14 Tips to Yoga For Men To Stay Fit, Fresh And Healthy

Yoga for men has always been a taboo in the western world. No matter where ever you go, you would see that there is a majority of women attending the yoga classes. Men have always preferred lifting weight to stay in shape. However, all that is changing now. Men are also starting to see the benefits of incorporating yoga in their lives. Most men have realized that mental strength is equally important as physical strength. Yoga for men can help them physically as well as mentally.

If you have never tried yoga, you might think that it is not for you. So the best way to get motivated to do yoga is to see other men perform yoga. Yoga is one of the most traditional practices in the world which is still performed by monks and health enthusiasts all over the world. Many of them are men. So if you feel that it is not for you, you should think again.

Yoga for men is becoming very common these days. However, if you are not down with the idea of performing yoga, then just read along and you might get motivated to join a yoga class.

Let’s start with discussing how you can start your yoga routine and then move on to the amazing benefits you will enjoy from it.


Make A Decision And Be Determined

First and foremost, you have to make the decision of performing yoga for men. If you are having second thoughts about what your friends would say, just pick those thoughts and use them as a motivation to get on the yoga mat. This is very important as the more determined you are the quicker you will start performing yoga. Once you have made the decision of performing yoga for men, stick to your decision and never look back.


Where To Start?

The next question is also very important. Once you have decided that no matter what anyone says, you are going to perform yoga. The next step is to determine your starting point. Getting help from a professional yoga instructor is going to be an ideal choice however if you don’t have the resources you can always begin at home.

Thanks to YouTube, you can find many yoga instructors online that can even run you through a special course of yoga for men. All you need is a yoga mat and a few other yoga equipments and you will be good to go. Fix one hour in a day for yoga and meticulously perform yoga in that hour. Try to look up YouTube channels that have a series of Yoga programs going on so you can watch one video per day.

It is very important to understand that yoga is a very beneficial practise but if you are performing it at home then you have to be very careful. A wrong may cause more damage to your muscles and bones instead of making you feel better. The same goes for your local yoga instructor. If you want to work with a yoga instructor for your yoga for men routine then you should perform proper research. Choose a yoga instructor after performing proper research otherwise; you will be left with more problems than solutions.

There are many types of yoga parlors out there. Do your research and find a yoga parlor that is beginner-friendly. Sometimes yoga practices can also get intense and a beginner might not be able to handle it.


Never Perform Yoga In Your Jeans

If you have already decided to incorporate yoga in your life then you should be serious about it. There are certain rules and guidelines that you have to follow. In addition to having a yoga mat, you need to have the proper clothes as well.

Cycling short and baggy T-Shirts are a No-No! However you don’t have to go shopping to buy new clothes for yoga, you can look around your wardrobe and you are bound to find something that would work for you. Cotton T-Shirts (well-fitted), swim shorts, workout shorts, vests and tank tops all are perfect for yoga for men.

You have to wear clothes that are not only fit but comfortable as well. If you are performing yoga at home then you can go shirtless as well. Cotton shirts wouldn’t be any good if you sweat a lot. It is ideal to wear clothes that have sweat-wicking property especially if you sweat a lot.

Now that I have already discussed the ways you can start your yoga for men routine and you already know what items you will need. It’s time to dive-in and see some of the amazing benefits you will enjoy with yoga for men.


Amazing Benefit Of Yoga For Men

Yoga for men can be very beneficial. More than what most men perceive. It can have a very positive effect on both the body and soul of the person. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing benefits of yoga for men.


Improve Breathing

Yoga for men can help them breathe in a remarkably better way. Proper nasal breathing is very important. Studies have shown that people these days do not breathe to their full potential. This is because there is too much pollution in the air and also due to unhealthy food and practices of each individual person. Your nasal canal can get congested which can cause breathing problems.

However, this can be cured with the help of yoga. Yoga practices demand large breathes with regular deep and full breaths. This increases the breathing capacity of the practitioner and makes him breathe to an optimum level. Yoga for men can help in eliminating different types of respiratory problems.


It Boosts Your Stamina And Sex Life

Many men who have trouble in bed, start taking supplements to get better in bed. The best option that most men ignore is to go for yoga. Yoga for men can help them boost their stamina and eventually their sex life. Yoga can help in stimulating blood flow throughout the body, even to your private organs. This is why yoga is highly recommended for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

According to experts, yoga also helps in eliminating harmful toxins and chemical compounds from the body that had been causing trouble in your sex life. Yoga for men can make them perform better and longer in bed. If you have tried everything else and it hasn’t been any good for you. Try yoga and feel the difference yourself.


