12 Most Effective Weight Loss Tips for Women

The food you eat affects your health. Eating healthy may play a vital role in weight loss, but several other components, play a significant role too. On the internet, you will find several weight loss tips for women that claim to have the secret to losing weight. But are they useful?

Losing weight isn’t only confined to the level of going to the gym regularly, or registering yourself with a dietitian. They play a major role, yes, but there are other things to consider. The required amount of sleep you daily get, imbalance of your stress levels, all play a considerable role.

They affect not only your body weight, but also hunger pangs, stomach fat, and digestive gut. Listed below are the useful weight loss tips for women that you can try out:


Stop Calculating Calories

If you’re someone who has just begun their weight loss journey, then what’s important to remember is calories aren’t everything. It may seem like the appropriate thing to do, but if you continue to cut calories, it can go wrong. Either it can lead to abnormal weight loss, bloating, or weight gain.

Exercising after consuming a lot of unhealthy amount of calories won’t benefit you, or skipping foods like vegetables or fruits. That’s why it is important to look at what you are eating, instead of counting how many calories it contains.

Instead, try adopting a negative calorie balance intake. It means consuming lesser calories than you are burning. What generates the amount of energy the body uses is the accumulated carbohydrates and fat stores.

Even if you are on a weight loss diet, your calorie deficit should stick between 400-500 calories. For women, the normal amount of calories consumed shouldn’t be less than 1500. This is one weight loss tip for women that they should never ignore.


Reducing Intake of Refined Carbs

The main downside of refined carbs is that they are heavily processed. After which the nutrients and fiber are reduced due to the processing of the product. Refined carbs are widely known to have adverse effects on health. They increase the levels of blood sugar, increase appetite, which results in overeating. So in result, they lead to increased body weight and abdominal fat.

The healthiest alternative you can choose for yourself is, replacing refined carbs with whole grain products. What does that mean? It means replacing white rice, bread, pasta, canned foods with whole grain products like oats, quinoa, brown sugar, etc.


Stay Hydrated

Hydration is the main key, which cannot be stressed enough. Staying hydrated is one of the most basic weight loss tips for women. Water helps remove toxins from the body. Drinking almost 2 liters of water or 16 ounces of water daily can be a practical way to lose weight.

And it doesn’t require putting in too much effort. Most of our body is made up of water, as it helps to maintain a healthy metabolism. According to research conducted, drinking a glass of water before having a meal will stop you from excessive eating.

Therefore, it is vital to consume more water on a daily basis instead of consuming sodas and alcohol obsessively. As sugar consumption and calories will reduce, so you will be on the journey of healthily losing weight.


Eat Less, but Eat Smart

Many weight loss tips for women talk about eating less. Eating is important but it is not as important as eating smart. In order to maintain your weight loss goal, it is important to note that you eat less, but eat smart.

That does not mean blindly cutting out meals from your day, to lose weight faster. Instead, the unhealthy diet pattern would only lead to some medical problem. If you are consuming calories from foods such as vegetables, whole grain foods, it will surely aid in weight loss.

Despite the popular opinion preached by the media that cutting calories results in body loss. It is false. If you combine your daily training exercise by having a full nutrient diet, you will see and feel the difference. Because in the end, skipping meals only results in health problems, and increased weight.


Portion Control

Being aware of your portion size while eating is extremely important. Drinking water before each meal can prevent you from over eating. It’s still crucial to have control over the size of the meal you consume if you’re trying to lose weight.

Using smaller plates will ensure that you have control over the amount of food you consume daily. This will help you stay consistent with your weight loss journey. It not only helps to keep in check your daily calorie intake but also prevents you from overeating. That will only falter you from your set goal.

This is easily attainable if you start eating several meals; say five to six meals daily. Instead of eating three large means, which can be hard to burn off later during exercise, eat more meals.

Eating five to six meals daily ensure that when you are exercising, it is easier to burn off those calories. Performing portion control is without a doubt very important weight loss tips for women.


Make Your Own Food

Making your own food means having control of what products you use to make your meals. And how much portion you’re going to eat. When you make your own food, you are aware of the food’s origin.

That means using more fresh vegetables, whole grains, and unprocessed canned foods to maintain a healthy diet. Therefore, having a nutritional diet that is lower in fat quickens the weight loss process.

For women, consuming super foods like broccoli, fish, kale, beet root, any type of beans, quinoa is vital. They’re a rich energy source and are proven to have several health benefits, along with managing certain types of pains.

Weight loss tips for women can’t get more manageable than this. You can incorporate these ingredients while you are cooking your own food to maintain a healthy weight loss journey.


Exercise Daily

Even though going to the gym daily may seem like an impossible task to achieve. You can still develop a habit out of it if you are thinking about losing weight. When we talk about weight loss tips for women then working out is equally as important as diet.

When you are a beginner, it is important to take things slow. By taking small steps, you can reach your bigger goal. The more you rush your weight loss process, the more problematic it can turn out to be for you.

