15 Reasons For Failed Relationships The Signs

Reasons for failed relationships the signs can be many if you observe closely. You need to keep in mind that the honeymoon phase of a relationship will not last forever. For your relationship to succeed, you will have to work hard for it.

Sometimes even after working hard for a relationship, it does not succeed because not all relationships are meant to last. We start giving ourselves excuses because we do not want to admit that our relationship is failing. This happens because we cannot imagine losing someone that important to us. Remember that people change with time and so does the relationship!

We have been taught our whole lives not to give up but it should not always be the case. If you notice your relationship hitting the rocks more often, then maybe it is time to give up. Although acknowledging the failure of a relationship is not easy but it is necessary.

You should know the reasons for the failed relationships the signs to know when to give up. This is important to move on and will also help you in emotional survival. It will also help you to attain inner happiness and satisfaction.

Every relationship goes through the difficult phase but how to differentiate it from a failing relationship? Below, we have discussed a few reasons for failed relationships the signs for you. If you notice your relationship going through the majority of these then maybe it is time to give up.


You Are Suffering In Silent

The most important reason for failed relationships the signs is when you suffer in silence. You avoid confronting your partner about the things that anger you because you do not want to start the argument.

Although you might believe that it would save your relationship, this is not true. It will only make the situation worse. One day your patience will end and your anger will spill. Once this happens, it will cause much damage to the relationship. Even if it does not happen, you will keep hard feelings in your heart against your partner.


Your Partner Is Not Showing Much Affection To You

Little changes in the display of affection are not something to worry about. Once the honeymoon period is over, your partner might not show much affection to you. They might not hold your hand in public or hug you frequently.

But, if your partner is not at all showing affection to you then you might need to worry! A major change in the affection pattern of your partner is one of the reasons for failed relationships the signs. If you are experiencing the same thing then maybe it is time to discuss it with your partner. Maybe this would save your relationship or you will find out the real reason behind their lack of interest.


You Do Not Include Each Other In Your Lives

A lasting relationship means that you two do everything together. You eat together, you go out together, and you watch movies together! These things are very important for a healthy relationship. If you and your partner are living an individual life then it is something to worry about.

You might notice that your partner is not doing the little things for you like before. This is another reason for failed relationships the signs. When couples do things together, it is the sign of a healthy relationship. If you stop doing things together, it means that you two are not interested in each other as before. It might also lead to the failure of your relationship.


You Stop Respecting Each Other

Respect is the basic thing in every relationship. A successful relationship requires mutual respect. Respect indicates that you acknowledge your partner as an individual. You should know that you and your partner can have different opinions and you should be fine with it.

It is easy to tell that you have respect for your partner but showing it can be difficult. If you and your partner have stopped respecting each other then it also indicates the failure in relationship.

Stopping the respect does not necessarily mean that you start bad-mouthing each other. It also means that you have lost all the respect in your heart for them. Thus, losing respect for your partner is also one of the reasons for failed relationships the signs.


You Start Mocking And Scorning Each Other

An expert claims that he can know if a relationship is going to fail just by observing the couple. He can find out in a few minutes about the things going on in a couple’s mind. They will talk about each other with contempt.

All the things said by them will reflect mockery. They will look at each other with scorn. The one who is meant to warm your heart will have cold feelings for you now. When all of these things are put together, they also reflect the reasons for failed relationships the signs.


You Start Badmouthing Each Other

A successful relationship requires speaking of good things about each other in public. If there are some negative aspects of your partner, they should be discussed in private only. This would help you to have a healthy relationship. The trouble starts when you forget about this rule.

This would also lead to another reason for failed relationships the signs. Badmouthing in public about your partner is not considered good at all. Even if you mean it as a joke, this is not acceptable. It can cause a feeling of resentment in the heart of your partner. They may stop liking you leading to the failure of your relationship. Thus, if you are doing it only for fun, you should stop doing it.


You Have Stopped Communicating

Another important reason for failed relationships the signs is the lack of communication. We all know that the key to a healthy relationship is good communication. If you and your partner have stopped communicating, you might not be able to solve the basic relationship issues.

