Spark a relationship following simple 13 steps

Are you looking for ways to spark a relationship? Every couple in the world need some tips to make their relationships stronger. Doesn’t matter what age group you are in, you always need to make your partner happy.

The time you start liking someone or fall in love with who has the same feeling for you is god gift. After falling in love with someone, things start to change, everything is golden around you, and this feeling is one of the best moment of life.

Falling in love is a natural feeling and nice but to make your relationship durable, you need to spark your relationship.

Now, the question is, how to spark a relationship. Well, I’m going to come with some ideas which I have gone through. Either I have experienced or have heard from the people around me.


Being sporty

Sports are the best activities to shape your body, sharp your brain and light on your face. And this is what we all know, but cans ports spark a relationship? The answer is yes! Sports can really help to make your relationship stronger.

Motivate each other and play. Try to find some risky Sports as it will steer you both to be more protective to each-other. It is also important to appreciate your partner on their acts and push them to do better and more effective.

Don’t leave your partner alone when he or she is trying something new and always be a good helper.

Camping is one of the best outdoor to get closer to your partner. You will experience to compromise and be together in a situation of lack of resources and do each and everything together.


Surprise your partner

A surprise is a word, that is thrilling itself. And if you want to get rid of the common and boring schedule of life, go for something new like a surprise, to spark a relationship. Buy something for your partner as a surprise gift. It is an indication of a caring nature.

Go to a place that your mate likes. This will make your lover happy and your partner will surely respect your feeling. Buy a movie, concert or any other program’s ticket that your partner like. Enjoy the program with your partner.

This will make your partner feel special. These are the acts that will generate a strong bonding between you both.


Impress with your cooking skill

There is a proverb that the way of the heart is going through the stomach. It means if you want to enter in the heart of someone or, you want someone who likes you, cook something tasty. Favorite food is the weakest point of everybody.

When you feed someone his favorite food, he will probably devote his heart, and he will have a special feeling for you. This is one of the best ways to spark a relationship. Plan a barbeque. Better to plan with your partner only, without your other friends.

Sit together, holding the hands of each other and talk about the food, ingredients, and the efficacy of the food. Feed each-other with your hand, eat from the same bite, as you are enjoying feeding your partner more than eating.


Love letter writing a game

Writing letters, in the twenty-first century! It may sound old fashioned or dramatic, but it really helps to spark a relationship doesn’t matter you are newly married or an old couple.

A piece of paper with your feeling which you have written is a real romance that surely able to bring a deep smile on your lover’s face. Start the love latter with a romantic poem, song or rhyme if you can write your own.

Draw heart, smile even if you are not good at drawing. Use the colorful pen to write a love letter, especially red.

Write something romantic feeling of yours and let your partner know, how caring and loving you are.


A romantic dinner

Plan a romantic Dinner together, either in a restaurant or at your home. Don’t choose a crowded restaurant.

It can restrict to express your feeling, and it can ruin your romantic dinner rather than giving the spark in a relationship of yours. A romantic dinner is an act that has been very popular and common for a long time.

I will propose you a candlelight dinner. In the evening time, plan a surprise candling dinner for your partner. Get some food that your partner likes and decorate the table with some flowers. Play a piece of romantic background music and invite your lover.

Tell her how important she is for you and what role she plays in your life.

That will be even better if you sing a romantic song, or play a musical instrument for her.


A surprise meeting with parents!

There is a common situation with most of the couples that they don’t want to meet their partner’s parents. This is something you need to change in you.

See, everybody loves their parents, and when you plan a surprise visit to the parents of your partner, she will be so glad that she may hug you. Dent tell her when you are planning to visit or better tell her you are going elsewhere.

This is also a good idea to take your in-laws in confidence and ask them not to reveal as it would be a surprise visit. Buy a gift for your in-laws because people respect one who respects their parents.

Participate in their conversation but not too long. Give them privacy to talk and discuss alone. It is also a good idea to invite your in-laws to your home and surprise her.

Meeting with family members is one of the keys to show your caring nature and give the spark in a relationship.


Travel Together

Leaving home for a short time and go somewhere you like or a place where you have been dreaming to visit is a chance to spark a relationship.

When you are surrounded by strangers, you don’t know anybody, everything is new for you. This situation is the best situation to know each other better than how caring your lover or beloved is.

This is the best chance for you to show your partner that you are capable enough to protect him or her physically, mentally and emotionally.

