Weight Loss Exercise Plan At Home: Top 13 Exercises

Looking for productive activities that you can invest your time in while staying in the convenience of your home?

Have you been planning on switching your workout plan to your home rather than the gym? You don’t need to look any further as we have, for you, the perfect weight loss exercise plan at home.

Here are the top thirteen exercises that you should most definitely incorporate within your weight loss exercise plan at home.


Important Information To Know

Now, before we jump into the workout plan itself, it’s important to first understand it’s in’s and out’s. All good things come with a ton of research, don’t you think?

Of course, we’ll make sure to not bombard you with an abundance of irrelevant information. The first set of information that you should know is, of course, what are bodyweight exercises.


What Are Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight exercises are regarded as strength training exercises, in which one uses their weight as an opposing force against gravity. These exercises have now become quite popular amongst amateur athletes as well as some professional athletes.

A workout plan that incorporates bodyweight exercises is known to include actions that involve twisting, pushing, squatting, bending, pulling, and even bending. The most prevalent bodyweight exercises include exercises, such as pull-ups, sit-ups, and even push-ups.

These exercises can be taken up by anyone, anywhere, whether you are a male, female, or relatively older in age.


Benefits Of Doing Bodyweight Exercises

To remain motivated, you must know of the benefits that come with having a weight loss exercise plan at home. Here are all of the ways in which making a weight loss exercise plan at home, using bodyweight exercises, is beneficial for you.



As we have mentioned before, anyone, no matter what your age or gender may be, you can still indulge in bodyweight exercises. A large majority of bodyweight exercises can be adapted to adjust to what your fitness and training level is.

If you are a novice or a beginner, who has recently decided on indulging in a weight loss workout plan at home, then you don’t need to fret. In some bodyweight exercises, such as the push-up, you can distribute your weight by setting your knees on the ground.

Each of the bodyweight exercises can be adapted to your level of fitness to ensure that you are not straining your body.


Highly Cost-Effective

One of the best benefits of incorporating bodyweight exercises within your workout plan is that it is highly cost-effective. Unlike other exercises that require light to heavy equipment, such as dumbbells or an elliptical, bodyweight exercises do not require any equipment.

Often times, it has been reported that one of the major reasons behind starting a workout plan is monetary issues. By incorporating bodyweight exercises within your weight loss exercise plan at home, you will not have to invest any money.

Rather, the only thing that you will have to invest is your time. Granted that there is some workout equipment that may help, such as a workout mat or a pull-up bar. Nonetheless, this equipment is still much more cost-effective than those needed in other exercises.


Workout Plan

Now that we have familiarized ourselves with all of the in’s and out’s of bodyweight exercises, let’s move on to your workout plan. This workout plan consists of thirteen exercises that range from cardio to strength training exercises.

All of the strength training exercises fall within the realm of bodyweight exercises and do not require any equipment.


Cross Jacks

This exercise is a cardio exercise and the best exercise that you can start off your workout with. It will not only get your heart rate up but will also get you amped up for what is to come.

If you are exercising after a long time, then continue with cross jacks for thirty seconds. If you are relatively active, then it is recommended that you continue for up to about a minute. Start off with keeping your feet two fists apart and place your arms on either side.

Next, you must jump and move your feet outwards, while simultaneously raising your arms over your head. With each jump, your wrists must cross each other over your head. Then, jump and bring your feet back to the starting position and cross your arms in front of your hips. Continue this for the recommended period of time.


Spider Crawl

Next, get down and start with a basic push-up position, where your wrists should be aligned with your shoulders. Your arms should be completely extended and you must maintain some amount of distance between your feet.

The best tip to check your form is to exercise in front of a mirror. This will help you in ensuring that your body is maintaining the shape of that of a straight line. Next, take a step with your right leg towards your right elbow, while maintaining a close distance between both.

While taking this step, you must simultaneously extend your left arm and reach forward. Come back to your initial position and replicate the motion with your left leg and right hand. Continue this crawling movement for thirty seconds while ensuring the form of a straight line.


Single Leg Balance

For this exercise, your starting position will be to lift your left leg, while maintaining balance in your right leg. Your left leg’s knee should be bent and your left foot should be slightly raised forward.

Then, place your hands on your hips or you can extend them in front of you; you get to decide. While keeping your right leg’s knee in alignment with its toes, lower yourself into a squat. It is important to maintain your left foot’s position and to keep it flexed during the squat.

Alternate between the two and continue this exercise until you have completed ten repetitions. If this exercise is relatively easy for you, then try raising your leg as high as you can without leaning.


