12 Ways to Move On After a Breakup

It is really difficult for people to move after a breakup and it is obvious. The person who was the part of your life, who had promised you to be old together decide to leave you alone. When it happens you get sad, upset and feel like everything is lost.

When you fall in love with someone, you spend times together and you do have some sweet memory. Because you have lived the same life together. You were in love with each other. You used to get the ideas in many things you had planned. It is not easy to move on from the sweet memory you had together.

But real point is to get out of this trauma and start a new inning of your life even after a breakup. Life is very important and there are many things to do and achieve. An Indian poet says, there are more to do in life except for the love.

There is some advice which will help you to get rid of the emotional attachment and will help divert your mind After a Breakup.


Stop seeking him/her out on social media

In the generation of social media like Instagram, Facebook keeps your pictures forever you have posted there or have been posted by your ex especially the pictures of you both clicked together.

First thing you need to do is immediately delete those post which reminds you of your ex or which is related to your ex-relationship. This is very obvious to get into an emotional moment and it will make you feel uneasy.

And stop seeking your ex profile. It is common for people that they look at their ex profile and start thinking about the time they lived together and they sometimes send messages to and don’t get any response. If they start chatting time again start fighting and end with a negative point.

See, you have to accept that you both have different points of view and that’s why you are not together. And after a breakup, it is very important to stop spending time together even the mentally.


Never compare your self to your ex new partner

It has been seen when your ex gets a new partner, you start comparing yourself in every prospect and you find your self better than that person and you are!

But the problem is not who is good and bad the reason is who likes what. See, very simple, you are better and you should go with something better. your partner left you and got someone who is not better than you.

When you compare yourself with others you will be disappointed anyway, if the person is better than you you will be jealous and if the person is not better than you, you will be angry, So? In both situations, you are torturing yourself and that is very simple, you should care about yourself more than anybody else.

After a breakup this is one of an important idea, not to pay attention to the new partner of your ex.


Don’t try to be friends immediately

How can you get together with someone who is responsible for your broken heart? Can we be just friends?

When you pass this sentence to your ex, it shows your immaturity. And you are somehow showing your weakness. This is a sign of a bigger problem between you both. Never keep anything belongs to your partner, not even the friendship.

If you are asked to be friends, refuse the proposal saying that you need some space and now will be difficult to be friends after a breakup. And anyway, we need a friend how to respect us and we have the respect for him or her.

So, you don’t need any pretending friends, this is just phantasm nothing else.


Don’t stop looking after yourself

When you see in a movie, after a breakup, the actor stops looking after him or herself.

Please don’t copy this, you must take care of your appearance and your health. Avoid wearing the dress your ex liked or presented try to hide those dresses or give away if it’s possible. Buy some new clothes because new clothes come with new thought sometimes.

Go out, let your self feel confident and strong. Cook something or go out to eat your favorite meal. Life must go on! there are many things in our lives we want them and they leave us and this is not something new, you sometimes experience some bad situations and move on.

If you are healthier, you will have more, better opportunities. So, keep loving yourself.


Never ask your manual friends about your ex

After a breakup, this situation has been seen in people life that the ask about their ex to their manual friends and this is not good for you and will be even more disturbing.

When you ask a friend, more probably your friend will tell your ex that you were missing your ex, you will convey something more and this can create another problem. When you are informed that your ex was asking about you, don’t show your curiosity or anger.

Just pretend that you are avoiding and not interested in listening to anything about him, and this will make you feel even confident. It is very important to avoid your ex and everything related to him, otherwise, you will always live a painful life.


Try a new look you’ve ever wanted to have

This is another good idea to try a new look you have ever wished to have. After a breakup you feel heavy and frustrated, you always think about your ex you feel him everywhere.

He might have given you the compliments on your every or most of your look, and whenever you see your self in the mirror those old memories will automatically come in your mind. Better, change your look and feel refreshed and more confident.

It is not necessary to change your look. You can try a new hairstyle, new hair cut, color, some tattoos or something you like. And when you change your look you will receive some new compliments from your near dears.


