12 Taking A Break In A Relationship Rules

Sometimes you need to think about taking a break in a relationship rules. You might not want to discuss it with your partner because you are scared of losing them.

Such thoughts are hard to figure out and extremely crucial to deal with. You just don’t understand where you stand in each other’s life. Instead of making things better for one another you are doing the exact contrary, that.

That is the moment when you need to stop, relax, and let these thoughts out. Don’t let these thoughts engulf you which you have boxed in one corner of your brain.

This is when you think about what you want. You know you love that person; you know it will be hard without them.

But you know well enough that you need to be away from them. You need to do this sometimes to just see where you stand alone, in your life.

Often we are so consumed in our relationships that we stop working on our individual selves we are always so busy building each other up, being there for the other, caring for the other one, we tend to forget what it is like to be on your own, survive, thrive and live on your own, and simply just exist. We might even have forgotten about things other than our partner which makes us happy.

When the relationship becomes something what we just mention, when you don’t know where you stand in life, generally, you need time for yourself, away from everyone from your partner even, you need to think and contemplate on what you have become whether or not you are in harmony of the self you have become.

Once you have thought through it, and decided that yes, no matter how hard it is you do need some time to clear your head, to see where you re, whether or not the person you are with is someone you see yourself with in the future. You need answers and for these you need a breather, some time, away from the relationship.

The next step is confiding in to the other person, explaining them how, what or why you feel such things, because relationship is about two individual, the other person has an equal say in the decision or he/she needs to validate them through the break in the same way. It is important for both you to be on the same boat, to make things work peacefully.

You need to tell them the fact, that a break is not a breakup, you want this break not because you do not want the person you are with but the fact that you need to know exactly why you two value each other, whether some time away can make you realize that yes you are capable of being happy on your own, and the other person is there to add on more to it, definitely you need that person, sometimes you realize that the issues you two were not able to get over and resolve are not even issues in the bigger picture, what matters more is the fact that you love each other, sometimes you may realize that you are better off alone, you may need a little more self exploring at that time, there can be countless outcomes of the break.

When both of you have decided that thing are just not working out an instead of breaking up you cannot afford to lose someone you dearly love, you both decide on taking a break you need to establish some taking a break in a relationship rules.


Talk About The Break

This could be one of the most essential rules from the range of taking a break in a relationship rules, you both need to sit down calmly, and decide on mutual terms.

Both of you need some time to yourself, to contemplate and see whether or not you can further work on the relationship or would it be better to call it off. A break however, does not mean a breakup. So yes, talk about it, agree to it, make sure you both want it for the same reason, and make sure you both are on the same page.


Set A Time Frame

To put an end to it, you need to mutually decide on a time frame. It may range from over one week to a month, a four to six month break is not a break but a breakup, please understand and get over them. So once you have set the time you both will be away from each other and living your own lives. Kick start the journey!


No Communication

When you are on a break, please do not go running to the other person the very next day, or call them every night, or a keep a track of their doings just let them go.

Don’t forget a break does look like a better version of a breakup fret not we are just kidding, but no communication thing is for real. For at most a month do not contact them. Do not worry about them, do not go all crazy and stalk them, just let them be.


Be There For Yourself

You need to give time to yourself, contemplate on the reasons that have brought you to such a state. Contemplate on reasons that brought you both together in the first place.

Also contemplate on reasons as to whether or not you really want the relationship or now is not the time? Or you cannot handle it? Or he is that person and you cannot do without him? Or whatever it is in that head of yours think about it.


Honesty Is The Best Policy

Reflect on your thoughts, are you missing them? Yes? Accept it. No? That is also fine. You think you are better off alone? Think about it and make your decision and be honest about it.

When time comes and share it with your partner. Help them understand your reasons. If you are unable to determine what you want, and if you do know what you want, but you are not honest about it, there is no point in taking the break then. It won’t change things for better, but might change them for worse.


Stay True

Starting to date other people, might not be the right thing to do during the break. He break is not there for giving you a pass to get other people into your problems; such things will only complicate your issues further.

You took the break to acknowledge and determine what you think, whether you want to be in the relationship or not? You did surely not take the break to date other people. Save that for later, because if you want other people when you are on the break, it is an indicator in itself that you in no way want the relationship to work.


A Break Is Not A Breakup

A break is definitely not a breakup it is merely some little time take n away from each other to think things through. To be able to get over the trite issues and figure out what means the most to you. Being on a break does not mean you will end with a breakup it does not even confirm the fact that you two might end up together.

The answer to what the break might hold value for lies in how well you take this time to think through and decide what you want. Rather than submersing to your subconscious mind you think consciously about the choices you made. And about the decisions you might make, and how will you stick to the decision you made.


It Is Fine Even If It Does Mean A Breakup In The End

Even if the break leads to a breakup, you don’t have to cry about it, whine or just end up in a depression. Yes breakups are hard to deal with but they are certainly not an end to everything good.

Setting up taking a break in a relationship rules means you care about your partner. It is certainly not giving up on your relationship; it is more like giving your best shot to save it.

Sometimes you need to be honest about it, and you need to take a look at things from a greater perspective rather than your own close minded peripheral vision a bird’s eye view could do wonders.


Too Many Breaks Ultimately Leads You to A Breakup

A break should not be something that you need often in your relationship, if you do need such breaks more than necessarily often then, they too signify something.

That is the fact that you two are better off alone. By pushing things you are not working them out but eventually creating a more complicated situation you two are likely to end up in. When you both know that the ultimate end for you two is to b away from each other then no matter how much you try work things out, it won’t happen.

Sometimes you do need to swallow the hard pill of reality and let go off things and look forward to nothing but betterment.


Use the Time Away From Each Other Wisely

When you are on a break, instead of becoming all negative about the situation, you need to reflect on it. You need to figure out your feelings, accept and welcome them.

Work on yourself s an individual, do something you love, a hobby, some passion, anything. Spend time with your friends, work hard on your job and take out some time for your personal health. Go for a haircut, a spa day, anything that will make you feel relax; go on a mini vacation maybe.

Do everything but do not give up on yourself. Never bring yourself even close to the thought of it.

The break should tell you a bitter reality which is the fact that no matter how much in love you are, sometime, you are literally all you got. So instead of focusing on falling in love with the other person; you should do something that will make you fall in love with yourself? Because in the end, you are all you have.


There Is No Running Away From Your Problem

During the break, do not try taking this as an opportunity to run away from your issues. No matter how far you run away or how much you try ignoring your feelings this has never worked out for anybody, and there is no chance that it will work out for you.

Running away is not the solution. It might make things smooth for a bit, but they will all come hit you even harder. Since nothing slaps harder than reality right? During the break, contemplate the issues; see if they are workable, what can you do to counter them? How can you find a solution? Work on your problems actively!


Stay Optimistic

One of the most important taking a break in a relationship rules is staying optimistic. Staying positive during such a time, is the key to figuring everything out properly.

One should definitely try staying positive in such ties. There is always a hidden opportunity to learn something new from every trial. You will find many couples who came out from such breaks in the strongest way possible; there are so many couples who found out that they are so much better off alone.

No matter what the end of the break holds for you. Make this positive experience of your life, grow from it, learn from it and find your mistakes. Think where you went wrong, what would ideally be the best way to handle such situations in future. Is there any way you can change yourself as a person based on what you have learned.

You have to do this in order to become a smarter, better and a healthier version of yourself. At the end of the day you only got yourself, make sure you remember this.



These are the most important taking a break in a relationship rules that you have to follow. Sometimes a break is necessary so don’t lose hope. Always believe that you and your partner would come out strong from all of this.


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