Top 7 Tips to Weekly Diet Plan For Weight Loss

If you are someone who is looking for a weekly diet plan for weight loss, then you must feel lost. When we think about losing weight, our first instinct is to search online for diet plans. But the problem is, internet is overloaded with information, keto diet, 1200 calorie diet, which one to go for?

For starters, ask yourself “Why do I want to lose weight?”. This question is important because believe us, there is no need to lose weight if you want to please someone else. You do not want to lose weight because you want to be “happy”.

However, losing weight because you want to invest in a healthy lifestyle is the one right reason. Lose weight because you want to take care of your body, not because you want to live up to a societal standard.

So, let us get to it! If you are looking for a weekly diet plan for weight loss, look nowhere else.



We do not think we need to tell you this but losing weight and following a diet is not an easy task. We might search for weekly diet plan for weight loss or 1200 calorie diet plans and think “oh, that’s easy!” but the tricky part is to stay consistent.

However, people need to realize that baby steps go a long way. You do not have to change each and everything about your routine. By changing a few eating habits and bringing small changes in the lifestyle will help one achieve the perfect diet routine.

So, by following a weekly diet plan for weight loss along with the following tips, one will surely get the desired results:



People have this misconception that by skipping meals they can easily lose weight. Wrong! Starvation might show you the results you want, but keep in mind that it will only be temporary.

As for the long term, starvation and skipping meals will only make you gain more weight. It will only cause problems in the metabolism system. So, remember, skipping meals is a compete and utter no-no. It might satisfy you for a while, but if you see the bigger picture; it is disastrous for your health and the immune system.



If you ask us, what is that one thing which is a slow poison for our health? Soda! There are many researches which show that sodas play a huge role in increasing weight.

If you make a habit of drinking soda every day, you can gain weight up to 80 percent. It is not just that, sodas increase your appetite. Once your appetite is increased, you start overeating. This all together makes you gain a lot of weight.



Like we said, staying hungry is not the solution. If you starve yourself there will eventually come a point where you overeat. The solution is to eat small portions after every few hours.

Research has shown that people who eat small portions every few hours stay more active and easily burn calories as compared to those who stay hungry for longer hours.



People usually do not understand how important it is to stay hydrated. Usually, we eat even when all we need is to hydrate ourselves. Make it a habit.

If you want to stop yourself from overeating, then make a habit of drinking eight glasses of water every day. Before every meal, drink a glass of water two hours before consuming the meal. This will make you feel full and you will ultimately eat less.



Diet alone does not work just like how exercise alone does not work either. Both exercise and diet go hand in hand. Dieting is not everything, you also have to burn what you eat and for that you need to work out.

If your diet and stay in bed and be lazy all day then you will only feel weak and soon lose interest. It is important to stay physically active and spend at least an hour or two in burning the calories you intake through food consumption.



Walk is honestly one of the best ways of losing weight. A person who has a habit of walking will go a long way when it comes to losing weight. Sometimes when you decide to skip the gym, try walking for an hour and count your steps.

If you are not a walker already, try incorporating walking in your daily routine. If you go to the office by car, try cycling to it at least two times a week. Or if you still feel like going from the car, park your car at a good distance from your office so you can walk from the parking lot the office building. These little changes in your lifestyle will help you go a long way and make you lose weight easily and conveniently.



If we go on the internet, we will be bombarded with many different kinds of weekly diet plans for weight loss. These fad diets are good only for the short term and make you gain weight two times faster in the long run.

Many researches have shown that people who follow two days or three days diets might achieve their goal for the time being but gain a lot of weight in the coming days. So, remember, there is no point of losing weight which you will eventually gain back in a few days.

Losing weight is a lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle which requires baby steps and changes for a life time.

Now, let us discuss some weekly diet plan for weight loss which will help you get the weight and look you desire:



This is one very popular weekly diet plan for weight loss which people like to follow. Even different health experts and nutritionists also consider this a healthy way of losing weight.

So, what is it and how does it work?

