25 Cheap Fun Things To Do In NYC

Many people do not know much about cheap fun things to do in NYC. This is because of the misunderstanding that it is an extravagant city.

They think that they will have to face a sticker shock to have a fun-filled day in NYC. Although it can be a bit expensive but you can also save some money. You can do so by exploring these fun things to do in NYC without going on a spending spree.

We have compiled some of the ideas here for you to have in NYC and that too within your budget.


Sailing In River Hudson

Most of the sailing options available in River Hudson are pretty high priced If you do not want to spend much on sailing, you can go to North River Lobster Co. This is a lot cheaper option than sailing in Hudson River.

You can be amused by the sail there which lasts for sixty minutes. You can have drinks and lunch while sailing.The lobster roll there is to die for! All of this would cost only $10.


Take A Stroll On The HighLine

It is an attractive park in the NYC. This Highline is constructed by modernizing an old railway track. Many people come here to spend some quality time and also appreciate the majestic architecture of the city.

This park stretches from West of Manhattan’s street number 34 to its 14th street. This HighLine has become one of the best alluring visiting spot of the city. Some great eatables in cheap prices are available here. The best part of the stroll is around the district of Meatpacking and neighborhood of Chelsea.


Visit The Famous Central Park

The Central Park is one of the most attractive places in the world and filled with all the lush greenery. It is the best place for you if you want to do cheap fun things to do in NYC and observe the nature alongside.

Cherry Hill is a special spot for many people where you can see the pond and boats sailing. Levain Bakery is located on the Upper West Side. From here you can grab something to eat and enjoy a fun filled picnic in the park.


Window Shop At The 5th Avenue

Although visiting the 5th Avenue is not the first thing that comes to your mind if you are on budget. But window shopping is a good idea if you are looking for cheap fun ideas or want to save money in NYC.

You cannot miss going to this famous luxury shop which is positioned in the mid of Manhattan. Taking a walk there and looking at the displayed window can be a fun filled experience within itself. You do not necessarily have to buy a Tiffany diamond in order to have fun!


Free Concerts In Warm Weather

During summer time, a lot of free concerts for public take place in NYC. The city acknowledges its love for the art as it is among those cities of the world which promotes culture greatly.

If looking for some cheap fun things to do in NYC, you can catch some of the famous concerts. They take place during summer time. Some of the most known concerts are Celebrate Brooklyn.

This takes place in the Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. You can also attend Philharmonic play of New York which takes place in Central Park.


Attend A Comedy Show

You can attend a comedy show at Comedy Cellar for just a $5 ticket. Although new comics occupy the stage most of the times, you might even end up attending shows some popular comedy names.

You can even get a seat in the front row. Some famous comedians such as Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld occasionally drop an appearance for a surprise late night.


Sight Seeing With Citi Bike

Another one of cheap fun things to do in NYC is sightseeing with the bikes. With only $12, you can get a two wheeler for the whole day. The city has approximately 11000 bikes located all over the city.

Which is why it is a pocket friendly option for you to explore the city with a bike.


Take A Walk At The Famous Brooklyn Bridge

If you visit the NYC without visiting the Bridge of Brooklyn then your trip remains incomplete. You can enjoy the astonishing view of the skyline while taking a walk along this historic landmark.

It connects Brooklyn and Manhattan. Earlier, they used to charge a toll of a penny for foot walkers, 5 cents for a horse rider and 10 cents for a carriage. But now it is completely free. When you have reached at Brooklyn, you can get yourself a mouth watering slice at the well known Grimaldi.


Mini Golf At Pier 25

If you want to have a perfect evening by the water then Pier 25 Downtown is the perfect choice you have. Just in $5 you can get the 18-hole course which has all the facilities that a good putt-putt course should have.

Some of the facilities included are caves, sand traps and the most necessary waterfall. It has an outstanding background of the Freedom Tower and the Downtown Manhattan. It closes at 10 pm in summer and is another great option of cheap fun things to do in NYC.


Sampling The Food At Smorgasburg

Anyone would love to have lots of different foods and cold beer as sample. A food market in NYC, Smorgasburg has over 120 different food sellers offering their mouth watering dishes.

Some of the options available are Korean BBQ, sandwiches made of pork and a lot of dessert. This food sampling is available throughout April to November on days other than weekends. It takes place at 5 different locations which are South Street Seaport in Manhattan, Williamsburg, Coney Island and Brooklyn Bridge Park.


Visit To The Guggenheim Museum For The Students

If you are a student and looking for cheap fun things to do in NYC, you can visit the most famous Guggenheim Museum. It offers tickets at the rates which you can afford.

