Long Term Relationship Is The Way To Live Long Happily: 10 Ways

What is a long term relationship? This is not just a phrase but a Key to making your last stage of your life lovely.

We can find a mate and partner at a young age, but we need someone to be together and emotional support after our 50s. There are many counselors who tell you how you can be happy with your partner and you follow the instructions and it helps you somehow but not for a long time.

Arguing and having a small fight is not bad and there’s nothing wrong or unusual. If everything is going normal, that is a sign of something big. So, when you have problems in your relationship means you are fortunate to learn something in your future lifeline with your soul mate.

We must create a strong relationship foundation from starting to make our future brighter. And in this series, we will be talking about the ways to create a cemented relationship.

Questioning, if there is everything going well or something wrong!


Let get started with some regular Issues!


If everything is okay in your relationship, doesn’t mean will be the same in future too. So, you need to be careful. It doesn’t mean you need to be conservative or over possessive, but when you see your partner has got a matrimonial app or spending an excessive amount of time on phone, there’s something wrong between you both and not good sign for a long term relationship and it is a high time to find some solution.


If you see the above problems, try to find the reason why your partner is getting far from you and closer to others. Give your extra attention and an extra amount of time. Come up with some ideas that will bring some excitement into your relationship. sense of humor will help you to get out of this situation.


When your partner is talking good about others, this is an indication that you are forgetting something or missing something. It is not necessary that your partner will tell you everything that he or she doesn’t like in you and you might not give a clear indication that you don’t like something in your partner but you will give some other example to motivate your partner to change your attitude in some contexts.


Everybody comes with personal liking, disliking, opinion and choice. You just need you to be assertive. You don’t need to change your self completely but you can try to be something your partner likes sometime and ask his or her opinion. Like, hairstyles, clothing, watches, caps or other things. These things seem childish but we all know how these things are important Especially when you are starting a new relationship.


One of the biggest Issue is that your partner doesn’t like friends of yours. When you talk about your specific friend, your partner doesn’t like it or your partner doesn’t like when your friend phones you. Sometimes your friend visits you and forget that you have your partner with you and you get involved with your friend.


This is very common that all your friends are yours and nobody has the right to interfere. But, you know who is more important for you and how much. This is better to set a limit and be careful if you are really in a serious long term relationship. Your life partner should be more important than any other friends of yours. So, try to make your partner involve and make him feel that he or she is more special for you.


It is very general problems between the partners that one thinks about the future and other likes show off like, changing phones, buying new clothes going to parties, clubs. You are saving money to buy an apartment and your partner wants to change the car. You want to buy a future protection policy and your partner is planning for a small party at home.


Everybody is not the same because we are not the same. Every single individual comes with a different appearance, brains, expertise, hope, and willingness. And never think that your approaches are better than the other. Put your self at your partner place and think if his or her demand is really useless!

Let get a flashback, when you wanted to buy a toy and was refused by your parents because they didn’t find that useful or important. But how important it was for you. So, we have a lot of experience like that just need to be less panic.

Just sit with your partner and convince him or her that your plan is more important for you and your partner. And fulfill the demand and wishes of your partner from time to time. never be dominating. This is a dangerous mentality in a long term relationship.


Confusion between caring and annoying!

Attention! Not your interference is caring. You need to sense when you are asking your partner to do something.

It is really great if you are convincing him or her to do something or to participate somewhere you want but not a good idea to force in a long term relationship. You have your own choice or interests so does your partner. so, better you do what you like and let your partner live with his or her interest.

If you don’t understand this small art of living will be very difficult for you to go longer in your relationship with your partner. so, think about it and make your bounding stronger.


Never fink on your partner!

A Snoop can finish your relationship forever. One of the common problem with the couples that they claim to love each other but they don’t trust. If you don’t trust you mate, better to finish your relationship on a positive point rather than making it worse.

Never try to spy on your mate either using electronic equipment or by any of your common friends. This is one of the worst activities.

A French friend of mine said that he was spying on his girlfriend when he had doubt on her. Later the girl was found not guilty but it somehow down on her that she was being spied by her boyfriend and she left him immediately.