Wall Slides

For this exercise, you will have to rest on the floor on your left side. The best way to ensure your form is to lay against a wall, hence the name; wall slide. Start by bending your arm and resting your head on your hand.

To maintain your balance, position your right hand on the floor, with the palm facing down. Your legs should be slightly extended forward. Your right foot’s heel should be flexed and pressed against the wall that is behind you. Roll your shoulders back to maintain your form and ensure that your hips are squared.

Move your left flexed foot up, while pressing it against the wall. Lower it and repeat the process until you have completed a total of ten repetitions. After completing ten repetitions, switch your side and repeat.


Bodyweight Squats

This is one of the most beneficial exercises that you can incorporate within your weight loss exercise plan at home. To start, position your feet in alignment with your shoulders, where your toes should be slightly tilted outwards.

Roll your shoulders back and compress your lower abs. At a gradual pace, start bending your knees and dropping hips out towards the lower area of your body. While doing this, make sure that your heels are flat on the floor.

Once you’ve lowered yourself, pause and ascend with your hips while maintaining the same pace. The key to performing this exercise is to maintain your speed. Continue with the bodyweight squats until you have completed twenty repetitions.



This is a fundamental bodyweight exercise that will help you in enhancing your upper body strength. Even though there are many variations of this exercise, the basic push up is ideal for your exercise plan.

Start with lying down on the floor and position your hands a bit farther than the alignment with that of your shoulders. If you are relatively new to working out, you can place your knees on the ground. Raise your body, where your body weight should be contained within your arms.

Bend your elbows and lower your body. Continue this exercise until you have completed ten repetitions while maintaining your form.



This is a bodyweight exercise that everyone is familiar with and is ideal for those who want to develop their leg muscles. It is suitable for both advanced as well as beginners. Start with standing straight and, as always, roll your shoulders back to maintain your posture.

Take a lengthy step towards the front, with your right leg, while compressing the muscles in your abdomen. If you are struggling, then take a shorter step and work your way up, in terms of length. Keep your hips squared while doing so and step back.

Continue this until you have completed ten repetitions, once completed, switch to your left leg.



This is another fundamental bodyweight exercise, which is ideal for you to engage and strengthen your core muscles. The secondary muscles that it targets are the muscles that are present in your back.

Start by placing your forearms, where the entire weight of your body is contained within them. Your feet should be placed at a distance, where the only part of your feet that will be in contact with the floor are your toes.

Make sure that your body complete from your head to your toes, is completely straight. Maintain this position for thirty seconds. If this exercise seems to be easy, then extend the time limit to one minute.



This is an underrated exercise that you should incorporate within your exercise plan. Start by crouching down, while holding your back straight, and supporting your weight on your right leg. Buckle your left leg and position it behind you.

Using your left hand, reach towards your right foot’s toes, while simultaneously descending into a squat. Then, ascend upwards while balancing on your right foot; your left leg should not be fixed on the floor.

While ascending, reach ahead with your left arm. Complete ten repetitions and then switch legs.



The key to having an effective workout plan at home is to engage all of your muscles. This exercise will help you in strengthening your quadriceps as well as your abdominal muscles.

Start by going into a squatting position and then place the palms of your hands at a greater distance than that of your shoulders. While maintaining this position, kick your feet backwards into something that looks like a push-up formation.

Then, without wasting any seconds, bring your feet back to the initial position. After doing so, jump up as high as you can and return to the initial position. Continue this exercise until you have completed ten repetitions.



Start by lying on your back, then bow your knees and position your feet to be completely level on the ground. Place your hands at the rear end of your head and raise your body, using your core muscles, up towards your thighs.

Maintain this position for one second, after which you must lower yourself, at a gradual pace. Continue this until you have completed twenty repetitions.



Lie level on the ground, where your torso should be facing downwards, then stretch your arms and legs outwards. They should be completely parallel to the ground.

Elevate your arms, legs, and upper body concurrently and retain this form for two or three seconds. Revert to the initial position and resume this exercise until you have completed fifteen repetitions of it.

This is the perfect exercise with which you can engage your lower back muscles.


Dive Bomber

Position yourself to form an inverted V, where your hips should be pivoting upwards. Set your feet two fists apart and your palms in alignment with that of your shoulders.

While dropping your head towards the ground, bow your elbows away from your body. Continue this until you have completed ten repetitions.



By investing your time and effort in this exercise plan, you are sure to achieve your goal of losing weight. However, it is important to note that just like every good thing; this goal will be achieved at a gradual pace.

There are no effective shortcuts that you can employ when you want to lose weight. Exercising should become an integral part of everyone’s self-care plan, no matter who you are.


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