These Vitamins And Supplements Will Help You Grow Your Hair Quick And Healthy

Our diet won’t always give us everything we need to grow all parts of our body and to also stay healthy hair.

That’s normal. But just like nature always makes up for everything to make sure we and everything else lives in a normal world, she has presented us with something else.

Call it a gift for human’s curiosity.

What is style, and identity without your healthy hair?

Not saying having a bald hair makes you less of a human, my point is, unless you are Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson, being bald doesn’t fit most people.

That is why we’ve come up with this piece to help you solve this “one” issue.


How To Grow Healthy And Strong Hair


That’s the exact reason we came up with this article, we want to share with you some of the best Vitamins and other supplements that will make your healthy hair grow longer, healthier and faster. I’m sure that’s why you are here…

But just before we proceed with the Vitamins and Minerals, let us deal with the Causal agents.

Solving this problem requires knowing the root source.

There are five main agents that cause poor hair growth. In case you don’t know what, these agents are, they include:

There are the major reasons why your healthy hair isn’t growing the way it should.

The stress we listed here could be Physical, Emotional or Environmental Stress, so far as stress is involved.

What the body does when you are in stress is that it channels the whole energy in responding to stress signals rather than growing your hair.

Also, when you Autoimmune System starts malfunctioning, it might start seeing your hair follicles as a threat.

So, the result of the attack comes in form of inflammation, I’m talking about a disease responsible for hair loss.

But generally, autoimmune related issues can give you some hair troubles.

Living on a poor diet will definitely not make your hair grow longer.

What I mean to say is, poor diet is one of the main reasons why some people are battling hair loss today.

Without a doubt, some Vitamins and minerals, Protein, Amino Acid play an important role when we talk about hair growth.


6 Best Beauty Vitamins and Supplements For Healthy Hair


Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets

This is one supplement that contains all the nutrients you need.

The Nutrient Tablet contains iron, zinc, horsetail extract, and vitamin C.

That’s not all, this tablet uses the vitamins present in it to extend the anagen which is the growth phase of the entire hair growth cycle.

This is according to Dr. Engelman, MD, board-certified dermatologic surgeon at Medical Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery in New York City.

I stumbled upon a study that was published in Dermatology Research and Practice. According to this study, women who took the Viviscal Tablet had an increase in their healthy hair volume, this was after 90 days.

If this is what you’ve always wanted, you can get yours by clicking on this link.



Just like Viviscal Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets, the Biotin contains a lot. A vitamin B complex which can be gotten when you eat eggs, wheat, fish, nuts, cauliflower, and raspberries.

It is one of the agents responsible for helping your body produce amino acids.

The Amino acids, on the other hand, helps to produce the protein which helps to form a protective layer outside your skin and adhere cells.

According to Dr. Engelman, “Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that supports the growth of hair, nails, and skin just by breaking down fats and carbohydrates”.

Its effectiveness has been proven thanks to research that was done in America, the research shows that Biotin affects healthy women with thinning hair which was due to medications, alopecia or thyroid related issues.

The result of the study shows that after 90 days of taking the supplement, new hair growth occurred.

To get a shining and less brittle hair, try the Biotin.


6 Best Beauty Vitamins and Supplements For Healthy Hair


Vitamin D

This is one nutrient that your body is not capable of producing, that is why it depends on the sun to get that.

The complicated thing with this is that most of us are caught up with the idea that staying under the sun is unhealthy.

Yeeeh. Maybe!

But the one produced in the morning is not harmful. If you don’t spend enough time under the sun can lead to the thinning of your healthy hair, add to that disaster is losing your hair (hair loss).

When there is a deficiency in Vitamin D, it triggers some autoimmune diseases which just as we’ve explained earlier causes hair loss.

There are two options that would present you with this nutrient.

The first option is to eat foods such as portabella, egg yolks, mushrooms, fortified dairy, cheese, and portabella.

The second option which we recommend is to try out this supplement, the Vitamin D.



A supplement that is always underrated, unfortunately.

If you want a healthier life, you need to start thinking about it.

Why is it important?

well, simply put, lots of things are affected when there is a deficiency.

I’m talking about the sexual libido, nails, skin, gut and of course, your healthy hair.

According to the World Health Organization, Zinc deficiency is a global problem. With 32% of humans around the world aren’t getting enough of it.

Thinking about it broadly, vegetarians would have a problem having the right volume of this supplement since the sources aren’t something they subscribe to.

With most of the primary source being chicken, beef, and lamb.

A solution to this is getting from other means such as Zinc.


How To Grow Healthy And Strong Hair


Fish Oil

This is by far one of the popular antioxidants out there.

The Omega – 3 Fatty acids contain properties that help to busts the inflammation in the body.

After 6 months of taking these antioxidants, according to the study, people who partook in this study had an 89.9% reduction in hair loss.

Also, there was an increase in hair growth of about 87%.

For those battling alopecia and dermatitis, inflammation is a major causative agent for this.

Fish oil has nutrients and protein which helps to hair follicles, stronger healthy hair. It also gives you a shinier hair. Fish Oil is one supplement that you can find in the market today.



The last one on our list is nothing close to being the least.

If you don’t have enough Magnesium in your body, chronic fatigue, you will age faster, osteoporosis, feel weak and an increase in your chances of having high blood pressure.

So, that should tell you that you need it to grow your hair. Remember, stress is one of the factors of hair loss that we listed earlier.

What magnesium does in the body is that it reduces the volume of calcium on your scalp.

A build-up of calcium is known to clog the hair follicles and lead to inflammation on your scalp.

Here is one way to get it, get the Magnesium.


Growing strong and shiny hair takes a lot. Your best bet is to consider the factors that we stated.

Stay away from stress, and eat good food. You will start seeing the difference in no time.


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