This museum is located in the Upper East Side of the city. The entry fees for a student are only $18 which is the best deal available for them.


Watch A Late Night Burlesque Show

A late night burlesque show takes place in different hidden bars on every Wednesday in China Town. All you need to do is to find the right Apotheke with their different passwords for each Wednesday.

Once inside, you can have a drink and enjoy the entertaining show. For the secret passwords, you can check out twitter!


The Ferry Ride

This ride was available even before any of the bridges in NYC were built. Commute of passengers between Staten Island and Manhattan was carried out by the Staten Island Ferry.

If you are looking for cheap fun things related to ferry riding in NYC, you can visit the Staten Island. Rather than paying for a cruise boat, you can take the ferry ride. It is completely free and would give you amazing view of the city along with the statue of liberty.


Visit The NYC’s Largest Garage Sale

If you dig deeper, you will find some rather surprising things in The Brooklyn Flea. This sale takes place every Sunday during summers outside Williamsburg.

Because of such great response from the people, they have opened an inside space in Lower Manhattan as well. If you want to do some cheap shopping then you should definitely visit this flea market which sells almost everything.

From decoration items to jewelry, imported and vintage goods, they have it all! All you need to do is look deeper and you will find the perfect thing which you are looking for.


Pay A Visit To The Mmuseumm

It is a little museum built in TriBeCa. One of the most interesting things about this museum is that you decide upon the entry fees. But they do expect at least $5 minimum entry fees.

You should definitely add this museum to your list of cheap fun things to do in NYC which is built inside an elevator shaft. This museum is based on the natural history of the modern era and being objective in journalism is their main style.


Wine And Spirit Tasting For Free

Regular sessions of wine tasting for free take place in the Greenwich Village by Astor Wines And Spirit. At times, they even host more than one events. If you liked something from your free wine and spirit tasting you can get a bottle of it at discounted rates on the same day of your visit only.


Visit The Brooklyn Brewery

After many years of struggle, the Brooklyn Brewery is acknowledged as the top brewery the NYC has. Tours on weekdays that is Monday to Thursday by small group of people would cost tickets as much as $18 which is a lot.

But tours are absolutely free on Saturdays and Sundays. Each session of tour lasts for 30 minutes and takes place between 1 pm to 6 pm.


Attend A Music Show At Carnegie Hall

You can also add the visit to Carnegie Hall to your list of cheap fun things to do in NYC. The hall is famous all over the world for the renowned music performances which it hosts.

You can get a ticket as low as $10 at the day of the concert only. Apart from this, special discounts tickets are available for the government officials.


Attend The Show Of The Julliard School

Every year more than 750 performances in many different categories is held in the Julliard School. Many gifted students and guests take part these performances.

Tickets are available at a very low prices and you can attend some of the shows totally free. Tickets can be availed from the Julliard ticket booth and you can also get some standby tickets at the day of the event.


Watch A Movie In Open Environment

The city hosts outdoor movies free of cost in different parts of it. This is a great option for you to have fun which is totally cheap in NYC. In many of the locations, the last show is displayed in the end of August or beginning of September.

But a restaurant known as The Habana Outpost hosts shows throughout the October. Some other places are Bryant Park and Rockaway Beach.


The Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturdays

Except for the first and ninth month of the year, the Brooklyn Museum hosts a free night on the first Saturday of every month.You can enjoy free shows with free music available.

You can also get yourself something to eat the Norm restaurant. You can also take a look at the available parts of a museum. Not all the exhibits will be available on a free Saturday.


Mid Night Musical Performance Near Central Park

Introducing you to another one of cheap fun things to do in NYC! Lincoln Center hosts late night jazz performances by the Dizzy Club. They are an extremely cheap option for you. The show starts at 11 pm and you can get the entry as cheap as $5 on the nights of Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Dine On A Dumpling

Many famous and low cost dumpling shops are placed all over the Manhattan. In less than half a dollar you can enjoy a tasty dumpling from Tasty Dumpling and Vanessa’s Dumpling. Apart from these two, there are many other famous dumpling shops which are also cheap.


Visit The Times Square

The Times Square is famous all over the world for its tourist spot. The lights of the Times Square can be truly enchanting for you if you are visiting it for the first time and that too for absolutely free.


Relaxing In The Square Park Of Washington

Although jammed with students from NYU during the school months, this park can be a good place for you to sit down and relax. in the summer time, you can even meet the renowned artist Joe Mangrum near fountain of the park making his sand paintings.



If you are new and looking for cheap fun things to do in NYC then you should definitely try the things mentioned above. Most of them are really cheap with some even free of cost!


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