The Best Equipment for Home Gym

If you are like me then you will understand why I find it difficult going to the gym.

To make things difficult, you have friends who always want to put in your face that they’ve got the abs and muscle thing going on for them.

Not saying that going to the gym is a wrong thing, I just don’t have the time. So, what I did was to set up a mini gym in my house.

Yep, I did it. Moving on, I will be showing you some equipment that fits perfectly for your Home gym.

I need not explain to you how important it is to keep a good and healthy body.

It’s not just for the good looks, there are other benefits to keeping fit than the looks.

Equipment that fits your Home Gym perfectly.





There is a mix up between the kettlebell and dumbbells.

Some people don’t tend to fancy the Kettlebell simply because you can almost do the same thing using a dumbbell.

Even though there is some kettlebells movement that can be achieved using the dumbbells, there are some movements that are unique with the Kettlebell.

Investing in Kettlebells is a good decision.

They are worthwhile, especially with the unique and spices it adds to your daily routines.

Your best bet is to get kettlebells with no coated handles.





This is a popular one if you are looking for gym equipment to aid your cardio workout routine.

The Treadmill is your best bet. It helps you with walking, jogging and running.

Comfortable gym equipment to have at home.

The speeds are adjustable, with the 5K mode and Hill mode.

To give you more challenge in your cardio works out process, you can change the level of inclination.





With the dumbbells, you are bound to have an extra edge when working out.

It’s an ability to work out all the major parts of your body. you are sure to get an increase in the build-up of muscles in your curls.

And, it’s an ability to work out all the major parts of your body. you are sure to get an increase in the build-up of muscles in your curls.

It also helps to build up your arms, chest, and shoulder.

That’s not all, the versatility of the dumbbell doesn’t just lie in the build-up of your upper body, the lower part is not left out.

You can also use the dumbbell to build the muscles in your legs.

Just make sure you have an adjustable bench to help you pull off most of the routines.





Still on bells. Having gym equipment in your home won’t be complete if you don’t have Barbells in your home, then the whole thing is not complete.

Due to its coordination and stabilization, the barbell has proven itself as a worthy alternative to the free weight machines.

You should get bars that are neither expensive or too cheap.

Go for quality. The diameter also matters if you’ve got little hands.

If that’s you, go for the special “feminine” bar.

That should help.


Exercise ball


Exercise ball

Don’t let it subtility in name and pedigree fool you.

This does more than what it is called.

With the Exercise ball, you can do a whole lot of exercise routines.

To spice things up, add the dumbbell to the “Show”.

The combination of the Exercise ball and the dumbbell provides you with a stiff but worthy challenge when working out.

The versatility doesn’t just lie in the workout and routines, it does more to your body than you can ever imagine.

It helps to build your stamina, balance and enhance your core strength.

From mild routines like sitting on it, doing leg lifts, to the leg lifts, push-ups, and pull-ups.





Judging by the fact that you are looking for the perfect gym equipment for your home.

I’m sure you are hearing this name for the first time.

The Plyo-box adds more fun to your daily exercise routine.

For quickness and power, the Plyo-Box is your best bet.

Great for bench dips and squatting or any other exercise that doesn’t involve jumping.

Even though there are lots of alternatives when it comes to coming up with your own box, but I’d recommend you go to the store where they sell the “real” thing.


Exercise Mat/Yoga Mat


Exercise Mat/Yoga Mat

This is an important tool to have when setting up your own gym.

It’s one you can’t do without as I’m sure most of your daily exercise routine will be done on the floor.

Apart from the floor exercises, Exercise Mat is important if you are into Yoga.

A high-quality mat is what you need. Just make sure that you are getting a quality one.

How do you know the one that’ good? simple, choose the non-thick, not slippery and well-padded mat to prevent freak injury/accident and to make your work out experience a comfortable one.


Running Shoes


Running Shoes

When performing your daily exercise routine, you need something to help protect your joints.

The running show does that perfectly.

Also, the show is what you need if you will be running or walking as it makes sure the stress and force do not rest on your ankle, that way you are protected from ankle related issues.

Every stride you take is absorbed this amazing shoe.

For people with a target of reaching a long distance, running shouldn’t take you long.

But if running for a very long time is what you want to do, you need the Running shoes.


The Elliptical Trainer


The Elliptical Trainer

Unique equipment that’s a staple in a gym.

Your home gym is not complete if you don’t have one of this to play around with.

Lots of people see it as a combination of your stair stepper and the ski machine.

Yes! Getting a new one can be very expensive.

But trust me when I say that the Elliptical Trainer is one equipment you won’t regret having at home.

You are sure to get a stress-free work out thanks to its adjustable settings.


Truth be told, there is other gym equipment out there, but it will make sense to start with the one I listed above.

That way you won’t choke yourself financially, in the end, it’s the quality that matters no the price.


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