Top 13 Homemade Tea Recipes For Weight Loss

If you want to shed those extra pounds then try some homemade tea recipes for weight loss. Fat is the easiest to gain but the hardest to lose. However, you can make it easier by incorporating these teas in your diet.

Many of us love having sugary drinks. However, they are poison for our body and can cause massive weight gain. Making the switch to healthy teas can have many health benefits.

Healthy teas can cause weight loss, help you sleep, increase metabolism, etc. Here are some of the best homemade tea recipes for weight loss that you can benefit from.


Healthy teas for weight loss


Green tea

This is one of the homemade tea recipes that you will find everywhere and rightly so. It has many health benefits and has shown promising results over time.

Many studies have been conducted regarding the benefits of green tea. All have shown that people who consume green tea regularly lose weight faster than people who don’t.

This happens because green tea converts fat in the body to energy which boosts metabolism and helps in fat-burning. Reap the benefits of this amazing healthy tea by including it in your diet regime. Have two to three cups every day.

The most effective method is to have it before every meal. Another way to increase the level of fat burnt is to incorporate it before working out.


Oolong Tea

A tea that has its origin in China. It has a distinct flavor and a very fruity aroma that can be detected from a mile away.

Oolong tea helps in fat-burning by helping the body in producing heat. Another benefit of this tea is that it slows down the generation of brand new fat cells in the body. This boosts energy levels and helps in rapidly promoting fat loss.

One study showed that people who drank oolong tea lost at least 1 pound per week! How marvelous is that?

You can even use it to calm your anxiety and nerves. This is because oolong tea has a calming effect and is a great drink to de-stress after a long day.


Rooibos Tea

This is one of the best homemade tea recipes as it suppresses appetite. The tea is made from a red bush plant that can only be found in South Africa.

There are a few compounds that can be found in this tea which are directly related to weight loss. These compounds include:

  • Aspalathin: Helps the stomach to feel full for longer. It also helps by decreasing the generation of stress hormones in the body.
  • Polyphenols: Increases production of Leptin. This is the hormone in the body that signals your brain that you are full.
  • Flavonoids: Promotes weight loss.

This is why Rooibos tea can be great. It has many benefits and reduces stress and fat in the body. This can help you in losing weight or if you are stressed, this tea can help soothe your nerves.

If you start consuming it regularly then your appetite will be curbed and you will eventually end up eating less. This is why it is amazing for people who have problems controlling their diet and hunger. It is just the magic potion you need!


Bilberry Tea

This is a European blueberry and is used in many medicines. This is because it helps in reducing inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation can lead to weight gain. It can also lead to difficulty in losing weight.

Incorporating this tea in your diet regime can help with inflammation which can reduce bloating. In the long run, it can also help you in reducing weight more easily.


Kombucha Tea

This type of tea is fermented with the combination of yeast and bacteria. Research has proven that it aids weight loss at a much faster rate. This is because it has compounds that aid in weight loss such as:

  • Vitamin B
  • Glucuronic acid
  • Probiotic bacteria
  • Acetic acid

Glucuronic acid helps the body get rid of toxins, so it is great for detoxifying. Probiotic bacterium improves your gut health by improving the balance of healthy bacteria that is present. It aids your gut to reduce the number of calories it absorbs.

Kombucha tea also reduces obesity and overall storage of fat that is present in the body. Other than that, acetic acid promotes weight loss as well. It slows down your body’s ability to generate new fat cells and this helps in rapidly losing weight.

If you haven’t heard of this tea already then don’t worry, it is readily available in every store. It is one of the most easily available homemade tea recipes for weight loss in the market.


White Tea

If you want to detoxify your body and want something that is filled with antioxidants then this is it. This is one of the minimally processed homemade teas. It is made by drying the leaves in sunlight and so it becomes a rich source of nutrients.

The tea has a very delicate flavor and it blocks the generation of new fat cells. It also breaks fat stored in the body which leads to weight loss. You can use this tea for weight loss and detox.

Incorporate it into your daily routine and see how it cleanses your body of toxins and fat!


Matcha Tea

If you love green tea, then you will love matcha tea even more. It is a much more powerful and concentrated variation of green tea. In green tea, there is a substance present known as catechins. These promote weight loss by burning belly fat.

Matcha tea has two hundred times more catechins than any other tea which makes it a super-tea for weight loss. It burns belly fat, reduces waist size and lowers BMI.

This super-tea can also aid in fatigue as it is known to boost energy levels. The tea also has more protein than an egg white! You can drink it by using the powder to prepare it conventionally. You can also drink it in the form of smoothies, milkshakes, and lattes!

