Claire P. Thomas Workout Routine and Diet Plan

If you are interested in fitness and health, you must have heard of the iconic Claire P. Thomas workout routine and diet plan. Not only has Claire P. Thomas made a name for herself in the world of fitness, but she has certainly capitalized on her self-image by becoming a fitness model as well as a brand ambassador for many popular companies.

The story of Claire P. Thomas goes back to when she was just a little girl. Becoming a track athlete takes more than just exercise and diet – it takes true passion. Even as a child, Claire P. Thomas would always remain fit and in shape. She notably loved doing her sit-ups and pushups and made it a routine to complete a few reps before she went to sleep every night.

As she grew up, the passion for fitness only grew more and more intense over time. Throughout her high school and college years, Claire P. Thomas was always the girl who was upfront in every sports event. She particularly enjoyed participating in basketball games, soccer games, and both track and field events.


A Career in Fitness

As soon as she graduated from college, she knew that she had to pursue a career in the world of fitness. She could not give up her love for physical activity just yet, but she also had to transform her passion into something that she could earn from. That is when the Claire P. Thomas workout routine and diet plan was formed. (1)

As she researched about fitness and the workings of an online business, she knew that she could combine the two. Her main goal was to set harder goals for herself at the gym and then train more people to achieve their goals, too. She knew that she had all it takes to become a successful influencer – the passion, the resilience, and the patience.

The most unique part about Claire P. Thomas was her patience towards her page. She knew that she would not gain a thousand followers overnight, so she remained consistent and kept posting her workouts and diet plans on her social media. Over time, she gained thousands of followers and is now one of the most popular fitness accounts.

Once she became popular, she knew it was time to develop her own Claire P. Thomas workout routine and diet plan. She developed multiple e-books for her clients that can be purchased via her website. Each e-book contains a detailed Claire P. Thomas workout routine and diet plan that allows people to reach the same level of fitness as hers.


Claire P. Thomas Diet Plan

If you want to get healthy, then you need to focus on what you eat. Diet is the most important part of becoming fit – even more important than the workout. You could be exercising all you want but if you do not control what you eat, then the results will only be minimal.

If you are inspired by Claire P. Thomas and want to know more about the Claire P. Thomas workout, then you first need to know about the diet that she follows.

To keep her body as fit as it is, Claire P. Thomas is very careful about what she includes in her diet. While she is not as strict about her diet as other athletes, she does make a conscious effort to always make healthier eating choices – even if eating out at a restaurant. All of her conscious eating efforts are what inspired her to create the Claire P. Thomas workout routine and diet plan.

According to Claire P. Thomas, the best piece of advice that you can get related to having a good diet is to always cook your meals yourself. She said that even when she is out traveling for campaigns or work, she prefers to carry a lunch box with home-cooked meals for herself. This prevents her from eating out at restaurants and making unhealthy dietary choices when she could easily be eating healthy.

Apart from learning about the Claire P. Thomas workout routine and diet plan through her social media accounts, you can also learn about the various recipes that she uses in her everyday life. Claire P. Thomas loves to spend time and experiment in the kitchen with her food, and then shares a few of her favorite recipes with her followers.


What is Healthy Eating?

Every fitness coach advises people to eat healthily – but what exactly is healthy eating? According to Claire P. Thomas, healthy eating essentially means creating a balance that suits your own body.

Many people who have an intense love for food feel like they would never be able to become fit. There are people who struggle with self-control and would always want to either treat or comfort themselves with snacks and desserts.

If this sounds like you, then there is no need to worry. Even you can become as fit as the fitness model, simply by finding your own balance of healthy eating and following the Claire P. Thomas workout routine and diet plan.

Claire states that since she loves to snack, she would always keep a handful of healthy snacks around to treat herself. If you love to snack on something while you work or just walk around the house, it may be a great idea to keep your fridge loaded with healthy and low-calorie snacks that you can eat without any guilt.

More options for healthy eating suggested by the Claire P. Thomas workout routine and diet plan include having fruit and vegetable juices or smoothies that are easy to make and help your body get a good intake of greens.

According to her, a great healthy snack to have at home is some air popped popcorn topped with olive oil and sea salt. This can be a great alternative to regular potato chips that are especially bad for your health.


What If I Can’t Cook?

Like we mentioned earlier, Claire P. Thomas loves to cook healthy meals for herself that help her maintain a healthy and nutritious lifestyle. However, there are many people who simply do not have the time to cook for themselves. In this case, Claire P. Thomas shares her two cents regarding making responsible choices even when you are dining out regularly.

