24 Fall Date Ideas To Make Your Relationship Glimmer

Despite the falling leaves, autumn is a sign of life and new beginnings. In fall, people are very motivated as schools and college’s vacations are over, many new hirings are done at offices and a lot of people are getting into new relationships or are simply finding ways to light the spark in this new, cooler season. So if you are about to ask out your one and only, or want to take your significant other on an amazing date, here are some great fall date ideas you must try!

The best part about fall is that you don’t have to worry about expensive date ideas because your own home town looks so incredibly beautiful and the weather is so much better than the hot and humid summers that you can pitch in some great low budget fall date ideas easily! If you have been looking for fall date ideas which won’t break the bank and will still, turn out fabulous, then take ideas from here!


Making Use of the Fire Pit

You might have a fireplace you haven’t used all summers, but now is the time to use it. This is one of the fall date ideas you can try at home. Create a romantic environment, put some fairy lights, dim lights on the walls of the room where your fireplace is, prepare some great tasting coffee and invite your loved one over.

You guys could just sit together, chat, and sip on some coffee and even cuddle. Since it’s a little chilly during fall, you could even take the grill outside and prepare a meal together; it’s going to be fun cooking!


Local Football Season

If you both are football fans or just want to cheer a football team’s player you both love, the fall season is when you can watch a live football match together. Many local colleges and schools organize football matches during the fall season.

If you guys want to enjoy a thrilling match in person, all you have to do is pick the team you both love and cheer from the stands!


Pumpkin Carving

Fall date ideas can be very creative and one such amazing idea could be carving pumpkins together. It is going to bring out the artist and creativity you both behold. Buy a couple of pumpkins as they are cheap during the fall season. You both can make separate personalized pumpkin carvings, you will just need pen knives or even kitchen knives will do.

Carving is a whole lot of fun when you get to carve funny faces on pumpkins, the Halloween feels really start kicking!


Halloween Costumes

You and your partner will have to attend several parties throughout Halloween as per tradition. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend extravagantly. If you guys have some great costume ideas, why not make costumes from materials available at home.

You both can spend a day discussing ideas about how you both will dress up. It is going to be worthwhile and you guys can look fabulous by implying each other’s suggestions.


Brewery tours

What’s better than enjoying some beverages together? Many companies who brew beers offer and invite people to taste their beer. You could invite your date and test some amazing beer together. Some brewing companies offer tours which are free of cost plus you get some sample beer too so grab the opportunity!


Movie Night

Collect some amazing fall movies and invite your partner for an at-home movie night together. You could order pizza, make popcorns and grab some drinks. Ask your partner what movies do they like and you guys could decide on one movie you both love, cuddle up in a blanket and watch them together.


Leaf Peep

Fall brings with it beautifully colored leaves in different sizes and textures. You both could take a walk at the local park and just adore fallen leaves. Collect some and keep them as a remembrance or you both could make some great collage with them at home.


Knitting classes

This is a great way to spend time together making something from your own hands. You can find inexpensive knitting supplies at the local shop near your house. Knitting is a fun activity which both men and women can do. You both can watch several videos on How to Do Knitting and grasp the skill. Create knitted scarves or even sweaters for the colder days coming ahead.



Since the summers are over and the weather is also partly moderate, you might want to take a walk at the beach with your partner. The beach won’t be crowded so you guys can enjoy some privacy as well. Prepare a small picnic basket with sandwiches and drinks. Let the waves touch your toes gently as you guys enjoy the warm sun and snacks.


Head to the local zoo

Yes, I know the heat has been taking a toll on you and your partner all summers keeping you guys indoors, but now is the time to step out and enjoy the fall season. Yet another one of the amazing fall date ideas is to visit the local zoo. You both will get to see various species of animals plus try visiting on a day when there is no ticket. Seeing wild animals up close is fascinating and you can also watch how zookeepers attend to these incredible animals.


Take a bike ride or go for a hike

The season is just perfect for a bike ride as the cold won’t get to your bones just yet. Get into some activity so you and your significant other feel more energetic. You two could race with your bikes or hike a trail together. It will build stronger coordination; will get your serotonin levels kicking and your heart rate pumping.

More physical activity not only increases your brain activity but also activates the emotional levels of your brains thus increasing intimation between you and your partner.


Teach Each other something new

You both might be having some great talents, so why not brush them up and teach them to your significant other as well. For instance, you might be great at cooking and your significant other can hardly boil an egg! Why not teach them how to make a delicious meal which you both will enjoy in teaching and learning.

