How To Spice Up A Boring Relationship: 22 Tips

If you want to free your relationship from the negativities surrounding the world, then you should look for ways on how to spice up a boring relationship? Did the previous statement leave you in confusion? Do not worry; here is an example of what this article will talk about:

*Ring Ring*, ‘Hi Honey, Come home early! There is a surprise for you’

Imagine you receive this voice mail from your better half on a day when you were supper occupied with meetings? How would it make you feel? Excited and Curious, Right? You would not be able to wait for the clock to tick 6:00 pm. Why? Because you will be anxious to check what surprise is waiting for you at home.

If just reading about it in words can lighten up your mood, think about how it would feel in real. If you would like to be surprised, try out the same with your partner and observe what happens in the next few minutes.

Irrespective of whether you need it now or later, this article will enlighten you with 23 creative and magical ways that will help you answer the question of how to spice up a boring relationship. Happy Scrolling!


What Should Be Your # 1 Priority? – Your Relationship

Our house, work, chores, everything keeps on going on its pace. Sometimes there are highs, other times there are lows. Sometimes all cheers are yours – Yes! You have succeeded, but, at other times all you see is a failure.

During all these times, one thing or I would rather say, one person remains constant. Guess who? Your partner. If you wish to have a gloomy bright future then invest time in your relationship now.


Self-Love &Care – Very Essential

It is perfectly fine to spend your time with your partner; But, do not forget who you are.

One highly important element to strengthen a relationship is to take good care of yourself by sparing some ‘Me Time’. Make some time to work out, eat healthily and sleep well for it all aids in good relationships.


Spend Wholesome Time With One Another

Imagine a rainy night when you and your better half are eating popcorns while watching your favorite movie?

You would be alone, free from all distractions in a cozy environment. You do not always spice up your boring relationship by going on fancy dates; just sitting and talking can also be worthwhile.


A Little Sacrifice Goes Long Way

It is not necessary to convince your partner what you like every time. If you wish to spice up a boring relationship, try to do something that you would not do otherwise.

For example, if your partner loves swimming, go out for a swim. You will be surprised to see his reaction and your potential.


Enhance Your Love With A Sip Of Reassurance

If you and your partner are together, it is living proof of how much you love one another. If you both know that love exists, then why do you need to express your feelings?

The answer is very simple. Many times, we know the answer already, but it always feels overwhelming if it comes from our partner. It is very crucial to express your love often if you wish to build their trust in you.


Gratitude Can Be Your Best Bud!

How would you feel, if your partner always complains about your flaws and ignore all the good in you?

On the contrary, imagine if you are always praised for all the good in you and your flaws are ignored? The latter will not only make you look attractive but will also help to strengthen your relationship.


Compliment Your Partner

Boost the ego of your spouse by complimenting them now and then. This does not mean that you give them fake compliments (do not do that ever!

If your spouse identified the fakeness, it will de-spice your relation). Tell them when they look good; when they speak well so that they can love you more.


B+ (Be Positive)

It is said, honesty is the best policy, but; if you are wondering how to spice up a boring relationship: positivity is the best policy.

Highs and lows are a part of life hence complaining about uncertainties would never make things better. If you want to succeed in your relationship, focus on the brighter side. Therefore, think positive & Be positive.


Display Your Affection Publicly

It is true that a lot of times, this act might make you the center of attention that you would not like. But who cares about the public if your partner likes it?

Praise your better half in public; ignore the rest and enjoy the attention that you will receive from your partner.


Revamp Your Closet

Guess how to spice up a boring relationship the most? Your wardrobe! Take a flashback to your first meet-up when you dressed the best to impress your current partner.

Your dress, scent, and hairstyle initiated the attraction between you two. So, spice your wardrobe and bring back those amazing moments that you enjoyed before.


Engage In Special Moments

A couple can engage themselves in a lot of special moments. Whether it is Long, tight hug or a romantic, passionate kiss; any sort of physical connection will give a boost to your relationship.


Explore The Commons

Whether you have spent a day together or years of togetherness, you will have something mutual with your partner. Identify and fully explore such things together.

Mutual interest might add a little boredom if you do it for the sake of doing it. Make it special by having your favorite ice cream or buying gifts on the way. Hence, do not forget to add in spices, for sugar and spice makes everything nice.


