How Happy Couples Stay Happy: 17 Ways

There is no secret formula that happy couples follow to keep their relationship going strong. Strong and happy relationships take a lot of hard work and effort, even if they look effortless from the outside.

Even if we don’t admit it, all of us want a strong and loving relationship. We are all guilty of seeing happy couples and thinking “How do they do this?” Well, there is no one answer.

Relationships require a lot of effort and commitment. We are complex human beings, but the beauty of it is that we are still all the same. All of us want love, security, friendship, happiness, understanding, freedom and many more things.

There are many ways you can cultivate a happy relationship with someone too. Here are some things that are commonly present in all happy couples.


What happy couples do to stay happy in the long run

They build each other up

In today’s competitive world, we are all constantly trying to get ahead and bring others down. Everyone needs a person in their life who helps them improve and be the best version of themselves.

Happy couples know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and consciously make each other work on both. They work on themselves and share their growth.


They openly communicate

If you can not honestly share things with the person you are dating, then you are with the wrong person. Happy couples talk about everything.

They talk about their fears, dark sides, what makes them happy and sad. They share everything going on in their heads and their lives.

Communication helps in building understanding. Only when you understand a person you can cultivate a genuine connection with them.

These days most of us feel misunderstood and it is great to have a source of understanding from somewhere. All happy couples honestly communicate with each other and try to understand their partner.


They accept their partner

This is a quality lacking in most of us these days. Acceptance is highly underrated. When full acceptance isn’t there, you become intolerant of the person.

Happy couples understand that we are all imperfect human beings. They make their partner feel accepted and that is why their relationship lasts. In the end, all of us want to be accepted and valued.

They accept each other in every mood, every state and every day. Happy couples also consistently remind their partners that they are accepted and appreciated.


They spend quality time together

All of us can go on fun dates to various places such as parks, theatres, concerts, and carnivals. However, not every day is like this. Some days you just want to stay in bed and watch your favorite show.

Happy couples spend a lot of quality time together, even doing nothing. This is very important as not every day can be adventurous. You have to be able to spend time doing nothing as well.

This is because they enjoy each other’s company and even spending time in this way is a form of love.


They share hobbies

It is always exciting to share your hobbies with another person. It is about sharing something you love doing. Happy couples learn each other’s hobbies and then take part in it.

Every individual has hobbies that spark joy in them. Sharing them with your partner sparks additional joy. It is always good to take an interest in your partner’s hobbies.

Many happy couples take up activities they can do together such as:

  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Playing a sport
  • Dancing
  • Going to the gym together
  • Watching movies and shows

This strengthens the bond they share and always keeps the relationship interesting.


They give each other space

Many people lose their individuality while dating. Happy couples understand that there are boundaries. A person should not have to sacrifice their individual essence for a relationship.

Happy couples provide each other space when needed and respect boundaries. They give their partner the room to be themselves and enjoy life on their own too.
Alone time is very important to mental well being.

Only when you are happy on your own you can provide it to someone else. Something that is understood by all happy couples.


Lay a solid foundation

Anything that has a solid foundation lasts long. The foundations of a happy and long-lasting relationship are:

  • Trust
  • Acceptance
  • Love
  • Understanding
  • Respect
  • Freedom
  • Honesty
  • Empathy

If you look at the relationships of happy couples. You will find that these characteristics are present in all of them. These qualities are the foundation of their relationships.

These are just the basic needs of every human being and we all need another individual to provide us these.

A healthy relationship consists of all these qualities. If you and your partner can not provide this to each other, then it most likely won’t last.


They consciously show each other their love

Anyone can say nice and loving words. However, it takes a strong person to consistently show it with their actions.

This does not mean that you show it with big gestures. It is always in the little things we do for a person that shows them how much we care.

Be sincere and express your love through gestures and actions. Not just words. We all need to see to believe things. Love needs to be shown too so the other person can believe you when you say “I love you.”


They resolve conflicts in a healthy manner

Yes, happy couples fight and have conflicts too. No relationship is smooth. There are bumpy days as well. The point is to go through those conflicts instead of breaking up.

Instead of fighting and resorting to hostility, happy couples still show they care. Fights are just seen as a bump in the road, not the end.

Even if the issue lingers on for a while, happy couples don’t take away their love. Instead, they work to resolve the issue amicably and get through it.

Fights and conflicts just make them stronger. They understand each other’s perspectives and see it as an opportunity to learn more about their partner.