Moreover, you will get to know more about your partner’s personality and enjoy this side of them you haven’t seen.


Apple picking

This might be one cliché fall date ideas to pick from but trust me you will enjoy it! You and your significant other can pick some apples, get those arms and legs flexing reaching the higher tree branches and get a lot of fresh air. You guys could run around, catching each other or simply enjoy the beautiful view. The apples you pick can be utilized into making a delicious apple pie or even apple juice.


A Weekend Retreat

Fall is the beginning of new contracts and the work burden increases. If you and your partner have had a hectic week and you really want to relax yourself then it is time to spend a great weekend together. You guys could book a cabin and just cut off from the world around you. You can also do this at home, just switch off the phones, laptops, or television and give quality time to each other.


A drive to an unknown destination

You guys could take a road trip all day long without planning the exact destination. Just keep taking turns and keep driving. You guys could make great conversation along the way; you will get to explore new routes and some amazing views as well.


Snuggle up watching a horror movie

Watching a horror movie with a loved one is a great opportunity to snuggle and get added love benefits. As your hearts beat faster you guys get to sit up close feeling the thrill to your bones.


Get lost in a Corn Maze

Find your loved one amidst the corn maze, play hide and seek, get together and work as a team, finding your way through the maze. It’s one of the greatest fall date ideas you are bound to enjoy with your loved one.


Go Mud sliding, especially at midnight

I know the winters aren’t here yet so there is no snow to go sedge sliding, but hey wait! You can make use of mud! Since there can be rain spells during the fall season, you can take advantage of this season, find a grassy hill and grab sleds. You can hold onto each other and take a slide down the muddy hills. It is really exciting and thrilling! Your clothes will get soiled but who cares when you two are having the time of your lives!


Great tasting drinks

The fall season is all about spicy pumpkin-flavored drinks which you can easily make at home. Find a place with a scenic view by a highway or a nice park. Grab a cozy blanket, a thermos filled with tea or coffee and water bottles. You could spend a whole afternoon with your loved one and when the sun sets, spend time star gazing and talking about your feelings, fears desires. You will love it!


A lazy photoshoot

Do you have a friend who is great at taking photos or simply just likes taking photos? If yes, then make use of their talent! Plan a photoshoot of you and your loved one but it doesn’t need to be a professional one. You guys just need to dress up nicely and casually pose candidly. You should pick a place which you both love and have a lot of memories associated with.

It is going to be a great reminder of your never-ending love for each other and you can just be yourself in the photoshoot, no faking!


Bake something together

If you guys are at home, have already had your meal and are now craving something sweet, why not make use of that oven in your kitchen? You guys could follow a recipe of let’s say some cute looking chocolate cupcakes and bake them at home.

If you don’t have the ingredients then head out for some shopping, this is going to be even more fun! It’s some great fun baking together especially if you guys are discovering how to make a new recipe together!


A candle Light Dinner

You don’t have to go out to a fancy restaurant for an amazing candlelight dinner; you can do it at home. Prepare a meal at home and make sure you are also going to prepare a dessert. Look up some creative ideas to decorate your dinner table for a candlelight dinner.

Invite your loved one over for a candlelight dinner and you guys could munch on some great dinner and play your favorite songs in the background. Moreover, you could light scented candles to give it a more romantic environment, and have a beautiful conversation appreciating each other.


Visit a local Museum

Many museums have a day when the admission is free so you can pick that day to visit the museum with your significant other if you are low on budget. Moreover, it’s a great way to interact with each other, exploring how philosophical you guys are, admire the art, talk about history and cultures, trust me it is not going to be boring!


Spa Night at home

This is one of my personal favorite fall date ideas, tried and tested! If you guys want to relax and have one great spa night, this is how to do it at home! All you need is some bathrobes, cleansing facemask, music, drinks, and a foot tub.

You guys could take turns massaging each other’s shoulders or just giving each other a relaxing foot massage. Have a bubble bath together at the end and then get in your bathrobes and sit by the fireplace enjoying music and drinks.



Fall date ideas don’t have to be super expensive and neither do you always have to go on a vacation to have a great time with your significant other. There are endless fall date ideas and you can make the most out of them this season making it memorable for both of you.

So while you get to know your partner more with these fun fall date ideas, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg either. Spontaneous date ideas make relationships stronger and help to keep that spark alive. Tell us which one of these great fall dating ideas will you be trying this season?


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