18 Best At Home Date Ideas

Dating is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. Just look around you and you will see a lot of happily married couples in your family who started their relationship with a date. It is the first step in an everlasting and beautiful relationship. Many people think of dates as the initial steps to marriage.

Their main goal is to marry the person they love, which is why they go out on dates. However, this is a misconception. Dates aren’t just important to woo a person but you need to keep going on dates even when you are married. This helps in keeping the spark alive. It is quite natural for the spark to dim down with time in a relationship. The couple has to make some efforts on their parts to keep the relationship healthy. Going on dates is one such thing that can help to keep the relationship alive and healthy.

We live in a fast-moving world where time is money. Not everyone has the time or money to go on fancy dates inexpensive restaurants. Some people like to keep it simple and studies have shown that these people actually have a better and stronger relationship than people who are more focused on the materialistic side of the relationship. People who don’t like going out prefer at-home dates.

At home, dates have become very common in the recent past. This is due to the fact that at-home date ideas aid in a more natural bonding experience between the couple. So let’s take a look at some amazing ‘at home’ date ideas.


Candle Light Dinner

Well, let’s start with one of the most conventional at-home date ideas i.e. the candlelight dinner. After the kids have gone to bed, you can blindfold your partner and bring them to the kitchen or the dining room where you have the candlelight dinner set up. Once there, remove the blindfold, pull the chair for your date and start eating in the ambient candlelight.

It is ideal to cook the food yourself as that would add an amazing personal touch to the entire at home dating experience. This is quite honestly the most romantic at-home date idea ever.


Get On The Dance Floor

If you and your spouse are both at home and you have nothing else to do then light up the room, turn on the music and get your spouse dancing. You can pick a romantic song that you both like. Dancing is a great exercise to bond with each other and what better way to celebrate your stay at home date night by dancing with the person you love the most. It might not be as romantic at-home date idea as a candlelight dinner but it sure has a charm to it.


Cuddle by The Fireplace

What is the best way to spend cold nights of the winter? Well, the best way is to spend it in the arms of your loved one. This is one of the easiest at-home date ideas as the couples don’t even have to make any extra effort. All you have to do is turn on the fireplace, get on the couch, cuddle your arms around your partner and stay there as long as you guys please. You don’t even have to speak anything. Just cuddling your loved one will be an amazing experience in itself.


Picnic In The Backyard

Outdoor picnics are always fun. These picnics don’t have to be at the local park or at any famous place. You guys can arrange a picnic in your backyard. Pack up your things and head to your backyard. You can also pitch a tent and make fire if you plan on staying the night in your backyard. It is one of the most amazing at-home date ideas. It is a romantic experience which can be great for the couple.


Strip Trivia

One of the best things about at-home date ideas is that these ideas can be intimate. You don’t have to worry about people looking at you as you would if you were in a restaurant. As a stay at home date idea, you can play strip trivia with your partner. Take turns to ask each other random questions. When one person answers wrong then they have to take off one item from their clothing. The first one to get naked loses.


Karaoke Night

A perfect at-home date idea would be to arrange a karaoke night. You can find songs with lyrics on video sharing websites like YouTube or Daily Motion. A karaoke night is a perfect at-home date idea and can help the couples bond with each other and reignite the spark that they had lost. You can choose a song that both of you like. May choose a song that was being played in the restaurant when you went on your first date. Choose any song that has emotional value for both of you.


Bedroom With A Romantic Ambience

At-home date ideas can be extremely intimate. These can include cooking meals for each other or even playing around in the bedroom. A question that people ask themselves is how can they make their bedroom experience better. Well, if you are thinking about stay at-home date ideas then one of the best and most romantic ideas would be to spread rose petals all around your bedroom, place lavender candles throughout the room and wait for your partner to walk in. This will be an experience your spouse or partner will never forget.


Do A Puzzle Together

Not a typical stay at home date idea, but it can be very crucial in strengthening the bond between two people. Studies have shown that solving puzzles together can actually help you bond with each other. So it can be a perfect stay at home date idea. You guys can bond with each other and have fun at the same time.