Claire shared in one interview that whenever she has to eat a meal from a restaurant, she would prefer to share a meal with the person she is dining with. This is a great idea because it allows you to have a diverse palate of food – all while controlling your portions and calorie intake.

Claire P. Thomas suggests that if you must dine out, then you can choose to split one appetizer amongst two people and then order another appetizer as the main course. Since appetizers have lesser portions than main courses, this little trick helps you remain in control of what you eat and how much you eat.

Apart from controlling portions, it is also important to control your calories. If Claire P. Thomas is headed to a chain restaurant, then she would always look up their menu with the nutritional information beforehand in order to make more informed choices about what to order. Even if she eats whatever she wants to, she knows that maybe she would have to engage in a more intense workout the next day and control her diet as well.

According to the Claire P. Thomas workout routine and diet plan, the key to healthy eating is always to be informed enough to make healthy decisions for your body.


Claire P. Thomas Workout Routine

Once you have your diet under control, it is finally time to move on to the workout part of staying fit. Claire P. Thomas has always taken part in a wide range of sports.

More recently, she became a track athlete and also provides coaching via e-books to many different people. This is one of the main reasons why the Claire P. Thomas workout routine and diet plan has gotten so popular amongst the public.

While most of the Claire P. Thomas workout plans are to be purchased via her website, there are other tips and tricks that she has openly shared to the public. If you are looking for a free-of-cost source of valid information, then we suggest that you head to Claire P. Thomas’ YouTube page where she shares most of her workout routines and healthy recipes to try.


Gym or Bodyweight Exercise?

One of the most-asked questions is whether you should go to the gym or engage in bodyweight exercise. For Claire P. Thomas, the situation differs a little.

Since she has been into fitness and exercise ever since she was a little girl, there is nothing left that she has not yet experimented with. This means that her body has had the time to adapt to various different training techniques, allowing her to constantly switch between her popular Claire P. Thomas workouts.

If you were to ask which type of training method Claire P. Thomas prefers herself, then it would be both HIIT training and weighted exercises. This means that the Claire P. Thomas workout includes HIIT, cardio, kettlebell swings, and many other types of variations. According to Claire, her most preferred place to workout is definitely the gym.

However, being a popular fitness athlete and brand ambassador, there are many responsibilities that Claire P. Thomas has to take care of. While she would love to be at the gym at all times, her busy schedule often does not allow her access to a proper gym or equipment. In such cases, the Claire P. Thomas workout also caters to bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime.

The best trick that you need to know for all Claire P. Thomas workout routine and diet plan is that you need to repeat the same exercise multiple times and reduce the time of rest in between. This Claire P. Thomas workout regime helps you keep up with a high-intensity workout that allows your heart rate to increase rapidly. As a result, you are able to burn more fat and get a perfectly sculpted body like Claire P. Thomas herself.


The Claire P. Thomas Workout Routine

If you are looking for an intense fat-burning workout that you can do at home, then this Claire P. Thomas workout is perfect for you. Remember that you need to reduce the rest period between each exercise, meaning that you must continue to the next exercise as soon as you are done with one.

If you think one round of this Claire P. Thomas workout is enough, then you are certainly wrong. The fitness trainer herself suggests that you should be doing 4 rounds of these exercises.

Here is what one round should look like:

  • 10 reps of backward lunges plus bicep curls.
  • 10 reps of burpees.
  • 10 reps of push-ups and renegade rows.
  • 10 reps of burpees.
  • 10 reps of thrusters.
  • 10 reps of burpees.
  • 10 reps of DB RDL’s upright rows.
  • 10 reps of burpees.


Claire’s Advice

Once you have understood the basics of the Claire P. Thomas workout routine and diet plan, there is nothing stopping you from getting the dream body that you have always wanted. However, there are a few more pointers that Claire P. Thomas likes to give all of her followers.

According to the Claire P. Thomas workout routine and diet plan, it is important to remember that each individual has a different body with different needs. Depending upon your age and physical activity, the number of calories and vitamins that your body needs will always differ from the fitness coach that you are following. Even if you choose to follow the Claire P. Thomas workout, you can still run into certain errors if you do not cater to your body’s needs effectively.

Claire P. Thomas suggests that using apps such as My Fitness Pal is helpful to track your calorie intake as well as your physical exercise during the day. While you don’t need to log in everything you do on the app, it is still a helpful parameter for you to understand the needs of your body. Even if you are following the Claire P. Thomas workout routine and diet plan, it is still essential to set goals that are specific to your own body.