check out these videos on her channel as well.


Some Tips For MadFit Weekly Workout Plan

The MadFit workout plan given below is divided into a MadFit weekly workout plan. But, before you start following this MadFit weekly workout plan, you need to remember that you should not exert your body much. Everyone has different bodies and a different pace. You do not need to practice all those videos at once. Instead, you can pick up different combinations of videos.

So, if you want to start MadFit weekly workout plan, there are some tips that you need to follow. Want to know what those tips are? Keep reading then.

Choose A Suitable Workout Space

Before you start with your MadFit workout plan, you need to choose a space at home where you can exercise. You can assign any corner in your home as your workout space. You will not need much space for your workout session.

Just make sure that the area is comfortable for you. You only need a space where you can place your mat. But, make sure that you don’t choose a spot where you usually watch TV or eat. It will help you stay focus and committed to your workout.

Wear Your Gym Clothes

You cannot follow the MadFit workout plan if you do not wear proper gym clothes. So, if you want to start exercising at home, you need to have proper gym clothes as well. You should dress in the same way that you do while going to the gym.

When you will wear athletic clothes, you will feel more motivated to exercise. Not only this, but you should also put on your running shoes. After you have worn your gym clothes and running shoes, do some house or yard-work. It is a great way to warm up your body before you actually start working out.

Do Not Worry Much About Gym Equipment

When you are following the MadFit workout plan, you will not need much of the gym equipment. There are many body-weight exercises that we included in the MadFit workout plan for you. Some of these exercises include body-weight, push-ups, squats, and planking.

These three exercises alone involve a lot of muscle groups. You will be able to burn a lot of calories with just these exercises. Thus, you will not need any gym equipment and you will lose all the extra weight too. Well that’s great, isn’t it?

Only Buy Key Equipment

You will not need much equipment while working out at home. But, even if you do, make sure that you only buy key equipment. Do not invest much in the equipment that you will not need later. We will recommend that you get one heavy-weight and a set of lighter weights. You can even get resistance bands as they are extremely flexible. They will not require much room either.

Eliminate Distractions

You can be easily distracted at home. Distractions will never let you workout properly. This is why you must eliminate distractions while working out. Make sure that you do not use your mobile phone while you are working out. Also, if you have any pets, make sure that they do not disturb you while you are doing exercise.

Do Not Start Without Warming Up

If you are working out at home, make sure that you warm up your body before starting the exercise. Warming up your body is extremely important as it prepares the body for the workout that you will be doing. Warming up helps you increase your heart rate and breathing level.

As a result, your body will be able to meet the demands of the workout. If you start your workout without warming up first, you will be placing stress on your heart and lungs. This can prove to be dangerous for you. Therefore, you should always start your workout by warming up first.

Set Realistic Goals

If you want to get fast results through the MadFit workout plan, you need to set realistic goals for yourself. You should trust your body and its strength. Do not jump directly into the full-speed as it is very unrealistic.

Instead, commit only to the things that you can manage and find realistic. When you become comfortable with what you are doing, you can then start doing more. Thus, do not put too much pressure on your body. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the desired results that you want.

Mix And Match To Your Own Preferences

There are a lot of workouts included in MadFit’s weekly workout plan that we have created. But, you need to remember that you do not have to do all these exercises daily. You can choose the workouts at your own pace instead. We all have different bodies and different strengths. Therefore, you need to select the workout according to your strength.


MadFit Weekly Workout Plan

Before you start your MadFit workout plan, make sure that you warm-up for ten minutes before the exercise. Once you are done with the exercise you need to cool down for ten minutes as well.
Let’s check out the MadFit workout plan for a week below.


We have assigned Monday for cardio. You should do cardio for a total of 20 minutes if you want to see some effective results. Warming up and cooling down time is not included in these twenty minutes. Although there are different types of cardio that you can do, we have selected the following from MadFit’s channel.

No Jumping Cardio (ten mints)

No Jumping Cardio Fat Burn (ten mints)


You can do arms and upper body workout on Tuesday. It will tone your upper body and arms. You will see noticeable results just within a few weeks. So, if you want to notice a visible change in your arms and upper body, you should work out for at least 25 minutes. These 25 minutes are excluding the warming up and cooling down time.

Upper Body Workout (fifteen mints)

Arms Workout (ten mints)


Abs and core are just as important as cardio and upper body. This is why we have assigned Wednesday for abs and core. You can work out for a total of 40 minutes on your abs and core. These 40 minutes are excluding the warm-up and cool down time. You will notice visible results just within a few weeks.

Beginner Abs Workout (fifteen mints)

Standing Abs Workout (ten mints)

Intense Total Core Workout (fifteen mints)


You can focus on your lower body on Thursday. This workout will take 40 minutes of your time. These 40 minutes are excluding the warm-up and cool down time. You will notice visible results just within a few weeks. Below are some of the exercises that you can do for your lower body.

Long Legs Workout (twenty minutes)

No Squat Workout (twenty minutes)


Friday is the fun day. This is why we have a little cardio dance party assigned to you on Friday. It will take only 36 minutes of your time excluding the warm-up and cool down time. Let’s check out some of the cardio exercises that you can do below.

Party Workout (fifteen mints)

Full Body Workout (four mints)

Dancer Arms (four mints)

Full Body Cardio (three mints)

Leg/Booty Workout (three mints)

Full Body Workout (three mints)

Full Body Dance Workout (four mints)


Resting and stretching is just as important. This is why we assigned Saturday for resting and stretching. But, you must follow all the dos and don’ts of resting and stretching. Want to know how to do it properly? Let’s check out below.

Beginner Flexibility Routine (thirty mints)


Sunday is for resting. This is why we have not assigned any MadFit workout plan for Sunday. You can rest for the entire day and start with the same schedule on Monday. But, if you still want to do some workout, you can choose any of the workouts mentioned above.



So, if you want to work out at home, you can follow the MadFit weekly workout plan given above. These tutorials are extremely easy to follow. Even if you are a beginner, you will get them. They will not only make you healthier, but happier as well.


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