You two will start moving apart with a lack of communication. It will feel like you cannot trust each other with your feelings. You will hesitate to even discuss the petty issues. Another impact of the lack of communication is that it will lead to more fights.

Fights will increase because you feel like the other person has stopped getting your point of view. These were few impacts of lack of communication. We can only imagine what other consequences it can have on your relationship!


Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Cheating is also the major reason for failed relationships the signs. Your partner can cheat on you in different ways. If your partner is too obsessed with someone other than you, then it is time for you to worry.

It can be anyone such as their best friend or maybe a secret boyfriend or girlfriend. It also indicates that the connection between you and your partner is no longer present. This is why he is obsessing over someone other than you. Another form of cheating is watching too much pornography.

If you find your partner indulge in this behavior then maybe they have lost interest in you. It can also lead to your partner expecting unusual things in bed which you cannot fulfill. Thus, it will eventually lead to your partner losing interest in you.


Your Partner Is Dishonest With You

It is acceptable to overlook lying at times. You need to worry when this starts turning into a habit. Dishonesty is another reason for failed relationships the signs. If you notice your partner lying to you occasionally about little things then maybe he is hiding something from you.

This will lead you to mistrust them which is another reason for failed relationships the signs. A single lie can change the whole image of your partner you have in your mind. Also, no relationship can survive if there is no trust.


You Are No Longer Capable Of Reaching To An Agreement

Fights are normal in a relationship. The real trouble starts when you lose the ability to end the fight with your partner. This may lead to another reason for failed relationships the signs. It starts with multiple fights and ends with fights not being able to resolve.

You keep fighting over the same thing without reaching an agreement. You can try to save your relationship by giving up the need to be right and compromise. But, if none of you are willing to give up, then this might end your relationship.


You Start Getting Defensive

It is not uncommon to react defensively when you are provoked by anyone. If your partner will provoke you, you will also respond by being defensive as it is natural. Over time, this defensive behavior may turn into indifference because you want to protect your feelings.

This will stop any meaningful conversation taking place between you and your partner. Lack of conversation will lead to a lack of communication. You will avoid communicating because you do not want to hurt your feelings. When this happens, it will also turn into one of the reasons for failed relationships the signs.


Your Partner Is Not Available To You At Times OF Need

You might start noticing that your partner is never around. They are not available even at times when you need them the most. It doesn’t mean that they have to be around every time.

But, you should be able to reach out to them at times of needs. If this is not happening, this means that they are maintaining their distance from you. Eventually, this can also lead to failed relationships the signs.


You No Longer Get Intimate

Another important reason for failed relationships the signs is the lack of intimacy. Being intimate is very important for any good relationship. It helps in keeping you close to each other. You can also resolve many conflicts by being intimate with your partner.

It is commonly believed that when communication doesn’t work, intimacy does! As the relationship gets old, the frequency of it becomes less. But you need to worry if you realize that you haven’t had been intimate for a long time. It is the indication that they no more find you attractive or interesting.


Your Partner Is Too Jealous

Jealousy can cause a great impact on your relationship. It is very unhealthy for the relationship to have a jealous partner. Jealousy is also a sign of insecurity. If your partner keeps getting jealous over every little thing then it might mean that things will end sooner. Jealousy indicates that your partner is insecure who hasn’t achieved anything in life.

So, if you find your partner being too jealous, it may indicate failed relationships the signs. Jealousy is not good for you or the relationship. Thus, you might need to end things quickly with them.


You Have No Plans Together

Couples who are in love do everything together. They even plan their future together! Happy couples involve each other in their plans. Whether it is going to a party, eating, planning their future, they do everything together.

If you are not making any serious plans with your partner, then the relationship is heading southwards. It means that you two don’t consider each other as part of your future. This is why you are least bothered about each other’s future planning. So, it might also lead to failed relationships the signs.



These were some of the reasons for the failed relationships the signs. You need to see if your relationship is going through any of these reasons. If yes, then you might need to reconsider your relationship.

Acknowledging the failure of the relationship is easier if dealt with early. This can help you in moving on and attain inner satisfaction. Otherwise, this can cause you much trouble later.


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