20 Tips to Improve Your Relationship To Lead A Healthy Life

We all seek to have a beautiful, healthy relationship with our loved ones. A beautiful relationship can make or break your day. A good relationship is considered as one of the best gifts this life can offer. However, not all relationships are like this and sometimes you need to improve your relationship for it to last longer. Relationship is another name for commitment and loyalty.

It requires adequate dedication, time and effort from both sides. Forming a positive and trusting relationship requires quite hard work and sincerity. Moreover, for any relationship to maintain and stay strong, both partners need to be highly dedicated and sincere.

In this article, I’ll provide you with some habits and ways that will drastically improve your relationships. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been dating for three months or married for five years, it all boils down to mutual respect, effort and willingness. By implementing these habits and ways, you will not only feel that your relationship has strengthened.

You’ll also feel the tranquility, the serenity, and as the saying goes butterflies in your stomach.


Try to listen and understand than being heard and understood.

Listening and communicating effectively is very vital for a relationship. Most couples are not pretty effective in communicating which often leads to disastrous consequences. Often one person perceives something different than it is intended and usually it ends in a fight.

One way to improve your relationship is to focus more on the listening part rather than the speaking part. With time you’ll begin to notice a certain kind of smoothness and ease in your communication. The more room you give to your partner and relaxation in commuting the healthier it is for your relationship. Communication is very essential for a relationship to thrive and prosper.


Dine out once a month.

One of the most important ways to improve your relationship is to take time out for each other and the simplest way to do that is to dine out once a month. Fix a date for every month dedicated to just dining out and seeing each other. The results can be quite remarkable and eye-catching.


Appreciate your partner.

The more the relationship matures the less we tend to appreciate our partners. With time in a relationship, people get addicted to the level of comfort that they begin taking it for granted. Moreover, people sometimes take their acts of kindness as a form of expectation and reciprocate it with simple disheartening ways. This kills the relationship. Acknowledgment and appreciation are very vital for a relationship.

When you choose to acknowledge your partner, you instill in him/her a sense of gratefulness and thankfulness which weighs a great deal. Furthermore, your appreciation towards your partner will also serve and act as reinforcement for your partner to be thankful and thoughtful no matter what.


It doesn’t matter what happened before, learn to move on.

Another way to improve your relationship is to move on, accept and let go of the past. According to a research the past serves as a culprit for many arguments and misunderstanding between couples. Therefore it is highly advisable for couples to make peace with each other forgive and move on. It becomes very difficult for a relationship to progress when you’re still stuck in the past.


Empathy is the key to close bonding

It is quite hard to imagine yourself in anyone’s shoes but once you start doing that, you will actually start feeling their pain, how they see the world and why they do certain things. You don’t have to give up yourself to feel empathetic but just have to momentarily imagine yourself in their shoes. Moreover, empathy encourages a stronger bond and your partner will feel safe to vent out anything they want as you empathize with them.


Make time for each other, plan a date outdoors.

Since you both have been working throughout the month and it does get difficult to spend quality time with each other, it is important to step back from the hectic routine and give yourselves a treat! Designate one date each month where you guys will totally give each other time. You don’t have to Netflix and chill. Pick a beautiful picnic spot near a highway or where the view is iconic, relax, talk and just keep all the business aside.


Don’t stick to the past

You need to be forgiving, if you keep sticking to past mistakes your partner did and keep bringing them into arguments, it can pave way for potential fights. Be clear in terms of what you want from your relationship and what is more important, the past or the future? If you plan to take things forward, you need to step out of the past. When you stop playing the blame game, that’s when you have the chance to improve your relationship.


Respect each other’s boundaries

Everyone needs personal space and in a relationship, giving space to your partner is very important. You might love texting your partner every minute of the day but are they comfortable with that? Sure you are very friendly but sometimes you just want to be left alone, does your partner respect that? These are things which you both shouldn’t mind in a relationship, having some boundaries are good in a relationship.



It will not show that you are weaker or that you are actually wrong. Sometimes apologizing for saves relationships. Being right won’t sort out an argument, being compassionate will! Don’t take the blame for everything but be mature enough to apologize for the sake of a relationship and the person you love.


