Exercises To Lose Arm Fat Fast At Home

One of the biggest mistakes people trying to lose weight in their arm region commit is that they don’t focus on exercises to lose arm fat fast at home. They only focus on general aspects of losing fat. This is why most of the time, their efforts end up in failure.

When you are looking to lose weight the first thing to understand is which part of your body has extra fat. That is where you have to put more focus on. Many people tend to have jiggling and flabby arms. These are not just unhealthy but also affect your personality.


What Causes Arm Fat to Grow

There can be many reasons for arm fat. Some of the major causes of arm fat are as below;

  • Unhealthy diet
  • Genetics
  • Any medical condition
  • Lack of proper exercise

When people think about losing weight, they put a lot of focus on their bellies and neglect the arms. They feel that the arms will lose fat naturally when you are losing fat from overall body. That may be true for some exercises but the sensible thing to do is to observe and control on all parts of your body. This is why a professional trainer or gym instructor always tells people to work on different parts of their body individually.

No matter the cause of arm fat, you can still control it through proper and continuous exercise sessions. As previously mentioned you don’t have to perform general exercises, you have to perform exercises that specifically target the region of arm fat.

If you are someone who is looking for exercise to lose arm fat then you have come to the right place. The following exercises can help you a great deal.


15 Effective Exercises To Lose Arm Fat Fast At Home

If you are someone who is suffering from high arm fat then these 15 exercises to lose arm fat fast at home can be very beneficial for you.


Weight Lifting

This is one of the most basic forms of exercises to lose arm fat fast at home. You can get weights and dumbbells from any sports equipment or fitness equipment shop out there. They are inexpensive and can be very effective in losing arm fat. There are many other exercises on this list that do not even require any equipment to perform.

So you might think of the dumbbells as an added expense however they are actually very helpful. Weight lifting can be the perfect exercise to lose arm fat fast at home. The effort you put into lifting the weight puts pressure on your arms and thus you end up losing arm fat.


One Arm Triceps Exercise

One arm triceps is one of the more effective exercises to lose arm fat fast at home. It can help you lose arm fat on the triceps area of your arm. Triceps are located at the back of your arm so if you have arm fat in that region, you can perform one arm triceps exercise to lose fat there. You don’t need any equipment to perform this exercise.

You can check out this link to learn how to perform this exercise. Make sure to not overburden yourself. Start small and try to do only 10 to 15 reps every day. Make sure to balance the exercise for triceps on both arms.


Counter Pushups

Counter pushups are relatively easier than normal pushups as you perform this against a counter or high table. Normal pushups are also very effective however if you have difficulty performing normal pushups for losing arm fat then this is the perfect exercise for losing arm fat.

Your shoulders should be straight and your hands should be spread wide on the counter. You have to put pressure on your arms. Try to perform 50 pushups in sets of 10 in one day. You will see the difference in one week.



If you like to put up music when you are working out then the ketchup song would be the perfect music to play while you are performing scissors. When looking for exercises to lose arm fat fast at home, this is one of the more fun yet effective options.

You have to start by standing still while your arms are stretched out. Then you have to move your arms to the from that they overlap each other to form a shape of scissors. This is why this exercise is known as scissors.

Then you have to change the position of the overlapping arms. It is ideal to perform these exercises 30 times in a single day. You can divide them in 3 sets of 10 reps each. This is a very effective exercise to lose arm fat fast at home.


Arm Circles

This exercise is also known as arm rotations. You have to stand still and stretch your arms out and then you have to make circles with your arms. You have to move your entire arms in shape of a circle.

Initially, you can first move them forwards then you have to rotate them backward. You can hold weights or water bottles in each hand for balance and added pressure. You can perform a set of 10 reps with circle motion in the forward direction then you can do the same in the backward direction.


Resistance Band Biceps Curl

Majority of websites on this list do not need any equipment however this is one of the few which does. You will need a resistance band to perform this exercise. This is one of the most perfect exercises to lose arm fat fast at home.

It is perfect for your upper arms. Make sure to get a high quality resistance band for this exercise. If you have never used a resistance bank before then this article can give you a step by step guide on how you can use a resistance band to reduce fat from your biceps.


