How to make a beautiful terrace garden?

Want to learn how to make a beautiful terrace garden? It’s not difficult to make a garden on the terrace myself. (1)

I am healthier because I can pick and eat vegetables grown with my own hands. How to make a terrace garden and what vegetables can be easily grown even for beginners in the terrace garden?


How to make a beautiful terrace garden?

You don’t have to think it’s too hard to make a garden on the terrace of the apartment. If you want to build your own small farm on the terrace, keep reading this article.


Prepare soil for the terrace garden

How to make a beautiful terrace garden? Prepare soil that is important for making terrace gardens. Granite Soil is good as soil for terrace gardens. Granite Soil helps the pot drain smoothly and helps vegetables grow well.

It’s also good to buy cultivated soil for gardening and prepare terrace garden soil. However, it is not good to bring soil from the outside and make a terrace garden.

Outdoor soil is contaminated with various foreign substances and may contain insects, so I don’t recommend it.


Prepare a plant pot

How to make a beautiful terrace garden? Prepare the flowerpot you need to make the terrace garden. The type and depth of the pot can vary depending on the vegetables you want to grow.

Make a pot using recycled styrofoam, wooden boxes, or plastic bowls rather than buying expensive pots. Making recycled pots that fit the size of the terrace can save money and are good for space utilization.

First, block the hole with a filter in the pot. Pour Granite Soils about 1/4 of the pot and mince it flat.

Pour the Granite Soil on top of the clay sand and fill the pot. Spray water on it to make it moist, and the pot is ready to make a terrace garden.


Plant vegetable seeds

It’s a good idea to soak the vegetable seeds you want to grow in water the day before and call them. After flattening the soil in the pot, make a hole about a finger, add one or two vegetable seeds, and cover them slightly with soil.

If you press too hard on the soil, it can be difficult for vegetable sprouts to come up. After planting the vegetable seeds, spray water evenly with a sprayer.



I recommend lettuce as the easiest vegetable to grow in making terrace gardens. Lettuce is not difficult to raise as long as it gives you sunlight, ventilation, and water.

Lettuce is the most recommended vegetable for beginners in the terrace garden. It is easier to grow lettuce in a small pot than in a large pot.

Lettuce likes a little cool temperature, and if you sprinkle seeds in August, you can harvest and eat it until the end of October. Lettuce is a vegetable with few pests and many advantages that can be harvested and eaten continuously.


Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard, a perennial vegetable, can be harvested and eaten for about two to three years. Swiss Chard recommended for beginners in making terrace gardens has strong vitality and no pests.

Swiss Chard, which is popular as green vegetables, are vegetables that grow well without having to pick leaves and eat them separately. Grow Swiss Chard, which is easy to manage and has a strong scent, in the terrace garden.


Green Onion

Grow Green Onions in the terrace garden. Green Onions are very easy to raise and can be cut and eaten several times, so they are recommended for making terrace gardens.

Cut the roots of the Green Onions by leaving about 15cm and plant them in culture soil or soak them in water. If you put it in a sunny and windy place, Green Onions will start to grow anew.

When the sprouts of Green Onions come up, cut the grown part and use it for cooking. I recommend Green Onions as vegetables that are easy to manage and can be cut and eaten many times in the terrace garden.



I recommend vegetable Chives that are easy to grow in the terrace garden. Chives are too easy for beginners to grow.

Chives are almost no pests and are vegetables that grow well on the terrace. Perennial Chives can be harvested and eaten immediately after raising them for about two years.

Spray Chives seeds evenly in the pot, cover about 1cm of soil, and spray water on the sprayer. After about a week, Chives will start to sprout.

You have to cut Chives several times with scissors to grow them thicker and stronger. Chives can be grown for about two years compared to other vegetables, so it’s better to split them.


Bok Choy

Bok Choy, which goes well with various vegetables with a strong herb scent, is an easy vegetable to grow in the terrace garden. Bok Choy can be harvested and eaten several times like lettuce, and it is recommended for beginners who start a terrace garden for the first time.

For beginners who grow Bok Choy for the first time, they need a pot, cultivated soil, fertilizer, and Bok Choy seedlings. Fill the pot with soil mixed with culture soil and fertilizer.

At this time, carefully transfer and plant Bok Choy seedlings so that they do not come into contact with each other. It may vary depending on the terrace garden environment, but it’s better to water it on the 2nd to 3rd.

Bok Choy does not water like lettuce, so if the soil dries, it can wither or die, so you have to water it enough. When you touch the outer soil with your finger, water it when it’s dry.


Still, you have questions about how to make a beautiful terrace garden? Leave a comment and I’ll do my best to help.


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