A ship’s strength can only be tested in rough waters. In the same way, a relationship’s strength is known when times are not good and there are issues.

Never take away your love and affection even during fights and communicate with each other. Fights are inevitable but it is about how you get through them.


They work consistently on fostering intimacy

Intimacy is emotional closeness. While we can be physically close to someone easily, it takes courage to be emotionally vulnerable.

Happy couples build that sense of closeness with each other. They do this by being open and transparent with each other. They break each other’s emotional barriers and then build intimacy.

They express their love and affection in many ways, not just one. They also work on physical intimacy. Happy couples are both emotionally and physically intimate with their partners.


They spend time with each other’s friends and family

Happy couples don’t just cultivate good relationships with their partners. They cultivate good relationships with people who are close to their partner such as friends and family.

It is just as important to spend time with other people as a couple, other than just with your partner. This helps build more closeness. It also gives them a chance to spend more time with their partner in different settings.

Sometimes they do this even if they don’t like certain people. Happy couples do this to make their partner happy. They care about their partner’s needs and go to extra lengths to fulfill them.


They respect each other and the relationship

It is commonly noted that happy couples don’t have power dynamics. They don’t see themselves or their partner as inferior or superior. They treat each other as equals and provide mutual respect.

Even during fights, happy couples maintain this respect. They don’t belittle each other or make each other feel bad about themselves. They don’t indulge in insensitive jokes and give their partner the respect they deserve.

They respect the relationship by setting boundaries from the start that both individuals respect. Boundaries are healthy and many of us don’t set them. This makes people violate our individuality and brews bitterness in relationships.

Boundaries should be communicated and followed to make the relationship a safe space for both individuals.


They support each other’s goals

Happy couples don’t feel threatened by their partner’s success. In fact, the opposite holds true for them. They help their partner in achieving their goals and dreams.
They see their partner’s success as their own. They are there for their partner every step of their success journey and help them out in every way.

Happy couples are committed to their relationship and partner in every sense. Their only goal is to grow with the person and help them achieve success. Be it professionally, spiritually or any other area of life.

Instead of restricting their partner, they provide them with the freedom to pursue whatever they like. Happy couples are happy for each other’s success and don’t see their partner as competition.


They make each other laugh

Understanding your partner’s sense of humor is very important to a healthy relationship. Happy couples engage in goofiness and make each other laugh.

They understand each other’s sense of humor and spend time in joy and laughter. It adds to the happiness of the relationship.

Happy couples can make each other laugh for hours and this adds positivity and love to the relationship.


They plan trips together

It is always a good idea to get out of the city. One gets bored and needs a change of atmosphere. Happy couples know this and frequently go on trips to add excitement and fun in the relationship.

Plus if you are busy with work most of the time, it is always a great idea to de-stress with your partner. It adds to the quality time you spend with your partner and benefits your relationship positively.

It is also a way to get to know your partner in different settings and enjoy their company. Happy couples take trips together and sometimes with other couples as well!


They listen to their partner

Listening is a great quality in a partner. It is also a great quality to provide someone else with. We all need someone to listen to us during bad times.

Happy couples listen to their partners with an open mind. If you observe happy couples you would see that they don’t take things personally or judge their partner.

In a happy relationship, both partners validate other partner’s feelings and listen to each other with an open heart. They make their partners feel understood and safe and provide a safe space to vent.


Couple Goals: Being Each Other’s Priority

In this fast moving world, everyone tends to be busy in their own life. No one has time for other people. Happy couples make it a priority to spend time with each other despite the fast life.

For them, the priority is each other’s well being, both emotional and mental. They consciously choose to prioritize these things for a fulfilling relationship.



Happy couples don’t just become happy overnight. Instead, they spend time working on themselves and their relationship. This helps them become better individuals and provide emotional security to their partners.

Don’t glorify what you see on television. They are nothing like real life. In practical life, a happy relationship takes two individuals who are willing to do the work.
One-sided relationships never work out and both need to treat each other well for them to be happy. Happy couples spend a lot of time to reach that level of happiness.

They do everything to make their partner feel appreciated, accepted and loved. They offer kindness, empathy, understanding, an open heart, and an open mind.
Only strong individuals can reach that level of happiness. However, that’s not a prerequisite.

A happy relationship makes you a mentally and emotionally strong person. You come out a better person. Possibly, the best version of yourself you have ever seen.


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