Keep holding the hands most of the time, ask the interesting question to make your trip more exciting, try some new food and always ask your partner.

When you come back from your trip, you will see a great improvement in your relationship.


Use technology to get closer

Technology is something is used to make many things easier and it also helps to spark a relationship.

A phone call: It’s not necessary to call your lover only when you are far or you can’t meet your partner. You can call for no reason time to time just to show your affection. To crack a joke, to say something romantic, just to share a small story or simply to tell, “I miss you”.

Messages: A text message Sending a text message is always romantic, so use some text messages to impress, if you don’t have the contents use some emoticons and smileys.

Share some memorable photos: Think, you are busy or stressed, you get a message notification. When you open the message you see a memorable photo or funny photo of yours. what will be your reaction?

You will forget that you were stressed and a smile will be on your face. Similarly, it will bring a smile on your partner too.

An audio message: It will help you more if you like singing. if not, you can record a poem or some romantic phrases and send.

Video message: You can also send your video message to say something. You don’t need to record long videos but some very short clips or yours. Funny videos will be even better.

Online games: If you both are free, invite each other to play an online game together and this will give you a feeling like being together.

React on social media photos of your partner: When you see a photo of your partner always reacts on that. you can also react to other comments or complement she is getting from other people.

This will make your partner feel that you believe him or her and you are not feeling jealous or insecure.


Use the magic words

I love you, everybody knows that “I love you” is a magical phrase and couples use it to express their emotions and can be used to change the negative topics sometimes.

Whenever you see everything is going against and nothing can help, just use the magical phrase “I love you” and there is a big chance that the situations will be under control.

Thank you, Using thank you with a smile makes the thing friendly. so, use thank you whenever you feel that your partner is helping you or doing even small favor.

Say sorry, saying sorry never means that you are wrong but it makes people feel that you care about that person.

An Indian motivational speaker, Gaur Gopal Das said once in his speech says, “when you say sorry, you say that the person is more important in your life than being right. so, keep using this magical word and cut the crap.

Use please, please is a word that is part of etiquette or, good manners. It shows your personality and describes your image. So use it when you need a favor.


Use flattering words

It is very very important to use flattering words in a relationship. This really helps to sparks a relationship.

Some women always complain that their husbands or boyfriends don’t notice them when they were a new dress. Your partner needs attention so, pass a compliment when she is wearing a new dress, and use flattering words according to the situations.

Looking beautiful, today you are looking more beautiful. Talk about her hair, the women love their hair so do men. So, use an appropriate word to describe.

Talk about eyes, keep talking about the eyes, this the best romantic compliment. Fingers, neck, cheeks, lips, breast, waist, hips these parts are very romantic to talk about.


Love and romance

Why do men and get together? The logical reason for a man and woman get together is the” Love and romance”.

There are many reasons too, but the main and natural reason is romantic relationship. To Spark a relationship, it is most important to be romantic and good in bed.

Whenever you are alone with your partner sitting together. Keep touching, stroking hair, kissing and holding in your partner in your arms.

You need to have some new and unique ideas for your bed. Make your partner believe that he or she is the best in your life and you are happy with him or her.


Giving space to your partner

Never be too possessive. A number of relationship doesn’t work because you being too possessive and jealous.

Giving space is only the solution to give a new spark in a relationship after a short distance. let your partner go out with their friends and family, don’t check the details and messages of the calls as you feel it’s your right.

Don’t believe someone if he or she makes false rumors about your partner. better to discuss together and get confirmed. Give your partner time and space so you both will feel free and more comfortable.


Don’t do in a relationship

Try to avoid asking annoying questions. Don’t scratch the past, past is past, you will get nothing back but stress.

Don’t speak negatively about the person your partner likes. Never insult your partner in front of other people or friends. It is really a bad idea to share any weak point about your lover or beloved. don’t make fun or your partner in public.

Consider, not to get engaged talking with your other friends and leave your partner alone in parties.


The Bottom Line

A relationship is the most important in our life. We all need to find a way to Spark a relationship.

What do we need in our journey of life? Get a life partner who you would love to get older with. The last part of our life is according to our young performances. And activities like loving each-other and trusts are the foundation of a true relationship.

If there is everything, good in your relationship, you will feel free and happy. It is crucial to be understanding and loving.

This will help you to create a cemented relationship in your life.


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