Daily exercise doesn’t require you to go to the gym daily to feel productive. Instead, you can work out at home by installing any app on your phone, and follow through.

For women, cardio can turn out to be very beneficial; as the increased heart beat means you are burning more calories. When combining with a healthy diet, cardio can help you see and feel a significant different in your body.

Even if you take out 15-20 minutes of your day for exercise, it will last you for your whole life.


Consumption of Food with Rich Fiber

Consuming foods that are rich in fiber will boost up your metabolism. Consuming more fiber in your diet during weight loss is a common technique used to keep your stomach feel full. When your stomach feels full for a longer time, you don’t feel the need to munch on snacks.

Now the important question is: which foods to consume? Whole grain foods, beans, seeds, vegetables, and fruits – these are all rich sources of fiber to maintain a healthy diet.

According to research, fiber takes time to digest in your stomach that is why it expands, to keep you feeling fuller. Incorporating healthy fats can also ensure a quick journey to weight loss. Healthy fats like avocado, seafood, eggs, etc. Proteins can reduce your food cravings and maintain a healthy metabolism.

So, a high protein diet is integral for weight loss.


Tracking your Food

Track your food by keeping a journal, or downloading an app that lets you know how many calories are consumed. Sometimes you are not aware of how many calories a simple soda can, or burger can contain.

That is why when you are food tracking your meals, you know how much calories you are consuming. So, even when you are cooking a meal for yourself, you know what ingredients you are using. All of this contributes to a healthy lifestyle.

Tracking your food is very important and is one of the most essential weight loss tips for women. Without tracking your food you will not be able to lost weight effectively.

When you feel demotivated to carry on your weight loss journey, have a glimpse of how far you’ve come. Every time you look at the food tracker in your journal, or app, it will work as a reminder.

Even if you end up craving a snack, which will derail you from your diet, you can incorporate healthy snacks. By incorporating healthy snacks in your diet, you get to curb your cravings by eating snacks that are high in fiber.


Maintaining Healthy Sleep

It is widely acknowledged that sleep deprivation leads to increased body weight and increased ghrelin. A lot of physical problems in the body are caused due to lack of sleep.

So one of the best weight loss tips for women is to maintain healthy sleep. If you have a bad sleep schedule, you will wake up feeling groggy in the morning. A research survey conducted with women found that it is necessary for them to get 7 hours of sleep daily. This is as important to losing weight as having a healthy diet is.

The people having an irregular sleep pattern undergo less fat loss, as opposed to people who have a regular pattern. Similarly, insulin is affected by the irregular sleep pattern, as it is beneficial for losing weight. Therefore, it is important to stay mindful of maintaining a healthy sleep pattern, along with diet and exercise.


Staying Motivated

In order to stay motivated, it is integral to set attainable goals. Taking smaller steps towards a bigger goal is easier than taking one big step and failing. In the daily hustle of life, a person rarely finds time for himself.

That is why the shorter, practical the goals are; the easier it will be to achieve them. If you fail, only you are responsible for failing, which is why setting out a plan is the smart step.

If you have set out a goal to lose 15 pounds, then you can plan to lose it in 3 months. If you set less target time, it will demotivate you easily. Because every day, you have to find the motivation to stay consistent, to work out.

Even if you miss out on more than two days, you are back to square one. So, you can keep yourself motivated by keeping a mantra that will boost your spirits whenever you feel like giving up.


Cut Out Added Sugar and Dairy

Sugar and dairy are the major instigators of weight gain. Sugar has proven to cause so many adverse health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases. The store bought canned foods or any item are filled with added sugar.

They reduce the nutrient quality of the food that is the requirement of your body. In result, it only increases your blood sugar levels. You can cut out added sugar from your diet by drinking fewer sodas, alcohol, fruit juices, and consuming sweets. As they hinder your weight loss journey.

Along with that, cutting out dairy will also prove to be beneficial. You can do that by replacing full-fat milk with non-dairy milk such as almond, coconut, soybean, or nut milk of your choice. Also, skimmed milk is also the best milk to drink during your weight loss journey. It is free from any fat, and it is easily digestible.



Therefore, keeping a healthy diet means consuming whole grain foods, vegetables, fruits and exercising daily to burn those calories. This is only attainable when the person has set attainable, realistic, weight loss goals.

Also, when you take your time to eat your meals, you are allowing your stomach to process the food gradually. As opposed to eating quickly, which can cause indigestion.

Along with that, several factors are to be considered when you are stepping on a weight loss journey. Eat smart, drink more water, food tracking, eat fiber, cut out sugar and dairy, sleep properly. When you are consistent in your habits, you are bound to feel motivated naturally.

However, weight loss doesn’t require you to stop eating your favorite food. It works as a reminder of how much you are consuming and what ingredients were used in the making. So, these are the practical weight loss tips for women to try out.


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