10 Ways to Strong Relationship gives you a healthy future

What is the key to a strong relationship? We often hear this question. Couples want to know the way to initiate to have a strong and a long go relationship.

A strong relationship is something that makes your life more entertaining and joyful.

If you are in turmoil relationship, everything around you will be negative and awful. you will start behaving negatively.

You will always give something bad and ungodly statement about your partner.

You will not be in you because of quarrel. you will not be able to give your 100% to your work or business.

Everything will be dark around you.

And when you are in a strong relationship, you will not have something related to your family problem and you will be focused on your job or business.


Communicate with your partner

Doesn’t matter, what the situation is. you need to communicate with your partner before you go and talk to your friends to help you in that situation.

This your life and you know about your partner much better than your any other friends.

Talk to your partner and explain everything in detail.

There are some ways to talk to and convince people. first, you need to understand your partner, and speak, not what you want to speak but tell, your partner wants to listen to.

You don’t need to speak everything true. It sounds not good to speak lie to your partner, but if you are hiding something to save your relationship when you don’t have any succor or support.

So, better to say, what he or she wants to hear from you.

This can help you.


Learn to compromise

Sometimes your ego doesn’t allow you to let go.

A friend of mine keeps fighting with his wife on note very serious note. most of the time they fight on movies and movies stars that who the better actor is.

This happens with many couples not on the movie but on a similar note.

Intelligent people don’t take these type of discuss seriously.

You need to be intelligent.

Why do you care who is really better and why it is more important, is this really more important than your personal life?

If no!

let your partner win. You can have your own opinion but this is not a competitive forum, this is your life and better to be flexible to have a strong relationship.


Show interest in your partner happiness

Never Ignore your partner’s wish but participate in it.

This is not in your hand to be loved by someone but this is all upon you to create situations to be loved and cared for by someone.

This is a long time process, never rush that I did something for my partner and I didn’t get anything in return.

Keep doing it and don’t expect any return.

You are on a long life journey, where you must create a strong foundation without thing of any return.

When you keep doing something special for your partner, there will be hidden respect for your partner and one day she will surely notice how loving and caring you are.

Something distractive gives you a quick result, but constructive takes time to give a result.

Involving in the happiness of your partner, in very important when you want a strong relationship.


Respect freedom and privacy

Everybody loves his and her freedom.

When you are intervening your partner in his or her privacy, this is a sign of future problems.

Your partner may not complain doesn’t matter he or she likes your behavior.

When your partner doesn’t complain a lot, you are lucky and never take advantage to irritate your partner.

You are an important part of your partner’s life, you are right.

This is also true that you are an important person in his or her life.

But, how long have you been living together?

He or she has some more people in life, parents, brothers-sisters, relatives and some good friends too.

If your partner is giving some hours to them, means, she/he feels happy to do that and it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Don’t check your partner’s messages or phone details.

You can ask who were you talking to but never ask what were you talking about.

If you do so, this will be dangerous for your relationship.

If you are looking for a strong relationship, avoid doing interfere in privacy or your partner.


Discuss your future goal

One of the most important things in a strong relationship is to create some reason to be together and there nothing can be better than your future plan.

You need to have some short term and some long term goals and investment plans.

Sit together and talk about your bright future.

Your future plan will help you to create strong bonding and will also reduce to the possibility to fight for saving and frivolous as I have heard it in many relationships that the couples fight on frivolous.

It is very useful to plan to buy a car or an apartment together.

Doesn’t matter you are able to buy now or not.

You can plan together. Ask her or him what thy like, talk about the favorite color design models and other things.

This will help you to know the choice of your partner and will bet rid of many future arguments about saving too.


Read the books together

Reading is a habit which will make you think positive and will prevent you to annoy and disturb each-other.

Go to the library together and buy some books and read.

You must have read or heard this quote that books are the best friends of a human being.

There are many positive factors in reading books.

This will give you great knowledge to understand the relationships and how to maintain the person and professional life.

Discuss your and your partner’s favorite parts of books.

To understand the value of a relationship, you need to take help of the books.

Books are usually Witten by smart people.

The first survey, ask people and they write. So, it’s a great idea to read books together.