Of course, if your main aim is to lose weight then it is much better to prepare it yourself.


Black Tea

To improve your heart health in the long run, black tea is a must. When your heart functions better, it means it can pump blood more easily. This will help you during strenuous workouts and can give you better endurance.

Black tea has a high level of flavonoids which aids weight loss. There has also been research done to study the effect between weight loss and black tea. The studies showed that people who consumed black tea daily lost significant weight and ended up having a lower BMI.

This concoction is being used since centuries and the high antioxidants present can help in detoxifying and losing weight.


Ashwagandha Tea

A major cause of weight gain all over the world is stress. This is because when people are stressed, they turn to food for comfort. Many people binge eat and end up gaining a significant amount of weight.

If you tend to take a lot of stress then Ashwagandha tea is the best solution. Stress also tends to cause inflammation in the body which will reduce your body’s ability to lose weight.

Inflammation causes heart issues, obesity, and even diabetes. To reduce the production of the stress hormone called cortisol, indulge in this amazing brew.

It will reduce weight and benefit your health for a long time to come! This is one of the most soothing tea recipes that offer a variety of health benefits.


Pu-erh Tea

This is a traditional tea that is native to one of the provinces in China, known as Yunnan. It is more costly than other teas but worth it. The great thing about this tea is that over time it gets better, just like wine!

Do remember that before you brew the leaf of this tea, you need to lightly rinse it. This is done so that any impurities present in the tea can be washed away before consumption.

This tea is great in aiding weight loss as it reduces the level of cholesterol in the body. Lower cholesterol leads to better heart health and the reduction of weight. It also helps lower blood sugar.

The weight loss with Pu-erh tea is gradual but effective. If you incorporate it in your daily routine then you will lose at least one kg per month. However, in the long run, this adds up and you will lose more weight but gradually.

Want to slowly lose weight? Well, this can be one of the most effective homemade tea recipes for weight loss.


Peppermint Tea

Facing difficulty in curbing appetite? Craving sweets and savory food all the time? Well, this tea might just be the answer to your problems. This one is for all the people who have problems sticking to a clean and healthy diet.

The interesting thing about peppermint tea is that just sniffing it will reduce your junk food cravings! Yes, you heard that right. Studies have shown that people who inhale the scent of peppermint tea ended up losing five pounds in a month!

By now you are probably wondering how a scent can have such an impact. Well, the scent of this tea triggers parts of the brain that directly impacts your appetite.
It curbs appetite, reduces stress and helps with anxiety.

It also boosts your metabolism. So, if you want to keep your weight loss journey on track then this tea can help you!


Ginger Tea

You probably already know the health benefits of inculcating ginger in your diet. If you don’t then here are some benefits of it:

  • Soothes stomach pain
  • Fights inflammation
  • Helps with digestion
  • Prevents bloating

This is why it is great to use this spice for making tea as well! Ginger is rich in many nutrients that promote weight loss and help speed your metabolism.

If you don’t like the taste of ginger on its own, then you can turn it into an herbal tea. All you will need to do is add other spices such as cinnamon, lemon, cardamom and any variation you like.

It is one of the best teas that are very effective in boosting metabolism.


Goji Tea

An exotic berry that is also a superfood. Goji berry is widely known for its detox properties. It is packed with antioxidants and nutrients and many people who follow a healthy diet make use of this berry.

Its many benefits include:

  • Fighting inflammation
  • Reducing weight
  • Detoxifying the liver
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves gastrointestinal functions

If you have this tea before a workout, it can increase your energy levels making you burn more calories. One study also found that people who consumed this tea burnt fat 10% faster than people who didn’t.

To reap the maximum benefits of this tea, have it before a workout and after every meal. It will help to burn your body fat at a much faster rate and will improve digestion and metabolic functions.

Goji tea is one of the best homemade tea recipes for weight loss that will completely change your life.


Bottom line

Many people, who drink tea, do it for the delicious taste and its calming benefits. However, tea can have many health benefits as well if you know which ones to drink.

Make small changes in your diet and instead of relying on fizzy drinks or sugary juices switch to healthy teas. It is not easy but replacing these drinks can make your health better in the long run.

Just having the teas alone won’t do anything. It is also important to keep track of your diet and try to eat clean. Apart from this one should also move their body every day and exercise.

These are the best homemade tea recipes for weight loss that we picked out for you. Enjoy its benefits and shed those extra pounds in no time!


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