Yoga Makes Your More Flexible

How many times in your life have you come home from work and just feel stiff? It happens to everyone. You may be tired or you may be suffering from mental stress. No matter the case, whenever you feel that your muscles are stiff, you need to get your yoga mat out and start performing yoga. Yoga can do wonders for the stiffness. Not only will it help in getting rid of the stiffness it will also help you feel more relaxed and comfortable. It will also help in increasing the motion of your joints as well.


Balance Your Aura

If you are even slightly familiar with yoga and meditation then you might have heard of the word “aura”. In simple language, an aura can be considered as an external layer or a shield around your body. When your aura isn’t balanced you feel stressed out both mentally and physically. The more negative energy surrounds you, the worse your aura gets.

When you perform yoga, your body releases positive energy around you. This positive energy helps in balancing your aura and thus makes you feel better. It is a very broad and detailed concept however every yoga practitioner should know the basics about it.


Yoga Can Make Men Feel Happy

Performing yoga releases stress. This is why yoga for men is so important. Performing certain yoga actions can release endorphins in your brain which can be very beneficial in reducing stress and boosting your happiness. Everyone wants to be happy and if you can get it by just performing a couple of moved then why not!


Balanced And Boosts Your Metabolism

Yoga can aid in boosting your metabolism. All the food you eat needs to be converted into energy so that your body can function properly. Metabolism is the process that breaks down food and turns it into energy. A slow metabolism rate can cause stomach issues and may even cause other health problems over time. Your body should have a balanced metabolism rate. However, if you are trying to boost your metabolism for dietary purposes then yoga can help you do that as well.


It Can Make You Healthy More Physically And Mentally

I have already mentioned that yoga can be used to balance out your aura. When your aura is balanced you feel confident about life. Your cognitive abilities work to their full extent. However, did you know that yoga can also help you get balanced physically? You might not think of yoga as a workout routine but yoga demands you to perform certain actions over and over again.

You might not work as intensely as you do in the gym but it can definitely help you become healthier. Yoga for men can stimulate blood flow throughout a man’s body. It can make them feel relaxed and calm. All these things are a perfect recipe to make a guy healthier. When you are healthy both physically and mentally then there is nothing in this world that you cannot do.


It Boosts Your Strength

Staying healthy is one thing but what if I tell you that yoga for men can help you become stronger as well. Performing regular yoga can help your muscles become flexible and make your bones grow strong. This is why it is perfect for athletes who want to improve their performance both on and off the field. These days many male athletes hire yoga instructors so that they can boost their performance. It can help them stay focused and maintain their body at the same time.


Yoga Can Help You Reduce Weight

Many people, who perform yoga, do it to feel calm and relaxed. Even they don’t realize that yoga can actually help you lose weight. Men who are trying to reduce weight should definitely incorporate yoga in their lives. Yoga for men can be equally as beneficial in losing weight as it is for women. There aren’t any intense exec rises or routines. You can perform all the yoga moves in a calm and relaxed manner. Over time you will feel the weight loss.


Yoga Makes Your Heart Healthy

In this time of excessive junk food consumption, heart problems are quite common. People suffer from obesity, stress, blood circulatory problems and other similar medical conditions. All these issues affect your heart. The heart pumps blood throughout the body and if our heart isn’t working properly then nothing else will as well. So it is very important to make sure that your heart remains in good health.

Yoga can help in making your heart healthier and in doing so it helps to make your entire body better. When blood circulates smoothly throughout the body then all your bodily functions work to their full potential. Even your brain needs oxygen to work properly and if the blood flow isn’t right, oxygen will not be able to reach the brain. So make sure you perform yoga daily to improve the health of your heart.



Yoga for men can do wonders that most men still don’t realize. The benefits of yoga are just magical. The benefits mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg as yoga can help you in many other ways as well. With time men are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of yoga for them. Even though currently the yoga industry is dominated by women, it is just a matter of time that men will catch up to the women.

You might see as many yoga parlors and yoga centers for men as you see for women. I cannot stress the importance of yoga more than I already am but each and every person living on the planet should incorporate yoga in their lives one way or the other. The best thing about yoga is that it can be performed at your home without spending a dime of your money.


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