16 Dating Tips for Women to Find a Perfect Partner

If you are looking for some dating tips for women, then you have come to the right place. Dating has become exceptionally complex these days. It has transformed much from the old days.

The rules have changed drastically. Some relationship experts would even go one step further and say that there are no rules in dating any more. These days it is common for women to ask out men on a date whereas this was taboo in the old days.

The world has changed, and society looks at women as equal to men. As the dating scene has become so complicated, both men and women need to have specific tips at the back of their heads. Knowing a few tips will not only optimize your dating experience, but it might also help you find a perfect life partner.

All women are different. Some prefer traditional men who pay the restaurant bill and open car doors for them while others prefer a more dominant role in the relationship. No matter how you feel about dates, you have to know a few things beforehand to make your date a success.

Now let’s take a look at some of the most useful dating tips for women.


Make Your Date Feel Comfortable

One of the most important dating tips for women is to make their date feel comfortable. Guys can feel nervous for many different reasons. When a guy is out on a date with a girl, then he might feel nervous for various reasons, and if the nervousness is caused by you, then you should try trying to make you feel comfortable as well.


Choose Good Guys over Potentially Bad Guys

More commonly or not, we see women date men who are considered bad boys. If you are a sensible woman, you will focus more on guys that are well settled and understand the whole dating experience. Long haired casual surfing ‘dudes’ may sound like a good option, but they don’t make for suitable partners in the long run.


Dress Up For It

This is one of the most obvious dating tips for women. When we head out for a job interview or a formal event, we tend to wear elegant and formal clothes and look sharp. The same is the case with dating. It may be a simple dating tip for women, but you have to dress up nice for your date. Do a little makeup if you can.

Wearing casual clothes to a date might attract certain people towards you, but overall people want to have a perfect date, and for that they want their dating partner to dress well for the event. Casual clothing can be a grave turn off. Wearing beautiful and formal dresses adds a lot of value to your dating experience.


Don’t Rush It

No matter how long you have stayed longer when you are out on a date, try to take it slow. Go with the natural flow. Don’t try to rush it just because you believe that you have found a great person to date. You have to wait and test your relationship with the partners. If you have already gone on a date with a partner, then try to sort things, learn from the first date and wait a few days before you can go on another date.


Know the Things You Can’t Compromise On

Every person has certain rules and activities that they can’t compromise on. If you like someone and you want to date them, make sure you make them understand about the ‘things you can’t compromise on’. This is a very sensible dating tip for women. You don’t have to compromise on your basic principles. Let your date know on the first date about the things you don’t like and the things you would never compromise on no matter how many dates you go on.

This is an essential dating tip for women. Many women tend to compromise to start or maintain a relationship which they should never do.


Never Lie

Lying is one of the worst things in the world. Whether it’s dating or any other aspect of your life, you should never lie about anything. Lying breaks the trust and make the entire dating experience go awry. They say trust is like a paper, once it’s crumbled, you can never get it back in its original condition. The same way, lying can crumble a relationship. It doesn’t make any sense to lie to someone who you are planning to be in a relationship for the long term.


Keep It Real

Be straight forward but never lose the rope of respect. Tell it how it is but be respectful at the same time. Men usually respect the honest and listen to what the women have to say. Don’t make false promises and don’t give any false hope to your date. If you and your date clicked, tell him right away. If you feel like you will need a few more days then inform this to your date as well. Many people tend to lie to their dates to get rid of them.

This leaves an awful taste and ruins the entire dating experience. You don’t have to promise with anyone else just yourself that you will be honest to yourself and the people around you.


Have Fun

Try to have fun on your date. You don’t want the dating experience to feel like you are living in prison. You need to make your date fun for yourself and your partner. The more fun you make it, the better. If your partner does the same, then you have a perfect match right there. It is hard to find someone who shares the same enthusiasm for fun and light-hearted humor as yourself. If you find such a person try to ask him out for a second date.