Get In The Jacuzzi

If you have a Jacuzzi at your home then take off all your clothes and get in the Jacuzzi. Have two glasses of wine ready as well so when your partner joins you, you can pour them a glass as well. Put lavender candles on the side of the Jacuzzi for light and ambience. You can even turn on slow music to enhance the ambience.



People don’t realize this but stargazing can be a perfect stay at home date idea. All you have to do is go to your backyard or the roof of your house, lie next to your partner and look at stars. Sometimes, if the sky is clear, you can see famous stars constellations. You can even join different stars and make shapes.


Play Board Games

Stay at-home date ideas are all about bonding with each other by using nontraditional dating ideas. Playing boards is a perfect dating idea for couples. There are many different board games to choose from. If you guys have a mutual favorite then you should go with that one. Even though board games promote a competitive environment but when done in a fun way they can be very beneficial for improving relationships.


Have A Game Night

Instead of just playing board games, you guys can arrange an entire night focused on different types of games. In addition to board games, you can include card games, video games and even large scale games like a treasure hunt. People think games are only for kids. This is totally wrong. Games can have a very positive effect on your relationship.


Cook With Each Other

Doing things together is a great way to bond with your partner. Whether it’s singing together, dancing together, playing games together or even cooking together. No matter the task, if you are doing it together then it is going to help you strengthen your relationship. Cooking food together and then enjoying the cooked food in a candlelight dinner makes for an ideal stay at home date idea. To spice things up, you can even challenge each other to a cook-off.


Get The Polaroids Out

If you are someone who was born in the early 1990s or before that then you are bound to have some traditional Polaroid pictures of you and your family. As a stay at home dating idea, you can take a trip down the memory lane and watch different polaroids and explain how the day was when each and every photo was taken.



When I say fight, I don’t mean literally attack each other aggressively. Fighting in a fun way can have a very positive effect on your relationship. Fighting activities can involve pillow fight food fight and even a water gun fight? It is ideal to start this spontaneously and without any set rules. The spontaneity makes the experience even better. It is ideal to take the water gunfight outside the house i.e. maybe in your backyard so that you don’t accidentally pour water on electrical appliances inside the house.


Clean The House Together

Who could’ve thought that cleaning a house would be an amazing stay at home date idea? Well, it is actually less about the cleaning and more about the together part. Whenever a couple does something together it helps to improve their relationship. Cleaning the house together gives them a sense of responsibility and shows them that they are a unit.


Make Crafts At Home

When it comes to “stay-at-home date” ideas, this one is quite a unique idea. You can spend your stay at home date night creating different crafts for your partner or spouse. You can either have a sort of craft competition or you can create crafts for each other. Drawing a portrait of each other can be a perfect activity to do in such scenarios.


Talk, Talk and Talk

The main purpose of the stay at-home date ideas is to help couples bond with each other. What better way to carry out this task by letting the couple talk to each other. Even if you aren’t that much of a big talker, you can take one hour of your time every week and talk your heart out with your spouse. You guys can talk about anything from the previous week’s work to the day you guys met. The topics can be endless. The more you open up to each other the better your relationship will get.



No matter who you are and where you are in the world, it is very important to word for your relationship. You should realize that no one is perfect. Sometimes your partner might do things that you don’t like or approve however you guys should sit down and talk it out instead of ripping the relationship apart. Keeping the relationship happy and healthy doesn’t just affect you both physically and mentally but it also affects the people around you.

This also includes your children. So couples need to work hard, compromise and make efforts to keep the relationship going. Arranging at home dates at least once a month will do the job. Both the husband and the wife can arrange the date. Keeping it a surprise for the other person will also add a great touch to the entire at home dating experience. At-home date ideas are perfect to keep the relationship alive.

The couple is naturally more comfortable at home but in addition to that most at-home date ideas are very cost-effective. So you would be saving your relationship and your money at the same time. One thing to keep in mind is that at-home date ideas are just for couples going through trouble in their relationship. Even if you think you have a perfect relationship with your spouse or partner you still need to arrange such dates to make them feel happier.


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