9 Fun Things For Couples To Do In NYC

Finding fun things for couples to do in NYC can be quite tricky. What are some activities that would be fun for both of you? Of course, no couple has the same taste.

There are no two people who constitute the exact same activities as things they would enjoy. So, there are bound to be some differences between you and your partner and things that you consider as fun.

While New York City is filled with a plethora of incredible activities to take part in, it can be quite tricky to find something that you and your partner can enjoy together. There’s no need to fret though since we have found those activities that are inherently fun. So, here is a list of all the fun things for couples to do in NYC.


BYOB Paint Nights

These events are one of the most inherently fun things that one can take part in. Add in your partner and you know that you’ll have the time of your life. You won’t even have to search far and wide to find a place that holds such events.

There are many different places in New York that hold these events, such as The Painting Lounge. While the activity itself in individualistic, both of you will be having the same experience.

You get to have some drinks and let your creative juices flow. Both of you can even piggyback off of each other’s creative ideas and make a themed painting.

A great thing about such events is that it has the presence of painting instructors. They will be there to guide you, which will help you in achieving the vision you have for your painting.

The best part is that your paintings will make for the perfect memorabilia. They will be the perfect items to remember this incredible night by. Who knows, both of you may have so much fun that this activity can become a monthly tradition.

Not to mention that you could even decorate your mutual living space with your art pieces. This is truly one of the most fun things for couples to do in NYC.


Daybreaker Parties

It doesn’t matter if your partner is a night owl and you’re a morning person or vice versa. This party is perfect for anyone and every couple. By attending a daybreaker party, you’ll be starting the day with an energetic bang.

For all those who don’t know, a daybreaker is a party that has taken New York City by storm. The event starts after dawn, which is a dance party essentially. Each time, the party is held in different locations, such as the Paradise Club. This is a sought-after party location which is located in the world-renowned Times Square.

It’s the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to go on a morning adventure to dance and have fun. The best part is that you get to go to an incredible party, make memories, that too, with your partner. You may even make friends with other couples and groups who are attending this event. It’s truly a great event to start your day with.



New York city’s downtown boathouse is the perfect place to kayak and get an amazing view of lower Manhattan. Kayaking is without a doubt an inherently fun activity; a fun thing that everyone is sure to enjoy.

So, get into a cost-free rental kayak at the downtown boathouse with your partner, and yes, you heard that right. Each kayak, between the included months of May and October, is free of cost.

You’ll honestly lose track of time because of all the fun that you and your partner will be having. You can even switch places and take turns steering the kayak. You’ll have a fun time kayaking and once you take a break in the water, you’ll see soothing water with an incredible view.

There’s no doubt that the air will be filled with laughter all through the activity. This activity is sure to give your relationship several moments that you and your partner are sure to remember for years to come.


Taking Cookies And Cakes Baking Classes

Baking cookies, an activity that might not be fun for everyone. However, add in your partner and a proper setting, and you’ve got a recipe for a fun-filled activity. What is this proper setting that we’re talking about?

Well, it is none other than a place called Milk Bar. The baking experts at Milk Bar will show you and your partner how to build an incredible cookie. Don’t worry; this class isn’t as ordinary as it looks.

It’s quite interesting and will most definitely inspire and motivate you to bake at home. In fact, if you and your partner like cake, then you should definitely enroll in Milk Bar’s cake cooking class.

This will be a much better fit for you and your cake-loving partner. It is actually quite popular amongst couples that reside in New York City. This is one activity on the fun things for couples to do in NYC list that will pleasantly surprise you. Prepare to have a lot of fun, giggle at your mistakes, and have a great time at the Milk Bar.


The Metrograph

New York City has many culturally rich places that are also quite fun, and The Metrograph is one of them. It is a place in New York City that hosts a variety of diverse movie screenings.

From classics that originate from all over the world to newly released films, The Metrograph has it all. When you go to The Metrograph, you know that it won’t be like any other movie theatre experience.

The Metrograph doesn’t just screens movies, it is much more than just a standard movie theatre. It has a chic restaurant and a bar.

The Metrograph’s bar will actually be one of the most unique bars that you’ll set foot in. It has been inspired by those studios that have a commission in Hollywood’s Golden Age.