Don’t Get Physical Right Away

There is no denying that sex is an integral part of a romantic relationship. When people love each other, they tend to enjoy each other’s company in bed. Your date might ask you to get physical very early own. Try to give it a lot of time. Wait for the right time until you are comfortable and open to the idea of having a physical relationship with the other person.

Once you have already gone on a couple of dates and he has asked you to be your girlfriend or if he has accepted your offer to become his girlfriend, then that is the time to take your relationship one step further. Once you are in a proper relationship, you guys can talk about how you want to proceed with the ‘getting physical’ part. This is one of the most important dating tips for women.


Do Your Research

Mobile phone apps and social media have made it easier for people to find someone to date. However, the worst thing about finding a date online is that you never know who would show up at the date. When you decide to meet your partner, you found online, try to do it at a very public place. You might think you are dating a single 27-year-old successful entrepreneur by the name of Michael. However, in reality, you might just be dating with a 43 year old homeless and broke Albert.

This shows that people lie about almost any aspect of their personality. So it is essential to do your research before you get back on track. You should try to look up your date’s social media accounts. Check how he talks to other people online. Dig up any information you can about your date. Try to look for more sources as more research will help you clear your mind.

Once you have collected enough information, it’s time for you to make your decision if you want to date the person or not. In this day and age of technology, you are bound to find a lot of information on your date. So with all the information in hand, you will be able to make a fantastic decision.


Be True To Yourself

Always be true to yourself. If you like a guy for his looks, but you have reservations regarding his income, then be true to yourself and learn to let such people go. Love is important, but your love relationship should start from you. You should first love yourself, only then will you be able to love others. Ask yourself if you see a future with a particular person. If you feel that you guys can click then carry on otherwise hit the break and start searching again.


Don’t Be Afraid To Walk Away

Another incredible dating tip for women is to never be afraid to walk away. If you feel that your date is a toxic person or if there are any other serious problems with him, then you have every right to move on. Whether you are in the restaurant or at home, once you start realizing the toxicity and negative vibes of your date, it is better to walk away than to drag it on for absolutely nothing. You have to have this mentality that being single is also excellent. Only then will you be able to walk away from a date easily.


Be Patient

Out of all the dating tips for women mentioned above, this is quite honestly the most important one. Being patient in life can help you achieve a lot of things, including a great partner. You don’t have to rush anything even if the relationship is going good. At the end of the day, time is the best healer. You might not be able to get a person you love today, but if you are patient, that person might come to you.


Let People Know You Are Available

Other than finding a date on online dating sites, you should also let other people know that you are available. You can do that by telling your friends and family members that you are single and ready to find love. Your friends and family will try their best to find you a great partner. Once people know you are available, you will start to get offers from suitors.


Keep the Geography in Mind

Online dating has made it easier for people to find dates all over the world. This is why the number of online long-distance relationship has increased. Studies have shown that these long-distance relationships don’t work and end in breakup most of the time. Look around you, and you will realize that there are many few instances where the long-distance relationship actually worked. So one of the most useful dating tips for women is to keep the geography in mind while looking for a date.

Try to narrow down your location to your city. Try to avoid other states and completely ignore other countries. Try to keep your searches to a practical area.


Don’t Give Out Too Much Information

When you are on your first date, don’t give out too much information. Withhold any important information that might damage you afterwards. Things like your bank account and other similar information should be kept hidden from him until and unless you guy become a couple. Only let out information that is strictly required or which can make the conversation flow. It is a very serious dating tip for women that they should never give out too much information about themselves to people they don’t know.



These are some of the best dating tips for women. Every person is unique and has their own way of dealing with things. All the tips mentioned above are ideal for making your dating experience a success. However, not everyone can follow on with these dating tips for women. Women who don’t follow these tips are usually left with nothing in their hand. If you want to have a successful dating experience and if you want to find an amazing partner for yourself, then you should definitely follow all or most of the tips mentioned above.


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