A 1200 calorie weekly diet plan for weight loss basically means to restrict the daily calories that you consume to twelve hundred. Nothing more or less than that. This is considered to be a low-calorie diet and many nutritionists suggest low calorie diets to those who look for a weekly diet plan for weight loss. This is so because it enables people to lose weight in a healthy way.

A 1200 calories diet has its own set of advantages apart from having a major affect on the weight loss. Controlling calories also go a long way and keeps the heart strong. Not only this but it also helps in controlling cholesterol levels. An adult needs 3000 to 4000 calories everyday in order to maintainand sustain the body weight.

So, when a person starts consuming 1200 calories only each day, it has a direct effect on the weight loss as well. People usually opt for this diet because it does not require them to do a lot of exercises as the diet itself is enough to encourage weight loss.

Moreover, this 1200 calorie weekly diet plan for weight loss is easy to follow. Low calorie diets do not require a lot of efforts as the person only has to focus on low fat and fat free food.

When you start eating vegetables and fruits, you automatically start feeling fuller and you avoid junk and overeating. If we think about it, it is pretty economical too. Wondering why? Imagine not spending money on junk and fast food. The amount of money we spend on getting large fries, imagine how much fruits and whole vegetables we can get in the same amount.



Paleo diet basically focuses on consuming low carbs and high protein. It is based on the fact that the early ancestors and hunters did not have any heart diseases, obesity or diabetes and it is because they had a very different diet to what we have these days.

Paleo diet has different set of advantages too. It does not only cause weight loss but also improves one’s health. However, people also believe that following a Paleo weekly diet plan for weight loss can be a hard task too.

So how does it work and what food items are we allowed to eat when we are on a paleo weekly diet plan for weight loss? It is not that hard, really. If you are on a Paleo diet, you are allowed to eat all those things which were available to the hunters and the gatherers in earlier days.

Which includes meat, vegetables, fruits, seeds and fats that are healthy. Those who are on a paleo weekly diet plan for weight loss are not allowed to have any kind of processed food, added or artificial sugar, products made of dairy or seeds. This type of diet encourages weight loss because it only focuses on a nutritious diet, which allows the person to lose weight as well as have a healthy diet.

This weekly diet plan for weight loss does not only promote weight loss but it also helps improve a number of health conditions. For instance, it helps protect the heart and improves its condition.

Heart diseases have been one of the growing causes of deaths among adults. Research has shown that paleo diet helps in managing good cholesterol levels. Apart from that, paleo diet has also proven to improve sugar levels especially in those who have type 2 Diabetes.



Keto diets are also a very popular way of encouraging weekly weight loss. These kinds of diets are based on low carbohydrates and rich in fats. It is also like the Paleo weekly diet plan for weight loss that we discussed earlier but the only and major difference between the two is that keto diet allows 80 to 70 percent of fat intake, as it is a rich in fat and low in carbs kind of diet.

So, how does it work?

It works on the fact that it deprives body of sugar, that is the glucose which produces energy for the cells present in the body. The glucose is formed by consuming carbs, which in this diet, we are not allowed to intake.

There is not a standard keto diet available, there are many different types of keto diets available and you can easily find them on the internet. But what sets it apart from others is that all diets are extremely low on carbs and rich in fat.

Moreover, keto diet does not only encourage weight loss but it also has a number of different advantages. People who have invested in keto weekly diet plan for weight loss have also seen great improvement in their skin.

Especially those who had issues regarding acne on skin. When we eat lots of carbs, our gluten levels go up and down, causing us to have acne. Keto diet, as it is a low carb diet, helps improve the acne condition.

Furthermore, keto diet has also proven to help improve as well as manage heart condition. Research has shown that when people follow keto diet consume fats which are healthy and good for the body, instead of other food items which can cause problems with the cholesterol. Keto diet has a major hand in reducing cholesterol levels, ultimately protecting and improving the heart condition.



Losing weight is not a temporary habit one can adopt. It requires changes in the lifestyle, healthy changes which can help one lose weight and maintain health in the long run. Following weekly diet plans for weight loss is not an easy task, it requires efforts but the results will be fruitful.


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