Change your bedroom/bedroom design

You mostly miss your ex when you are alone, and bedroom is the place where you are always alone that is the time you miss your ex most. wherever you see you find something linked with your boyfriend/girlfriend and you start to miss him/her more.

So the first thing you need to do is change the bedsheet and the cover of the pillows. and change and change the color of the walls. and give a complete change of room like changing the place or direction of your bed, wardrobe, posters, pictures, paintings or any other things which distract you.

This will help you to avoid the painful situation and you will not miss your ex because of that change.


Arrange a party

This is a unique idea to arrange a party doesn’t matter it’s big or a small one. Just invite your friends and don’t forget to invite your manual friends, but not your ex. there are many benefits of this party number one, you will have chance to spend time with your friends and share your good moment but don’t even try to talk about your ex, just common talk.

Number two, you will enjoy dancing and this will increase your heartbeat and it will help you to be stress less.

Number three you will have a better last time memory to think about and you can meet some new friends who will talk to you in the future. So, one action many benefits.


Plan a family visit

Doesn’t matter who comes in your life and who goes away, but your family is always with you.

It is great to make a family visit plan and spend time with your family members after a breakup. It all depends on you and the situation that you want to share your breakup story or not.

Trust me, you are going to feel much better and will receive some outstanding idea to get over from the situation. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing the story with them, you can simply say that the story is of your friend.

Your friend can miss guide you unwillingly or unknowingly, but your family member will never advise you anything bad. Play with the kids of your family like cousin and niece. It will give you positive energy and you will feel happy.


Book a Body massage session!

Body massage is something will make you feel lighter and stress less mind. this is something that will help you to forget everything is around and enjoy the moment. After a breakup, you feel heavy, upset and flustered somehow.

In this stage what you are looking for is something calm and pleasant. when you are getting a proper massage, your body and mind will be refreshed and cleaned, in that particular time at least. Be careful about choosing a massager.

Your massager should be qualified enough to understand the needs according to the situation. In a clear word, find a body therapist how will help you to get relief in your adverse status of mind.


Book a counseling session

It’s very common to ask for advice from your friends and you will get some. But even they are not sure if it will work.

Go to the counselors and tell them how you feel, they can be helpful to decrease your stress in that circumstance as they are qualified and experienced. They will tell you what to do and what not to do according to the case they have solved before.

When you meet a counselor tell him all possible things and don’t hide the feeling you have. In many situations, this has been seen that they are helpful. I know some people have visited the seminars and one to one counseling sessions, and they learned to control their selves.

So, that is a really good idea to book a counseling session after a breakup.


Watch Comedy programs and listen to music!

Humor is something that will move you completely and doesn’t matter how you are feeling but it will change your mood.

You must have the experience that a joke can change the momentum of your present situation. Think, when you are sitting in a meeting with your parents and suddenly you see a joke on your phone or just remember a joke and it is very difficult for you to control your laughter.

If you don’t want to laugh, and you laugh then it will surely change your mind and make you happy because you want this. And the music will help you in every situation doesn’t matter you are happy, sad or bored.

In your case, better to listen to some pop music and dance with it. It will help you a lot.


The Bottom Line

It is very crucial to understand that what you want and what happens are completely different, and if it is happening with you there must be something wrong going on.

Doesn’t matter what a situation is you need to make your mind focused on “what you want”. The body is full of mysterious mechanism and it is very difficult to understand but we all know the word “HORMONE” never allow your Harmon’s to go against your will.

There are many ideas I have came with. You can follow these rules and some of them will be perfect and idol in your situation but the most important thing is to understand the situation that your ex is not with you anymore and don’t even try to get your ex in your life back. this will create an even worse situation in the future.

Better forget completely about your ex and move on. In the journey of life, people come and go. Forget the person has gone away, enjoy and love the people how are still with you and be ready to welcome your further beloved and lover.

Life will be easier even after a breakup…!


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