Don’t forget yourself in a relationship

You can get carried away in relationships but it is important to be yourself, you don’t need to forget who you are, you don’t need to abandon your friends and family for your loved one, you just need to take other relationships along as well. Remember your partner fell in love with the person you were, so don’t let that change. Also being the real version of yourself will prevent you from being toxic for your relationship.


Communicate and ask questions

You won’t know what color your partner likes unless you ask them. So keep asking new questions to discover more about your partner. However, don’t stretch it to an irritating level, just ask a question randomly in a conversation you feel is dying out or at the end of a conversation. This is so that your conversations can be more meaningful and productive, plus you guys will enjoy it.


Problems can be solved positively

Your partner might have made a mistake, might have done something you didn’t like and now it has lead to a problem in your relationship. No need to start yelling at them the instant they step inside the house, just calm down, take a deep breath, ask them why they did a certain thing and find a solution in a positive way. Dealing with problems with a positive insight will surely help improve your relationship. Your partner will never hide things from you if you mindfully carry out conversations to solve problems.


Organize the finances

So you both are earning and money is one sensitive issue which can lead to arguments. Support each other, it doesn’t matter if one partner is earning more than the other, don’t let that jealousy factor ever take a toll on your relationship! Keep a record of all the money you guys are spending, divide up the expenses so you guys never have to argue over money.


Sort out minor issues before they become major ones

If you aren’t sorting out your issues at the grass-root level, you will have to face potential arguments and fights in the future. Discuss what you don’t like, don’t always complain rather find a solution. Being in a relationship isn’t a bed of roses; you will face many ups and downs till you can see your flower blossom.

Start by communicating, when you are angry, don’t give them the silent treatment and don’t ignore the issue if it is bothering you! Talk it out so you both are clear in your relationship and also, it will improve your relationship and promise longevity.


A few sacrifices will really improve your relationship

Has your partner been requesting you to come watch a match with them? Do you really want to go to a movie premiere? If yes then you guys have to tweak your schedule. This means you guys have to compromise a little, give up your friend’s party to go with your partner to the movie premiere, pick your partner earlier for work and go for a hike.

These little compromises aren’t only fun to make but also you will feel more bonded with each other. You guys will appreciate each other’s effort thus it is a great way to improve your relationship!


Take turns

One partner doesn’t always have to plan dates, movies or spontaneous trips. If your partner has been cooking the dinner consistently, maybe you both could switch and take turns in preparing dinner. This way you guys are going to be sharing the burden and since you both have unique ideas, every time each of you takes a turn something fantastic will come up! This will improve your relationship and it is fun taking turns anyway!


Get those adrenaline levels kicking

You and your partner can plan an activity which will shoot your adrenaline levels, try to watch a horror movie together or go for skydiving! Adrenaline causes your heart to pump faster, activating the pleasure centers of your brain. Not only will adrenaline rushing activities be fun but in the long term, it will improve your relationship! You will feel full of emotions and love for your partner so this one is a must-try indoors or outdoors!


Get Rid of those gadgets

The constant use of social media and mobile phones can really spoil your personal life. If you are always on the phone or always working on your laptop, chances are that you do have relationship problems going on! If you are very distracted by your phone, put it in another room; don’t take it to your bed.

Secondly, never give attention to your phone more than your partner, this gives an impression of lack of attention and that you aren’t interested in what your partner is saying. Moreover, giving time to your partner will improve your relationship on a whole and also you will feel more relaxed.


Reminiscence is always wonderful

Your busy schedules can rip the romance from your relationship! You can’t go outdoors like you use to and you can’t have vacations in the middle of the year, so what to do? Whenever you go on holidays, remember to make videos of beautiful moments and watch them together when you come back. Always talk about all the good time you both had with each other, this not only improves relationships but also makes you feel more loved!


Show your affection!

You don’t always need to express it in words. Sometimes you can hug your partner or just grab their hand to thank them. Go to bed together, be on your partner’s side on games or when they pick a fight with another person, hold them! These are things which signal your affection, will improve your relationship and your partner must also know about this.



If you are going through relationship problems, and need solutions to improve your relationship these tips are sure to give you great help. Relationships aren’t easy, some days it will feel like Hollywood and on others, you will feel like a bellow average couple, but that’s fine. You and your partner need to keep that spark alive in your relationship!

Moreover, if you really want to improve your relationship, you must communicate well and learn from each other. Try to make your relationship a safe haven where you guys can reside comfortably and progress together!


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