Vacation? No! Staycation

Romance, do not have to be expensive. If you can afford a luxury vacation to Paris, then you are lucky. But what else would make you luckier if you have your partner accompanying you to a weekend getaway?

Does a fancy night stay in a resort or a candlelight dinner in the middle of the sea that is far away from your house? Just anything out of your normal routine would be enough to spice up a boring relationship.


Surprise, Surprise!!

Imagine, you have not baked for a long time because of your stressful office hours. Your spouse,have been giving you hints since long to have one but you joked it off. ‘Sorry love, I have got to work tomorrow’.

Right at that very night, you tend to surprise your spouse with a delicious cake baked by you. This is just one instance.You can always pop up with thank you, or love you cards and flowers to surprise one another.


Dream Your Future Together

We all dream individually. But, have you ever imagined what it would be to dream with your partner? How about buying a house together? It would be so great if you keep a piggy bank in the middle of your house and save collectively?

If not that, you may plan to start a venture together. This way, you both will stay up the entire night having black coffee and pinching each other. Why not? After all, you will have an opening of your new shop.

Or maybe, you can dream to have twins? Dreaming together and having the same goals will not only give a spike but will also spice up a boring relationship.


Love Notes From Me To You!

Have you ever noticed how little gestures can brighten up your day? An unexpected, ‘I miss you’ or ‘I love you’ note from your spouse will bring a wide smile on your face.

Keep adding these cute, little notes and see how your relationship strengthens.


Increase Curiosity By Doing Something Exciting

If you have something to look forward to, you will always be curious. Look for new ways to increase your curiosity with your partner. It could be as little as learning a new dance step or watching a romantic movie together.


Show Empathy

It is possible if one of you goes through a rough, tiring day which might worsen the mood. If you ever experience such a situation, then make sure that you do not retaliate.

Try to stay calm yourself. Bring a cup of coffee for your spouse and understand what went wrong. Show support and make your partner feel that your presence can make everything better.


An Obligation For Couples – Date Night

It all started through a proposal on your first date night that turned into a beautiful relationship. Will, you ever give up on something that brought you here? We often tend to ignore how important it is to go out on a date to spice up our relationship.


Look And Feel Confident

Confidence is that jewel that brings attraction. It comes by being independent.

If you act like you want to and do what you like, you will automatically feel confident, hence, attractive. This attraction from your partner will spice up your boring relationship.


Netflix And Chill

As common as this phrase is, it perfectly fits to add up the spice in a boring relationship. After a hectic workday, just jump into your bed in your comfortable pajamas to watch your favorite Netflix show.

Grab a bucket of fries or your preferred snack and start binge eating (avoid overeating though). Tip: watch a romantic show if you want ‘Chill’ to add in more to the spice.


Spare An Hour Daily For Your Relationship

Decide with your partner, and take turns every day to do something new and exciting even if it is for an hour. Go swimming together, make dinner or maybe spare some time to walk every night.

Spending an hour with your partner where you try something new every day will increase curiosity. It will also make you think of more creative ways to spend time with each other. All of these efforts will positively affect your relationship both in the short and long term.


Shush More, Blabber Less

At times, we tend to take our relationship for granted so much so that we end up arguing for no reason. Instead of arguing, make a habit to listen to your partner more often.

By this, you will not only show that you care more but also, that you respect your partner also. This is indeed one of the ways that reflect on how positively you are trying to contribute to your relationship.



Routine life adds nothing but boredom to the list. Like every other task, your relationship can also become boring if you leave it aside and do not work on it. Our daily routine and the environment add so much stressthat we completely forget to focus on our relationship.

A relationship is beautiful only because it has two people who are physically, emotionally and mentally involved in one another. Not giving enough time to your partner can pile up more stress. Hence, constantly adding spice to your relationship is a must to ensure a healthy and happy relationship.

The tips and tricks mentioned above will help you to live a strong and healthy relationship. It will not only add spice to your life but will also give you a personal goal to work towards. You can call it a qualitative investment that will always benefit you.

If you want to figure out where to start from, then do not worry. Grab a notepad and sit back with your partner to make a list of your similarities and differences.

Make another list where you mention what you would love to do with your partner (bucket list plan). Once you have both the lists, plan and prioritize so you have something to start from. After that, ready, set and go. You now have everything that will help you answer how to spice up a boring relationship.


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