After a long attempt, she came back but he doesn’t find the same attitude in her as she always reminds him or her that situation, and again their relationship in turmoil.


Playing interesting games

Playing games can help you to know the mentality, will power and patience of each other. Try to play some game which will give you opportunities to spend time together.

Question games!

Ask some questions about each other about the past when you had met. Ask what your partner found something more interesting in you in the first meeting. What she thought about you. What was your partner’s opinion had?

Ask the date you met the first time. The place and the occasion you met the first time, like a birthday party or wedding party of your friends. Ask if your partner used to ask your common friends about you. if yes, what he or she was asking or what your partner wanted to know.

Make some question about your common friends and about their habits. Some incidents you had experience. Ask about your friend’s habits especially about funny friends and their sense of humor. Make some question when you wanted to present something or you didn’t have money or there was another issue.

Make a question if your partner used to ask your common friends about you. if yes, what he or she was asking or what your partner wanted to know. Ask about your common friends and about them.

Play some romantic games!

Playing romantic games is one or the best activities in a long term relationship. When you play these type of games you use your humor and you are in the deferent zone.

It’s a better idea when you generate your own games according to your partner interest. You can also follow some games I’m suggesting to play.

Touching body part game

This is a very common game which you hear and see. In this game, you need to close your partner eyes, hold his or her finger and touch your any body part with your partner’s finger and ask him or her to guess the name of that part.

Make him/her touch some sensitive part of the body to touch for more excitement. And then you can fold your eyes and play with your partner the same way. You must have a scorecard to write your points.

This will bring even more challenge in activity and motivate you and your partner to go ahead. You must try this game once to see the inner attachment between you and your mate.

Pillow fight

This is the game which is popular everywhere around the world. This game is full of passion and passionate love. It takes both energies mental and physical and creates a situation to be naughty. In this game, you need a few cotton filled pillow and spongy bed or sofa.


Be caring!

There are many ways to care for your partners when you are in a long relationship, and I’m here with some actions which will show how caring you are.

Bed tea or coffee:

Almost everybody drinks tea or coffee in the morning so, you can plan to wake up in the morning and prepare a cup of coffee and wake up your partner. This will make your day.

Giving flowers:

The flower is a sign of love itself, you must come with the flowers, from time to time.

Showing your attention:

Does your partner always complain that you are changed or you don’t notice him or her? Well, It’s sometimes annoying but this was the way you had impressed him or her. So, not bad to show your interest when he or she is dressing up. Help your partner in choosing dresses colors or matching.

Plan a surprise dinner:

Good dinner and make your night good and romantic dinner will surely make your night romantic. This surprise dinner can be planed outside in a restaurant or at your home she will feel special both ways.

Makeover your bedroom:

Bedroom is one of the best parts in a couple’s life. So, you can make over it by changing the color of your bedroom some romantic painting or pictures, Romantic dim light, a bed sheet or mattress. this will give you a different feeling anyways.

A massage:

You can offer a message to your partner, massage is a great mental treatment and a romantic massage will make your partner feel a deep love for you and you can show your magical fingertips to make it more and more Romantic

Change your appearance:

You like an appearance and your partner wants you to change it. It’s really good to change your looks for a short time to make your partner happy. Maybe you will not feel comfortable but sometimes we must compromise in a long term relationship.


The Bottom Line

There are a lot of tips and tricks to live a happy life in a long term relationship which you can find on the internet or in books. But the most important thing is love, trust, and dedication. You know your partner and you can find the best way to make it long lasting.

You can go out to arrange some trip enjoy parties and clubs. These all activities are the way to refresh your bounding in every long term relationship and you must be doing it from time to time. But feel, if your partner is happy with you if yes, make it better and if not try to figure out the reason and work on it.

You are the only person who knows the problem, transparency is very important and you should share everything with him or her. But if something is there not to be shared, don’t share because it will create problems. Better to be sensitive but sensible too. Act according to the situations this will bring happiness in a long term relationship.


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