Respect the opinion of your partner

Couples usually want to be loved, respected and cared for by their partners and this is not unfair.

But, if you think about the past, you have chosen a partner who you loved.

There is a big contradiction here as you are converting the choice.

To get respect back, you will have to respect, this is the fact.

In every Strong relationship, one of the rules is to respect the opinion of your soul mate.

This is possible that you are more intelligent or smarter than your partner, but this is not a game or a competition.

This is the life where you need proper balance.

Whatever you are doing, take the opinion of your partner and appreciate.

This will make your partner believe that he or she is an important part of your life.

When your partner takes a decision, and you don’t like.

First, you need to think about the importance of that.

If it’s not a big deal, leave it and don’t take it seriously.

If it’s Important, try to convince your partner that the decision he or she has taken in not good for both of you as it can be better.

Your partner will understand if you explain properly rather than shouting.


Liking Disliking Game

Play a game with your partner where you will speak about the habits of your partner which you like and dislike in each other.

This will make you aware of the habits your partner likes or annoys with.

Be careful if your partner doesn’t expect you to dislike something.

In this case, wait and let your partner about you and don’t complain that something is annoying in him or her.

After some days you can start making him or she realize of your partner’s weakness, but not straight forward.

You can use another way to ask her to change.

For example, she always goes to the parlor to get the hair cut which takes a long amount of time and unnecessary amount of money.

Never say this directly but you can say u like you in long and natural hairstyle or I like you simple without makeup.

She may change her mind or not but it will not create a bigger problem.

And try to change in you if she doesn’t like something in you.

This will help you and make your relationship even stronger.


Keep your romantic mood alive

When you are in a relationship, this is very very important to be romantic and do flirt most of the time.

Doesn’t matter what is the mood of your partner, even if your partner is angry just crack some romantic jokes according to the situation and you will see the magic.

It is seen that most of the time, whenever we have an argument we both never back down, and problems get bigger and bigger.

That is all your job to make your relationship stable.

Why do you want to win if its not a war?

Keep flirting and passing some romantic comments. holding hand and hugging are the best activities to show your partner that you live him or her.

When you are in a party or at a public place, pass some gesture that she is looking beautiful or he is looking handsome.

This will make you partner feel that he or she is lucky to get you.

Do all the possible thing to make your partner believe that you are the best for him or her.

This is the key to a strong relationship.


The opinion of people about A strong relationship.

Simran Kaur, India says

“There are three things in common in every relationship which are the trust, care, and support. If you maintain these three things in your relationship, your relationship will be stable and stronger.

Most important things are to do with yourself that set your mind free and be careful of negative people who don’t like to see other people happy.

What you need to do is to trust your partner that he/she will never cheat on you.

Another thing is to care, if you don’t care for your partner, it is obvious that you don’t want this relationship for a long time.

If you don’t want to protect your partner how can he/she believe you that you are always with him/her.”

Marya, Russia says

“We need to do a lot of compromises to get a strong relationship.

Sometimes its good to hide something from your partner if he doesn’t understand.

And the biggest issue in the couple is being untruthful.

You can’t change your partner and don’t even try to change something in him when you know it is not possible for you.

She says “I try to avoid to meet my male friends in his absence. If it’s necessary sometimes I tell my husband in advance that today, I have a meeting with a friend of mine and he doesn’t mind.”

Emilio, Spain says

“I have noticed that whenever I talk something about my wife’s family members, I see a spark on her face and it make her happy.

Whenever I don’t answer her phone or I go home late, what I do is to talk to her brother and come with the story.

It really works. When you are in a relationship, you must take care of people who are close to your partner.

It can be your wife’s mother, father or any pets, like cats or dogs.”



A strong relationship always gives you positive vibes which make your life happier and easy going.

We start our days from hope and according to that, we act outside too.

If you don’t have a good atmosphere at your home, you will behave negatively with others too.

When your days start with a healthy conversation you will be motivated and whole your days will depend on it.

When you are in a strong relationship, your partner will motivate and appreciate and this will make you do easily even the task is difficult.

Our partners play an important role in every success and failure and it depends on the strength of our relationship.

If you are always fighting together, you will be very familiar with failure and if you are in a strong relationship, you will succeed in most of your task.


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