Dips Biceps Exercise

If you are looking to lose fat both your biceps and triceps area then this exercise is perfect for that. You will need a chair to perform this exercise. Make sure the chair isn’t broken or weak otherwise you may end up hurting yourself. You have to start by sitting on the chair.

Use the chair’s seat as base lift your body up with your arms. Then you have to move your hips downwards while you bend your elbows towards the ground. To complete the exercise you have push yourself back up to the straight arms position. Do this around 10 times every day.


Jumping Jacks

The more you move your particular body part, the more fat you lose from that specific region of the body. Many people believe that jumping jacks are usually performed to lose fat from belly. This is true to some extent.

Jumping jacks are perfect to lose belly fat but they are also very good for losing arm fat. As you vigorously move your arms up and down, it helps to lose that extra fat on your arms.



No exercise routine is complete without planks especially if you are looking to lose arm fat. Like jumping jacks planks are also usually done for losing belly fat and strengthening your stomach muscles.

However, when you are in the plank position it exerts a lot of pressure on your arms. This is one of the greatest exercises to lose arm fat fast at home. It can help you lose fat on both lower and upper part of your arm. Try to start with a short time and gradually increase the time you perform the planks.



This one is a no brainer. If you want to lose arm fat then push-up is one of the best exercises out there. When you are doing push-up then you naturally exert a lot of pressure on your arms.

In addition to the intense pressure, you also move your arms continuously. It not only strengthens the muscles in your arms but helps you lose extra fat on your arms as well. Make sure you perform pushups on a smooth base. Try to use a yoga mat as base if possible.


Skipping Rope

One of the most fun exercises out there. It is a simple exercise but may require some practice if you are doing it for the first time. When you are skipping rope you continuously use your arms and wrist.

This is continuous use of your arms results in reduction of arm fat. Make sure to only jump a few inches above the floor. If you perform higher jumps and don’t land well then that can be dangerous for your legs and you may even suffer from headache due to instant impact.

One thing to keep in mind while skipping ropes is that you have to use your wrists. This will automatically make you move your entire arms.


Wall Pushups

Wall pushups are more effective than many people give them credit. They may seem easier than floor pushups but this cannot be further from the truth. Wall pushups do have a certain level of support but that does not mean that they are easy to perform.

You still have to exert a lot of pressure on your arms and abdomen. You can start by standing straight against a smooth wall. Put your arms on the wall and spread them wide apart. Try to balance the distance of your arms to the head on both sides.

Then perform pushups on the wall the same way you would do them on the ground. Perform 20 to 30 wall pushups in a day and divide them in different sets.


Wrist and Hand Rotation

This is somewhat similar to the arm rotation exercise already discussed in the list. However, instead of rotating your entire arms, you only rotate your wrists and hands. This is ideal for losing fat on your lower arms.

Do not move your wrists fast as you may end up hurting yourself. Try to move them at a reasonable speed. It may seem like an easy exercise but once you start performing it you would see that it exerts a lot of pressure on your wrists to try to perform this exercise in sets. Do not over perform this exercise as it can be damaging for the wrist.


Shoulder Rotation

There are going to be a lot of rotation exercises on this list. This is another one of those. Shoulder rotation exercise is effective yet very easy to perform. You should perform this exercise while standing up. All you have to do is put your hands on your shoulders.

The right hand will go on your right shoulder and the left hand will go on the left shoulder. When you are ready, start rotating the hands from the elbow. Rotate both elbows at the same time and in the forward position.


Stretch Your Arms

A lot of people like to stretch when they wake up. They do so to stimulate their sleeping muscles but did you know that stretching your arms can also help you lose weight. When you stretch your body, it helps you to lose calories. This is stretching should be an integral part of your workout routine. If you are looking to lose arm fat then stretching arms can do wonders for you.

The best part about stretching is that it does not demand any intense pressure exertion and you can do it at any time of the day. You can even do it while waiting in a queue at the superstore or when you are just waiting in the car at a drive-thru.

Try not to do it too much though as you might pull a muscle if you do it more than you should. Divide it in groups and do 4 to 5 long reps in every group.



These are 15 of the most effective exercises to lose arm fat fast at home. Most of these exercises don’t even require any specific equipment so you can easily perform them at your home.

Complement these exercises with the right diet and you will see the results yourself. The trick is to see which region of your arm has extra fat so that you can choose the right exercise to lose fat from that specific area.


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