This place is the perfect place to visit if you and your significant other are movie fanatics. If not, there’s no need to fret. This place will, without a doubt, allow your relationship to find more common ground while having fun. Have a delicious dinner, watch a movie, and review it over some drinks. It will take the standard date, that is, dinner and a movie to a whole other level.


Circus In An Acroyoga Class

This activity truly deserves its spot on the list of fun things for couples to do in NYC. The Acoroyoga class at Om Factory is a fitness class that every couple will have a lot of fun in.

In fact, it isn’t just fun, it will also help you feel more connected to your partner. The class isn’t just like any other fitness class, it is actually a fusion of yoga and acrobatics.

A class that has the potential to become a routine for you and your partner. Not to mention that both of you will be feeling much fitter and rejuvenated after each one.

There’s no doubt that every person will have the time of their lives watching their significant other do yoga poses. You can even create a healthy competition on who does the acrobatics better than the other.

For all those couples who like to stay active, this is the perfect place to invest your resources in. You and your significant other might even learn some incredible new tricks. This is truly one fun activity that all couples should integrate within their relationships routine.


Spin Vinyl

When it comes to fun things for couples to do in NYC, this activity takes the cake. This activity isn’t just perfect for the couples who love music, but fun for every couple.

The best place to partake in this activity is the Tokyo Record Bar. A place that has actually been modelled after the record bars in Japan. The Tokyo Record Bar consists of an underground listening room as well as a restaurant.

This restaurant is the ideal place for you to listen to all of your beloved tracks with your beloved person. What makes this restaurant so fun is that you get to hear to tracks on an actual vinyl jukebox?

That’s not all; you and your partner will get to enjoy izakaya snacks. They are a part of their specially paired menu. The best part is that the restaurant is extremely exclusive and only seats, 18 people, at a time.

Delicious snacks, incredible music playing on a vinyl jukebox, and an exclusive setting? The Tokyo Record Bar truly screams fun for couples.



What better way to spend a fun time with your significant other than a pinball competition. Visit Modern Pinball which is located in Kips Bay touts. It is essentially an interactive museum, which houses a plethora of vintage pinball machines.

It’s the perfect fun-filled activity, which will ensure that you and your partner will be laughing throughout. For those couples who reminisce about the time they’d spend at an arcade, then this is the perfect activity.

Spend your entire day at Modern Pinball and we’re sure that you’ll want to go again and again. The best part is that you and your partner can get a one-day admission ticket. You can even make this activity into a monthly competition, the winner doesn’t have to wash dishes for a month. Now that’s what you call fun.


Private Photo Tour

NYC’s Photo Journey is a place that offers private photo tours. The perfect addition to the fun things for couples to do in NYC list. The experience that you and your partner will have will truly be one of a kind.

Actually, it’ll be a 2 in 1 experience as you’ll get to partake in a photo shoot and get a great tour. This is truly one of the best activities for those couples who haven’t lived in NYC for a long time.

It’s also perfect for all those couples who would like to explore more of their city. While the photoshoot is quite exciting, the tour is no less. You and your partner will get to tour the most fascinating places that New York has to offer.

The guide of your tour will be a sightseeing guide who’s licensed, so you know you’re getting the best. Your photoshoot will also be done by a professional photographer. This is truly an experience worth putting in your resources for.

You know that you won’t only be getting just high-quality photographs; the background will also be incredibly aesthetic. In fact, the professional photographer will be taking your pictures in every spot that you visit.

Just think of all the fun moments that you and your partner will have. All of them captured in pictures. You can even try different poses every time you visit a new location. This is truly one of the most fun things for couples to do in NYC.



No doubt that all of these fun things for couples to do in NYC will be incredibly fun. When it comes to relationships, a spark is all you need. That spark turns into the flame that you’re experiencing right now.

However, it is highly important to keep pouring fuel into that flame. One of the best ways to do that is to be constantly on the lookout for fun-filled activities. Particularly, fun-filled activities that you and your significant other will enjoy taking part in.

These activities will help you pass the time in a fun way. Although that’s not all they’ll do, they will also help you in connecting with one another. The bond of your relationship will surely become stronger.

You might even fall in love deeper once you start partaking in fun new activities. There’s no doubt that each of the mentioned activities will help you do that. One must always keep putting in effort into their relationship.

All of these fun activities will make this task completely effortless. Say hello to new memories and a stronger relationship while having immense amounts of fun.


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